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Coordinates: 48 ° 1 ′ 7 "  N , 16 ° 10 ′ 53"  E

Relief map: Lower Austria
Lower Austria

The Helenental is part of the Schwechattal in the Vienna Woods in Lower Austria near Baden near Vienna . In the narrower sense, only the lowest section west of Baden is meant, but today it means the entire course between Baden and Mayerling .

The romantic valley is a well-known recreational area for nearby Vienna and Baden's spa guests, and as a nature reserve "Hoher Lindkogel - Helenental" is under the special protection of the Lower Austrian provincial government.

Location and history

In the middle of the board vertically the Helenental (map is west)

On the left side of the Schwechat, the road leading from Baden in the direction of Alland crosses the Urtelstein (originally: Urtheilstein) at today's city limits in a short tunnel that was fired in 1826 with 15,000 explosives and paid homage to Emperor Franz I. On the right side of the river there is a hiking trail that has been sung about since 1940 in the song I know a little way in Helenental . At the beginning of the valley are the two castle ruins Rauheneck and Rauhenstein .

Since the Schwechat often floods there, an automatic water level detection is installed on the Schwechatufer. Hiking trail through the Helenental

Settlement of Helenental

The houses scattered in the actual Helenental belong to the municipality of Alland on the right , southern bank and to Heiligenkreuz on the left . In a broader sense, Krainerhütte , Sattelbach and Schwechatbach are also located in the Helenental .

Helenental ( Scattered Houses )
Basic data
Pole. District , state Baden  (BN), Lower Austria
Judicial district to bathe
Pole. local community Heiligenkreuz   ( KG  Heiligenkreuz)
Locality Sattelbach
Coordinates 48 ° 1 ′ 5 "  N , 16 ° 11 ′ 25"  E
height 256  m above sea level A.
Post Code 2500f1
Statistical identification
Counting district / district Heiligenkreuz (30 613 000)
Source: STAT : index of places ; BEV : GEONAM ; NÖGIS
Helenental ( Scattered Houses )
Basic data
Pole. District , state Baden  (BN), Lower Austria
Judicial district to bathe
Pole. local community Alland   ( KG  Innerer Kaltenbergerforst )
Locality Schwechatbach
Coordinates 48 ° 1 ′ 15 "  N , 16 ° 9 ′ 58"  E
height 269  m above sea level A.
Post Code 2500f1
Statistical identification
Counting district / district Maria Raisenmarkt (30601 001)
Addresses Schulzheim
Source: STAT : Local directory ; BEV : GEONAM ; NÖGIS

The Austrian official calendar online shows the village of Helenental , which belongs to Heiligenkreuz, as a village ; in Alland, Helenental describes individual houses and groups of houses as a settlement name . The northeast Atlas 4.0 provides under Helenental represents only the location in the municipality of Heiligenkreuz village.


Urtelstein tunnel at the entrance of the Helenental; left: Antonsbrücke (new building, award-winning in 2009)
Impromptu from the pen of Ludwig van Beethoven, written on May 11, 1825 at the
Anton Bridge, built in 1813 (completely renovated in 1829)
The Schwechat at Urtelstein

The road that runs through the valley is the former federal road 210 . Branches lead to Siegenfeld and in Sattelbach to Heiligenkreuz . In 2008 a cycle path was built. In order to bypass the Urtelstein, two bridges had to be built over the Schwechat.

Because of its winding road, the Helenental is also very popular with motorcyclists.

Tourism and sightseeing

There are rest stops and restaurants along the hiking trails, as well as other striking points. One of these points is the cholera chapel , which is somewhat hidden in the forest above the road. It was built on the occasion of the cholera epidemic in 1830 and 1831 by the Viennese citizens Carl and Elisabeth Boldrino out of gratitude for their sparing. The chapel soon became a place of pilgrimage and was enlarged in 1847 and again expanded with glass windows in 1892. In addition, a snack station established itself. Regular pilgrimages take place from Baden on August 15th. A well-known personality who spent a lot of time here was Beethoven .

The network of promenade paths goes back to Archduke Anton (1779–1835), who had it built in the years up to 1829. As a highlight he had the Anton Grotto built, which is roughly opposite the cholera chapel, which was not yet in existence at the time. The approx. 2.2 km long section of the Antonsbrücke - Antonsgrotte of the Helenental is therefore called the Antonstal .

What concerns hikes on the valley floor of the Helenental valley today is mostly understood locally, as well as beyond, the 5 km path from the Baden town of St. Helena on the left of the Schwechat to the one on the right bank (to the first third of the 18th century decreasing) Augustinerhütte . The crossing of the Schwechat (to today's Hauswiese ) at the level of St. Helena (over today's Albrechtsbrücke ) should have been possible in the years from 1801 through a footbridge ( Leichenhofbrücke ). During this time, Philipp Otto opened his casino café in the nearest St. Helena (1827: Bräuhaus Rauhenstein , 1884: Sacher's Etablissement Helenenthal , today: Hotel Sacher , Helenenstraße 55).

The one kilometer long path from St. Helena to the Urtelstein, which was already widely used by spa guests in the early 19th century, offered an impressive view of the hermitage, which existed until 1805, on this valley narrow . However , when the Wiener Neustädter Canal went into operation in 1803, the lock became unnecessary, since the wood that was lifted further upstream (from the 1670s) was collected by a rake near St. Helena and from there on to the charging station on the land route to Baden- Leesdorf was brought to lock 15 of the canal and shipped to Vienna.

In the 1930s E. Dümel described the Helenental and its surroundings for "local history hikes".

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