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Coat of arms of the Borgia or Borja

The Borgia ( Italian ) or Borja ( Spanish and Catalan are) one of Aragon originating noble family , from the two popes emerged and whose name the epitome of nepotism in the papal nobility was.


The Borgia originally came from Borja near Saragossa and settled in the Kingdom of Valencia , which had belonged to the Crown of Aragon since the conquest of James I in the 13th century, especially in Xàtiva and later in Gandia .

The family came to power and wealth in Italy at the beginning of the 15th century , culminating in the two popes belonging to the family, Calixt III. (1455-1458) and Alexander VI. (1492-1503). Described by Machiavelli , Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia , illegitimate children of the latter Pope, are two other well-known members of the family. With the death of Alexander VI. In 1503 the power of the Borgia in the Papal States collapsed. Giambattista Pamfili, a descendant of Alexander's daughter Isabella, became Pope in 1644 as Innocent X.

The line of the Dukes of Gandía , descendants of Pope Alexander's son Juan Borgia , did not die out until 1748. To her belonged Francisco de Borja , the third General of the Jesuits . The title of Duke of Gandía passed to other families through female inheritance, currently held by the Dukes of Téllez-Girón . A Borja family who emigrated to Ecuador and Chile can be traced back in a direct male line to Lucas Vicente Joaquín de Borja y Lasteros, son of Francisco José de Borja y Paz Duque de Estrada, a descendant of Juan Borgia, 2nd Duke of Gandía . One of these is Rodrigo Borja (* 1935), President of the Republic of Ecuador from 1988 to 1992. The princes of Squillace , which died out in 1740, were also descendants of the Borgia. A number of families that now bear this name, such as the Borgia de Milà and the Borgia-Lançol, descend from daughters of the family.

Family relationships

  1. Rodrigo de Borja (around 1349 – d.), Son of Gonzalo Gil de Borja (1310 – d.), Grandson of Gil de Borja , ⚭ 1. Sabina Anglesola and 2. Francesca de Fenollet
    1. Juan Domingo de Borja († 1428) ⚭ Francina Llançol
      1. Alonso de Borja (1378-1458), Pope Kalixt III.
        Alonso de Borja (1378-1458), Pope Kalixt III.
        1. Francisco de Borja (1441–1511), Cardinal of Cosenza
      2. Catalina de Borja († 1468) ⚭ Juan de Milà - descendants of Borgia de Milà
        1. Pedro de Milà, Baron de Masalaves ⚭ Cubella Dolce
          1. Juan de Mila, Baron of Masalaves ⚭ Isabella-Lucrezia de Borgia Llançol de Romaní
          2. Adriana de Milà ⚭ Ludovico Orsini
            1. Orsino Orsini ⚭ Giulia Farnese
          3. Jaime de Milà, Comte d'Albaida ⚭ Leonor de Aragón
            1. Maria de Milà ⚭ Jofré Borgia , Prince of Squillace
          4. Luis de Milà
          5. Caterina de Milà ⚭ Gasparo, Count of Procida and Aversa
        2. Luis Juan de Milà (1430–1510), Bishop of Lerida and Segorbe, cardinal since 1456
      3. Juana († 1464) ⚭ Mateo Marti
      4. Francisca de Borja , beatified
      5. Isabella de Borja († 1468) ⚭ Jofré de Borja / Jofré de Borja y Escrivà († 1437), her cousin
    2. Rodrigo Gil de Borja i de Fennolet ⚭ Sibília Escrivá y de Pròixita
      1. Joan-Gil de Borja y Escrivà († 1411), Baron of Atzueva ⚭ Francina de Tous
      2. Rodrigo de Borja y Escrivà († 1478)
      3. Galceran de Borja y Escrivà ⚭ Isabel de Montcada
      4. Jofré de Borja y Escrivà († 1437) ⚭ Isabella de Borja y Llançol († 1468)
        1. Pedro Luis de Borja y Borja (1432-1458), Duke of Spoleto
        2. Beatrice de Borja y Borja ⚭ Eiximén Pérez d'Arenós († 1503)
        3. Tecla de Borja y Borja († 1459) ⚭ Vidal de Vilanova
        4. Juana de Borja y Borja ⚭ Pere-Guillem Llançol de Romaní , Baron of Villalonga
          1. Juan de Borja Lanzol de Romaní , also Juan de Borgia the Elder (1446–1503), cardinal, archbishop of Monreale
          2. Pier Luigi de Borgia († 1511)
          3. Gioffré Lanzol de Romaní ⚭ Juana de Moncada
            1. Juan de Borja Llançol de Romaní , also Juan de Borgia the Younger (1470–1500), cardinal, archbishop of Capua
            2. Pedro Luis de Borja Llançol de Romaní (1472–1511), Knight of Malta
            3. Angela ⚭ Alessandro Pio, Lord of Sassuolo
            4. Rodrigo Lanzol de Borgia ⚭ Maria de Luna
            5. Geronima ⚭ 1st Fabio Orsini, 2nd Tiberio Carafa
          4. Calcerano, Knight of the Order of the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem
          5. Isabel ⚭ Juan de Mila
            1. Luis de Mila of Massalves
          6. Juana ⚭ X. Lloris (Loriz)
            1. Francisco Lloris y de Borja (1470–1506), cardinal, archbishop of Treni
        5. Rodrigo de Borja y Borja (1431–1503), Pope Alexander VI.
          Rodrigo de Borja y Borja / Borgia (1431–1503), Pope Alexander VI., Outside marriage with Vanozza de 'Cattanei (1442–1518) , among others
          1. Pedro Luis Borgia (1460 / 1463–1488), Duke of Gandía
          2. Girolama Borgia (1469–1483) ⚭ Gian Andrea Cesarini
          3. Isabella de Borgia (1470–1541) ⚭ Pier Giovanni Matuzzi - descendants of Borgia-Matuzzi
          4. Cesare Borgia (1475–1507)
            Cesare Borgia (1475–1507) (mother: Vanozza de 'Cattanei ) Archbishop of Valencia and Cardinal 1493, Duke of Valentinois and Romagna ⚭ 1499 Charlotte d'Albret of Navarra (1482–1514) ( House of Albret )
            1. Luisa Borgia (1500–1553) ⚭ 2. Philippe de Bourbon
            2. 2 illegitimate children: Girolamo (born around 1500) and Camilla (around 1501–1573)
          5. Juan Borgia (1476 / 1478–1497) (mother: Vanozza de 'Cattanei ), as Juan Borgia I, Duke of GandíaMaria Enríquez i de Luna († 1520), Duchess of Gandia
            1. Juan Borgia II (Juan de Borja y Enríquez) (1494–1543), Duke of Gandía ⚭ 1. Juana de Aragón ⚭ 2. Francisca de Castro y Pinós
              1. Francisco de Borja (1510–1572), Duke of Gandía until 1551, 3rd General of the Jesuits 1565 ⚭ Leonor de Castro y Melo - descendants of Borgia-Aragon, extinct 1748
          6. Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519)
            Lucrezia Borgia (1480–1519) (mother: Vanozza de 'Cattanei ) ⚭ 1) Don Gasparo de Procida, ⚭ 2) 1493 Giovanni Sforza , Lord of Pesaro , ⚭ 3) 1498 Alfonso of Aragón († 1500), ⚭ 4) 1502 Alfonso I d'Este (1476–1534) Duke of Ferrara
          7. Jofré Borgia (1481–1517) (mother: Vanozza de 'Cattanei ) Prince of Squillace ⚭ 1. Sancia of Naples , illegitimate daughter of the Neapolitan King Alfonso II. ⚭ 2. Maria de Mila - descendants of Borgia-Squillace
          8. Laura Orsini (* 1492), mother: Giulia Orsini née Farnese , sister of the future Pope Paul III. (Alessandro Farnese) ⚭ Niccolò della Rovere
          9. Giovanni Borgia , called Infans Romanus (1498–1548), Duke of Nepi and Camerino
          10. Rodrigo Borgia (1503–1527) Benedictine monk



The story of the Borgias was filmed in 1980 by the BBC as a 10-part television series with Adolfo Celi in the leading role. The Spanish-Italian movie The Borgias was released in 2006. In the same year, the historical drama The Conclave (directed by Christoph Schrewe), which tells the papal election in 1458 from the perspective of the still young Cardinal Vice Chancellor Rodrigo Borgia. In 2010, another film adaptation was made as the US television series The Borgias (The Borgias) with Jeremy Irons in the lead role. In 2011 the 38-part German-French-Austrian series Borgia was produced and broadcast.

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