Association of employees of the highest and upper federal authorities

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Association of employees of the highest and upper federal authorities in the dbb beamtenbund and tarifunion
legal form registered association
founding June 21, 1951
Seat Bonn
purpose Advocacy
Chair Rita Berning
Members almost 11,000 (2020)

The Association of Employees of the Supreme and Upper Federal Authorities e. V. in the dbb beamtenbund and tarifunion (abbreviation: VBOB , also called vbob ) is a representation of the employees of the federal administration in the legal form of a registered association . The VBOB has the abbreviation: Union of Federal Employees . The association is a member of the dbb beamtenbund and tarifunion , has its headquarters in Bonn and at the local district court in the register of associations registered.


According to § 3 of the statutes, the VBOB organizes employees and other persons at the highest federal authorities and courts , higher federal authorities , other federal agencies , corporations , institutions and foundations under public law of the federal government, parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag , political parties and their institutions, federal grant recipients and Companies under private law in which the federal government is the majority shareholder.

Members can become employees of these departments and institutions - regardless of whether they are civil servants or employees of collective bargaining agreements or in another service or employment relationship - persons who have left active service in these departments and institutions as well as the surviving dependents of members.

The association is divided into specialist groups at each department and institution. There are currently 53 specialist groups, of which the " BfV specialist group " has the largest number of members.

The VBOB describes itself as politically independent. He advocates the preservation and development of the professional civil service under public foundation and for the further development of the collective rights , represents and promotes the professional, political, legal and social interests of its members and supports the work of its members in staff committees and in councils .

All members up to the age of 31 are brought together in the vbob jugend .

The federal office is in Bonn. The VBOB has an office in Berlin .


The association was founded on June 21, 1951. The specialist group Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks e. V. (BVV) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011. On October 5, 2011, a celebratory event took place in Königswinter – Thomasberg , to which Werner Gatzer , State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance , gave a welcoming address.

Hartwig Schmitt-Königsberg led the VBOB from 2013 to 2018. On June 11, 2018, Rita Berning was elected as the new federal chairwoman with 77.4 percent of the votes at the Federal Representatives' Day in Berlin. She is the first woman to head the VBOB.


The highest body of the VBOB is the Federal Representative Assembly. It meets every four years until 2022 and then every five years and consists of the members of the federal executive board and the delegates of the specialist groups.

The federal executive consists of the federal management, which consists of the federal chairman (Rita Berning), three deputy federal chairmen (Ulrike Clausmeyer, Frank Gehlen, Sascha Titze), the federal treasurer (Dirk Rörig) and the legal advisor (Horst-Peter Heinrichs). The federal board also includes the federal youth representative (Thomas de Greeff), the federal women's representative (Anna Diegeler-Mai), the federal representative for retired members (Joachim Politis) and four assessors (Claudia Heinrichs, Ludwig Hofmann, Christian Maas and Michael Wolter). In addition, the chairman of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks (BImA) takes part in the federal board meetings as a co-opted member . Except for the full-time federal chairperson, all members of the federal executive committee work on an honorary basis.

The federal executive board and the group chairpersons together form the federal main executive board, the highest body of the association between the federal representative days. It should be convened at least twice a year.


The association has published the monthly magazine VBOB Magazin for members since 1999 . On January 20, 2020, the association started a podcast called vBOBcast - From the Inside of Federal Politics . The spokesman is the deputy federal chairman Sascha Tietze.

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