KAS Eupen

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KAS Eupen
KAS Eupen
Basic data
Surname Royal General Sports Association Eupen
Seat Eupen , Belgium
founding July 9, 1945 (merger)
Colours White black
General Director Christoph Henkel
Website as-eupen.be
First soccer team
Head coach Beñat San José
Venue Kehrwegstadion
Places 8,363
league Division 1A
2019/20 13th place - end of the season
Former club logo (until 2013)
Kehrwegstadion (grandstand 3)

The Royal General Sports Association Eupen , often abbreviated as KAS Eupen (formerly AS Eupen), is a Belgian football club from Eupen . So far he has played mainly in the second division and is the most successful football club in the German-speaking community of Belgium. In the 2010/11 season , the team played for the first time in the highest Belgian league , but rose again after only one season. After five seasons in the second division, the club was promoted to the top Belgian league in 2016.

Club name

When it was founded in 1945, the "AS" in the club name stood for the French name Alliance Sportive (sports association). In the post-war years, the German-speaking Belgians seemed to have to name the club in French. When later looking for a German abbreviation (since Eupen is German), they found Allgemeine Sportvereinigung the most suitable. You didn't want to change the initials anymore. After the AS became royal in 1995, the club name was changed to "Royal General Sports Association Eupen" (KAS Eupen).

The mascot of KAS Eupen is a panda bear .



The club was founded on July 9, 1945 as AS Eupen and emerged from the merger of Jugend Eupen and FC Eupen 1920 . The roots of the association go back through its predecessor associations to the beginning of the 20th century. The club started in the 1945/46 season from the provincial class and was able to fight its way up steadily after initial difficulties. In the 1969/70 season he was promoted to the second Belgian division.


1973/74 Eupen club made it into the promotion round for the first division , but had to back off and remain in the second division after controversial referee decisions. In the following season, AS Eupen rose to the third division. Shortly thereafter, a rise and a renewed descent followed.

In 1979, the former Bundesliga player and coach Horst Witzler became the club's new coach. Witzler was a former Bundesliga coach and had first division experience with Sint Truiden. He secured the club's relegation.

For the 1980/81 season Claudy Chauveheid was signed as a player. René Lenaers and Robert Foguenne came to the club as trainers and co-trainers. After failing two goalkeepers, the team finished 16th in the league. Further coach changes followed: Edy Lemaire, Claude Semianov coach in the 1982/83 season and Pierrot Schmitz as assistant. On December 12, 1985 they were replaced by Horst Witzler, who again saved the club from relegation.

Witzler was supposed to remain a trainer, but there was no agreement and so Guy Raskin came along and went down to his doctorate with AS 1987/88. Peter Haag took over the training in 1988/89, but resigned after four weeks, his assistant Georges Pirnay took over and was replaced on October 22, 1988 by the Yugoslav Jovan Ćurčić . It stayed until April 6, 1989, four weeks before the end of the championship. Then Hubert Vandormael stepped in and AS saved themselves on the penultimate matchday. In 1989/90 Patrice Broeders headed the team.

The 90/91 season brought André Heymann as coach and Hubert Vandormael as his advisor. After 19 games, the first team was on a relegation zone with 14 points, so a new coach was sought. Frank Neumann was chosen on January 28, 1991. In the end, AS reached 12th place with 27 points. In 1992/93 Manfred Theissen came as Neumann's assistant. In 1994/95 Toni Fagot took over the helm as a trainer and led the black and whites into the 3rd division.

From 2000

After another downward slide, the club finally made it to Belgium's second-highest division again in 2002. The following year he was able to play again for promotion, but had to admit defeat. In the 2009/10 season , AS Eupen was still in the second division . It was the first time in the club's history that the club could tackle a seventh season in a row in the second-highest division. Eupen finished the season in fourth place and qualified for the finals for promotion to the first division. On May 23, 2010, in the penultimate game of the promotion round, KAS Eupen secured promotion to the First Division with a 2-1 win over RAEC Mons . This made Eupen the first club in German-speaking Belgium to be represented in the top division.

KAS Eupen got off to a catastrophic start to the first season in the 1st division , losing nine of the first ten games and only able to get one point. On October 16, 2010 the first victory in the first division was achieved, VV St. Truiden was defeated 6-0 in the newly renovated Kehrwegstadion . At the end of the season, the club occupied the penultimate place in the league table with 23 points from thirty games and thus had to be relegated to bottom of the table Sporting Charleroi . In the series, which is scheduled for a maximum of five game days, Eupen prevailed after two wins and one draw with one defeat in four games and thus took part in the final round to qualify for the first division together with the second to fourth placed in the second division. There the KAS Eupen remained pointless in six games and thus rose again to the second division after only one year.

At the end of the 2010/11 season , Danny Ost was the coach of KAS Eupen. This had led the club to the end of the 2009-2010 season in the first division. Due to poor results, however, Ost was replaced by Italian Ezio Capuano for a game at the end of August 2010 and from 25 September 2010 by French Albert Cartier . On April 3, 2011, the club's management announced surprisingly and in the middle of the play-off 3 phase, the termination of Cartier and the reinstatement of East for the rest of the current season. The coach of KAS Eupen was Wolfgang Frank in the 2011/12 season .

In June 2012 it was announced that the Aspire Zone Foundation from Qatar had bought KAS Eupen. With the arrival of investors, Eupen's team changed: after the line-up of the team had previously been determined by Belgians and Germans from the neighboring country, it was increasingly dominated by players from various African countries, for example from Senegal and Nigeria . The Aspire Zone Foundation trains these players in Africa itself. From the 2014/15 season onwards, there were also several players from Qatar in the Eupen squad.

In the 2015/16 season, the KAS took second place in the 2nd division. Since the champions, Royal White Star Brussels , did not receive a license for the first division, Eupen rose as the second-placed team. For the first time since the 2010/11 season, Eupen was back in Belgium's top league. In the 2016/17 season , relegation succeeded for the first time in the top Belgian football league.

The 2017/18 season began with a major upheaval in the squad; last season's best scorers, Onyekuru and Sylla, were given up. Until the winter break, AS Eupen never got past third from bottom and were bottom of the table from 14th to 23rd matchday before they defeated the runners-up, RSC Charleroi, 1-0 at home. In the meantime, head coach Jordi Condom was dismissed on November 7, 2017 and replaced by the former French international Claude Makélélé . KV Mechelen developed as a relegation competitor . The direct comparison on matchday 26, to which Eupen arrived with a two-point lead, was lost 0: 1 and again took over the “red lantern”. Before the last day of the match, both teams were tied. Eupen had a goal difference that was one goal worse, but scored more goals, so if both teams won or lost at the same time, they had to do one goal better in order to stay up.

The "miracle of the Kehrweg"

On the last day of the match Eupen played against Royal Excel Mouscron , Mechelen against Waasland-Beveren . At halftime it was still 0-0 on both places. In the 51st minute the hosts took a 1-0 lead in Mechelen and increased to 2-0 in the 59th minute. Now Eupen had to score three goals to stay in the league. Winter newcomer Yūta Toyokawa scored a 73rd-minute free-kick from captain Luis García, followed by García 2-0 three minutes later. Toyokawa with his second goal increased in the 79th minute to 3-0, which Eupen was "saved" at this point. Since nothing changed in the score in Mechelen, and Toyokawa even scored the 4-0 in the 89th minute, the "miracle of the Kehrweg" was perfect and Eupen stayed in the first division.

As of 2018

In the 2018/19 season , the club reached a place in the lower midfield. He was not involved in the relegation battle. Nevertheless, on June 14, 2019, Claude Makélélé's dismissal was announced. Despite his statement that he will be available to the club as an ambassador for various projects, he resigned after a month and moved to Chelsea as a mentor for youth players .

On June 24, 2019, Beñat San José was announced as the new head coach with a contract term of two years.

Squad 2020/21

No. position Surname
1 BelgiumBelgium TW Ortwin De Wolf
3 NetherlandsNetherlands FROM Menno Koch
5 SpainSpain FROM Jordi Amat
8th BelgiumBelgium MF Stef Peters
10 ZimbabweZimbabwe ST Knowledge Musona
11 SenegalSenegal ST Amara baby
13 MaliMali MF Sibiry Keita
14th JamaicaJamaica MF Tyreek Magee
15th BelgiumBelgium FROM Gary Magnée
17th Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissau MF Carlos Embalo
18th BelgiumBelgium MF Nils Schouterden
23 BelgiumBelgium FROM Senna Miangue
24 Ivory CoastIvory Coast FROM Silas Gnaka
25th GhanaGhana FROM Emmanuel Sowah Adjei
No. position Surname
26th BelgiumBelgium MF Jens Cools
28 CameroonCameroon MF Pierre Ramses Akono
29 BelgiumBelgium FROM Jonathan Heris
30th BelgiumBelgium TW Romain Matthys
32 GermanyGermany FROM Andreas Beck
33 GhanaGhana TW Abdul Nurudeen
34 Ivory CoastIvory Coast MF Konan N'Dri
35 BelgiumBelgium FROM Boris Lambert
97 PortugalPortugal ST Leonardo Rocha
GhanaGhana MF Issac Nuhu
FranceFrance FROM Benoît Poulain
BelgiumBelgium TW Théo Defourny
SpainSpain MF Víctor Vázquez


For decades, KAS Eupen has played in the Kehrweg Stadium, the largest stadium in East Belgium . After its renovation in 2010, it holds 8,363 spectators for the Belgian first division.

Former players and coaches



An overview of the club's coaches.

Term of office Nat. Trainer
2004-2008 BelgiumBelgium Marc Grosjean
2008-2009 BelgiumBelgium Nico Claesen
- - -
2011–2012 GermanyGermany Wolfgang Frank
2012-2015 SpainSpain Tintin Marquez
2015-2017 SpainSpain Jordi Condom
2017-2019 FranceFrance Claude Makélélé
Since 2019 SpainSpain Beñat San José

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