World figure skating championship 1896

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World figure skating championship 1896
1st edition
Type: ISU championship
Date: February 9, 1896
Venue: St. Petersburg
Gold medalist
Men's: German EmpireThe German Imperium Gilbert Fuchs
World figure skating championships

The 1st World Figure Skating Championship was the first event of its kind. It was organized by the International Figure Skating Union and took place on February 9, 1896 in Saint Petersburg ( Russia ).

Only men took part and there were only four participants in total. The first world champion was the German Gilbert Fuchs .



space athlete country
1 Gilbert Fuchs German EmpireThe German Imperium German Empire
2 Gustav Hill Austrian EmpireEmpire of Austria Austria
3 Georg Sanders Russian Empire 1883Russian Empire Russia
4th Nikolai Poduskov Russian Empire 1883Russian Empire Russia

Judges were: