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Furcraea foetida in flower

Furcraea foetida
in flower

Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Order : Asparagales (Asparagales)
Family : Asparagaceae (Asparagaceae)
Subfamily : Agave family (Agavoideae)
Genre : Furcraea
Scientific name

Furcraea is a genus of plants in the subfamily of the agave family (Agavoideae). The botanical name honors the French chemist and politician Antoine François de Fourcroy .


The species of the genus Furcraea are hapaxanthe plants , that is, they bloom and fruit only once and then die. Trunks are usually absent, or they are thick and up to 6 meters tall. The tightly packed, large, lanceolate, long and narrow leaves are either thin and pliable or rather thick and stiff. They have a short, firm tip. Your leaf margin is whole, serrated or roughly serrated.

The loose inflorescence with terminal panicles is up to 13 meters high. The partial inflorescences are on long side branches and often have bulbils . The pendulous, stalked flowers are solitary or in clusters of 2 to 5 flowers. The more or less identically shaped, white or greenish white tepals are ovate-elongated and free almost to the base. The stamens are shorter than the tepals. The elongated ovary is subordinate and has a beaked tip.

Three-lobed capsule fruits are formed that contain flattened black seeds .

Systematics and distribution

The distribution area of ​​the genus Furcraea extends from central to southern Mexico through all of Central America and the Caribbean to Panama , Colombia , Venezuela , Peru , Bolivia , Brazil and Paraguay .

The first description by Étienne Pierre Ventenat was published in 1793. The genus Furcraea includes the following species:



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