Gombe (state)

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Basic data
Capital : Gombe
founded: October 1, 1996
Governor : Mohammed Danjuma Goje
ISO 3166-2 : NG-GO
Area : 18,768 km²
Rank in Nigeria: 21st
Residents : 3,257,000 (2016)
Population density : 174 inhabitants / km² (2016)
Rank in Nigeria: 32
Location of Gombe in Nigeria

Gombe is a federal state in the West African country of Nigeria with the capital Gombe , which is also the largest city in the state with 250,278 inhabitants (2005).


The state is located in the northeast of the country and is bordered to the north and northeast by the state of Yobe , to the east by the state of Borno , to the southeast by the state of Adamawa , to the south by the state of Taraba and to the west by the state of Bauchi . Gombe is crossed by the Gongola River, the longest tributary of the Benue .


The state of Gombe is mainly populated by the Fulani people, who are occasionally combined with the Haussa to form the Hausa-Fulani population . By far the largest religious community in Gombe are the Sunni Muslims . Therefore, the state recently officially introduced Islamic law, the Sharia , as the source of jurisdiction. However, the Sharia only applies in areas with a majority Muslim population.

An estimated 7.8 percent of the total population in Gombe state is infected with HIV.


The state was formed on October 1, 1996 from part of the state of Bauchi. The first administrator was Joseph I. Oriji between October 7, 1996 and August 1998.

Mohammed Danjuma Goje has been the current governor since May 29, 2003 .

Governors and administrators


The state is divided into eleven Local Government Areas . These are: Akko, Balanga, Billiri, Dukku, Funakaye, Gombe, Kaltungo, Kwami, Nafada, Shomgom and Yamaltu-Deba.


The majority of the working population of Gombe are employed in agriculture . The climatic and ecological conditions allow the cultivation of grain , millet , maize and rice , among other things .

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