The rich corpses. A Starnberg thriller

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Original title The rich corpses. A Starnberg thriller
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2014
length 89 minutes
Age rating JMK 12
Director Dominik Graf
script Sathyan Ramesh
production Kirsten Hager
music Sven Rossenbach
Florian van Volxem
camera Hanno Lentz
cut Claudia Wolscht

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The rich corpses. A Starnberg Crime is a TV comedy from 2014 produced by Bavarian Radio . Directed by Dominik Graf . The film is part of the BR's homeland crime series.


Police chief candidate Ariane Fink from Dortmund ends up at Lake Starnberg , where soon after her arrival she and her colleague and superior Lu Reinhold have to look after a body of water that looks like the fairy tale king Ludwig II. Ariane recognizes traces on the shore have two people close. To identify the deceased, Ariane and her young colleague Timo Senst seek advice from Josef Haufferding, who is very knowledgeable about the history of King Ludwig and also knows some of his greatest admirers. On the way back, the two police officers have to deal with an accident that resulted in a hit and run. A car hit a cyclist at high speed. Since help was not available quickly enough in the remote area, the woman died at the scene of the accident.

The autopsy of the " Kini " body reveals that the man suffered from narcolepsy and that his death was probably an accident. The Starnberg police is about to get the next case, because now Sisi has also been kidnapped. Sisi Weilinger is the daughter of a very rich, long-established Starnberg industrial family. Her mother is very composed and is convinced that her daughter should be ransomed quickly. The kidnapper demands five million, which Rita Weilinger provides the next day. Sisi's father brings the money to the handover location, where the person who is collecting the money is caught immediately due to police surveillance. The young man is interrogated and says that he should only pick up the "package" and deposit it in a locker.

Although the kidnapper has not received the money, Sisi reappears safely in Starnberg. The police have no idea that Sisi's father, who has been divorced from Rita Weilinger for some time, is behind the kidnapping and that his ex-wife was also privy to it. She had withdrawn five million from her accounts twice, as her ex-husband planned that the money transfer would be foiled by the police, he had given his share to an accomplice shortly before the transfer. He now thinks that they would be a good team and should continue to work together. Since Gerd Sinnern does not want that, he kills his accomplice without further ado. The next day the body is found and investigators find evidence that the young man was involved in the kidnapping. Gradually they also discover that the whole kidnapping of Sisi's parents was planned. Rita Weilinger states that her ex-husband's company is bankrupt and that she wanted to help him. When trying to leave Starnberg, Sinnern can be arrested.

Through detailed criminal work, the identity of the deceased in Lake Starnberg can ultimately be clarified. Josef Haufferding had "built up" the man as King Ludwig and, with his help, created documentation, which also included swimming in the lake. It was not foreseeable that he would actually drown. Since Haufferding did not help him, he has to answer for failure to provide help.


The rich corpses. A Starnberg thriller is a sequel to Freiwild. A Würzburg crime thriller with Thomas Schmauser as chief inspector Peter Haller.


Rainer Tittelbach from says about this thriller: “'A Starnberg thriller' is not one of those Gaudi thrillers that, based on the Bavarian way of life and hearty humor, make murder the most beautiful minor matter in the province. There are crazy stories, excesses of historical local history & moments that exude regional poetry. "

The TV review by Frankfurter Rundschau found that the film succeeds in “conveying the feeling of being part of a real investigation in a real environment, of showing people that you could really meet if you sit in your car and goes to Starnberg ”. David Segler continues: “Graf cleverly interweaves the two cases [the death of the apparent revenant of King Ludwig II and the kidnapping of Sisi], only to pull them apart again in the end; the kini is omnipresent. What makes the films of the successful director (nobody has received a Grimme Prize as often as he) so unique is his unreserved interest in every marginal figure. "

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