Germscheid (Asbach)

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Local community Asbach
Coordinates: 50 ° 39 ′ 52 "  N , 7 ° 22 ′ 43"  E
Height : 275 m above sea level NN
Residents : 390  (December 31, 2009)
Incorporation : March 16, 1974
Postal code : 53567
Area code : 02683
Germscheid (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Location of Germscheid in Rhineland-Palatinate

Germscheid is a district of the local community Asbach in the district of Neuwied in northern Rhineland-Palatinate . The place is dominated by agriculture, but is increasingly developing into a place of residence in the sense of a residential community due to its convenient location .


The village is located in the Niederwesterwald west of the main town Asbach on a hill between the upper Pfaffenbachtal and the Stockhausen stream . In the west, Germscheid borders on the village of Stockhausen, which belongs to the local community of Windhagen . In the northwest, Germscheid borders on North Rhine-Westphalia and the local community of Buchholz (Westerwald) . Germscheid is connected to the main town of Asbach and the federal motorway 3 (AS Bad Honnef / Linz ) via Landesstraße 272 .


The first documentary mention dates from the year 1276. The "Vogtei Gyrmerscheid" was originally in Saynisches possession, around 1300 it came to the Electorate of Cologne under Archbishop Wigbold .

During the rule of the Electorate of Cologne , Germscheid belonged to the Altenwied office and was part of the " Honnschaft Elsaff". According to an inventory ordered by Cologne Elector Maximilian Heinrich in 1660, Germscheid had nine courtyards, in 1787 20 houses with 36 inhabitants were counted.

After the Rhineland became part of Prussia in 1815 , Germscheid belonged to the municipality of Elsaff in the then newly formed Neuwied district and was administered by the mayor's office of Asbach . According to a census from 1885, Germscheid had 111 inhabitants who lived in 20 houses. 1931 was Germscheid own mailroom Class II in the district of the post office Asbach.

Until March 16, 1974, Germscheid belonged to the previously independent municipality of Elsaff, which was dissolved on the same date and whose localities were assigned to the newly formed local communities Asbach and Buchholz according to the former parish affiliation . Here Germscheid came to Asbach and has belonged to the Elsaff-Asbach district ever since . In 1987 Germscheid had 278 inhabitants.


Are under monument protection:

  • The Germscheider Chapel, a small plastered building, which was built in various construction phases in the 18th and 19th centuries and which serves as a war memorial for those who fell in the First and Second World War (main street).
    The wooden statue of the Virgin Mary in the chapel dates from the 15th century. A special feature of the statue of the Virgin Mary is that it has already been stolen three times.
  • A two-sided courtyard from the second half of the 19th century; consisting of a half-timbered - Quereinhaus (partly solid) and a half-timbered barn (Bonner Strasse 32)

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