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Berlin memorial plaque for Bruno Henze in Yorckstrasse 63; unveiled on May 12, 1991 by District Mayor Günter König , with the participation of Else Goguel, Henze's partner

Bruno Karl Ludwig Henze (born May 12, 1900 in Berlin , † February 10, 1978 ibid) was an important German guitarist , harpist , composer and music teacher . He is considered the founder of the Berlin guitar school .

Live and act

Henze is the only child of the guitarist Carl Henze (1872–1946) and a mandolinist. From 1912 to 1916 he learned the guitar from his father and from 1914 composition and piano from Bruno Schrader , a pupil of Franz Liszt , and from 1920 the harp from Anna Hopf-Geidel from the Berlin State Opera . In 1926 he finished his studies of the harp with Professor Max Saal, the piano with Valeska Burgstaller and composition with Professor Friedrich Ernst Koch and Professor Paul Juon at the Berlin-Charlottenburg University of Music .

Since 1913 he played in a duo with his father and at the age of 15 he gave guitar lessons. In 1920 he founded the Henze Quartet   and, together with the violinist August Heinrich Bruinier, the Old German Chamber Quartet . By 1924 they had performed around 200 chamber music works for guitar in connection with violin , viola , violoncello , flute and bassoon . In the Weimar Republic he worked as a harpist and guitarist with the Berliner Philharmoniker under Arthur Nikisch , Wilhelm Furtwängler and Sergiu Celibidache , at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden and at the Deutsches Theater Berlin with Max Reinhardt , after he worked as a harpist at the city's 1926–1932 Had worked on stages in Rudolstadt ( volunteer position ), Nordhausen , Cologne-Deutz and Bad Oeynhausen . At the five-day music festival Neue Musik Berlin 1930 he played together with Erich Bürger and Willi Schlinske, among other things, the Rondo by Paul Hindemith for three primary guitars, which was premiered in June 1930 in Berlin; Henze played on a Gélas guitar made by Heinrich Albert . From 1932 Bruno Henze (quint bass guitar, arrangements) formed the Berlin guitar quartet together with Erich Bürger (primary guitar), Willi Schlinske (1st third guitar) and Gerhard Tucholski (2nd third guitar) . From 1949 to 1953 they called themselves the Berliner Guitar Trio , without Tucholski. Both formations became known through concerts and radio recordings. In addition, Bruno Henze founded the Berlin Mandolin Quartet in 1949 (with Felix Kunstheim, Erna Henze, Willi Schinske, Erich Bürger) and the Berlin Zupforchester (with Erich Aust, Felix Kunstheim, Erna Henze, Anneliese Schlueter, Erich Bürger and others), which ran regularly until 1954 occurred.

He made the guitar class of his father during the First World War made, d. In other words, he worked as a guitar teacher from 1915 until the end of his life. He later taught at the Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatory in Berlin. In 1953 he was head of the GDR State Folk Art Ensemble . From 1954 to 1978 he taught guitar at the Berlin-Wedding music school , where he founded a guitar choir in 1955, which he conducted until 1978. With the guitar choir consisting of 15-20 guitarists, he first performed Johann Sebastian Bach's 3rd Brandenburg Concerto with octave, third, prime and fifth bass guitars in 1965 . This guitar choir got the name Guitar Choir Wedding (1983-2003) under its new director Christian Bänsch and is active as a guitar ensemble "Bruno Henze" in the parish Alt-Tegel up to the present day . In 1957, at the invitation of Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoi , Henze was a juror at the guitar competition that was held in Moscow as part of the World Festival of Youth and Students .

In 1953 he composed the song cycle Berliner Bilder , commissioned by his hometown , which was broadcast on Berlin radio . He also created more than 180 compositions, especially for solo guitar, two guitars and three guitars. He arranged around 1,000 pieces, including the nine suites by Ludovico Roncalli and works by Esaias Reusner the Younger , Joseph Haydn , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Georg Friedrich Handel and Georg Philipp Telemann . After the Second World War he became the chief editor for guitar music at Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag , where he edited a. a. the lute works by Johann Sebastian Bach and all new works by Hermann Ambrosius and Anton Stingl . In 1950 he had published the 17-volume textbook The Guitar Game there , which became the standard work, especially in the GDR . It was also relocated in Western and Eastern Europe and the USA and received the highest international recognition.

Known students

Sound recordings

  • With lute and fiddle (marching and wandering songs potpourri) - compilation: Willi Lautenschläger, arrangement: Bruno Henze; 1933 Berlin, matrix no .: 5376 BD 8 and 5377-BD-8, order no .: Grammophon C 1366
    Berlin Chamber Mandolin Orchestra / Conductor: Bruno Henze
    • Hawaiian Sextet, Bruno Henze
      Telefunken Musikus M 6086 (October 29, 1934), A: Ludwig Schmidseder (1904–1971): Guitars, play on! (with tenor solo, text: Ralph Maria Siegel), B: EL de Pressles: Hawaiian March
    • Hawaiian Sextet, Bruno Henze
      Telefunken Musikus M 6161 (May 13, 1935): A: 20211 EL de Pressles: Hawaiian March , B: 20816 Chas. E. King (Charles Edward King, 1874–1950): Island of my happiness


  • 1953: Grande Diploma d'Onore [Grand Honorary Diploma] of the Unione Chitarristica Internazionale and the Società Chitarristica Modenese "Ivano Ferrari"
  • 1991: Berlin memorial plaque on his house from 1959 to 1978 at Yorckstrasse 63


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