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The All European Academies (ALLEA) is an association of academies of science in Europe . It was founded in 1994.


The association currently unites 58 academies from more than 40 countries in the region of the Council of Europe. The member academies work as scientific societies, think tanks and research institutions. They are independent communities that are active in all areas of the natural, social and human sciences. ALLEA therefore has privileged access to intellectual excellence, experience and expertise.

The work is independent of political, commercial and ideological interests and aims to create framework conditions under which science and teaching can flourish. Together with its member academies, ALLEA is able to address the full range of structural and strategic issues that Europe faces in science, research and innovation. The association is guided by the common understanding that Europe represents an inseparable unit due to historical, social and political circumstances as well as scientific and economic reasons.

The Swiss Antonio Loprieno has been President since May 2018 .

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