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coat of arms map
Differdange coat of arms Location of Differdange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Basic data
State : LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg
Coordinates : 49 ° 31 '  N , 5 ° 54'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 31 '10 "  N , 5 ° 53' 38"  E
Canton : Esch on the Alzette
Residents : 26,796 (January 1, 2019)
Area : 22.2 km²
Population density : 1208 inhabitants / km²
Municipality number: 0202
Website: www.differdange.lu
Mayor: Christiane Brassel-Rausch ( déi gréng )
Elective system : Proportional vote

Differdange ( Luxembourgish Déifferdeng ' , local Déifferdang , French Differdange ) is a city and a municipality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg . It belongs to the canton of Esch an der Alzette . The city is located in the south of Luxembourg in the border triangle with Belgium and France . Differdange is the third largest municipality in the country after the cities of Luxembourg and Esch an der Alzette and, like Esch, has a proportion of foreigners of over 50 percent.

The city is best known for its steel industry  - Differdinger is a synonym for medium-sized steel girders in the construction industry .

Composition of the community

Differdange consists of the following localities:


View from the train station
Differdange steelworks
Differdange church, during the 2013 demolition

With the discovery of iron ore deposits and the associated iron and steel industry, the industrial boom began for Differdange and the entire Minette region in the second half of the 19th century. Initially in mines, later in open-cast mining, the minette was dismantled and processed in the huts . With the new jobs created, the population of the community rose rapidly. At first the workers came from Luxembourg (especially from the Ösling ), but after a short time they had to fall back on workers from abroad. At the beginning these came from neighboring countries, later mainly from Portugal and Italy .

During the Second World War, up to 122 Luxembourgers forcibly recruited temporarily went into hiding with the support of the population in the Hondsbësch Gallery in order to evade German military service, which was introduced in violation of international law.

After the steel crisis of the 1970s, production was cut back and many workers had to be laid off. Although the situation has improved in recent years, the Minette communities are still suffering from the consequences of the crisis.

In Differdange there is a former blast furnace plant of HADIR , then since 1967 ARBED . The world-famous gray beams are also rolled here. Today it is operated by ArcelorMittal as an electric steel mill.

As Differdange are steel beams with medium profile ( IPE-shape steel beams ), respectively.

General strike on August 31, 1942

Every year the employees of ProfilARBED commemorate the work colleagues who were shot dead by the Nazis on September 2 of the same year as a result of the strike of August 31, 1942, by holding a ceremony in front of the plaque. The events of that time are documented in the Musée national de la résistance in Esch .

Differdange church

The church Notre Dame de douleurs was built in 1954 and dedicated to the 1955th The church organ was built by the Uergelmanufaktur Georg Westenfelder .

On June 18, 2010, access to the church building was forbidden because it was no longer stable. The major construction sites on both sides of the church had damaged the foundations of the church so much that the decision to demolish it in 2012 was decided and partially carried out. On November 6, 2013, the local council unanimously decided to completely demolish the remaining part of the building and also suggested building a playground on the vacated space and a chapel where the church tower had last been.


Parish hall in Differdange
  • -1858: Brasseur
  • 1859-: Charles Schambourg
  • 1906–1912: Jean Conzemius
  • 1912-1935: Émile Mark
  • 1935–1938: Jean-Baptiste Scharlé
  • 1938–1963: Pierre Gansen
  • 1964–1968: Jean Gallion
  • 1969–1979: Joseph Hauptert
  • 1979–1993: Nicolas Eickmann
  • 1994–2001: Marcel Blau
  • 2002–2013: Claude Meisch
  • 2014–2019: Roberto Traversini
  • 2019–: Christiane Brassel-Rausch

Educational institution

Differdange Castle

A branch of Miami University has been housed in Differdange Castle since 1968 .


Church of St. Joseph in the district of Fousbann.


Fond-de-Gras is a disused iron ore reloading station and is now part of the cultural inventory of Luxembourg. The former railway tracks and railway constructions are today by the museum railways used "1900 Train" and "Minièresbunn". There is also a former generator hall from Hollerich , an old rolling mill and a historic grocer .

Giele botter

The Giele Botter (“yellow butter”) is a former open-cast mining area where iron ore was mined between 1960 and 1977. Since 1991, the entire area around the disused open-cast mine has been a nature reserve , the so-called Réserve Naturelle Prënzebierg .

Town twinning


Differdange and Oberkorn

Web links

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