Lanzenberg (municipality of Perg)

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Lanzenberg ( village )
Lanzenberg (municipality of Perg) (Austria)
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Basic data
Pole. District , state Perg  (PE), Upper Austria
Judicial district Perg
Pole. local community Perg   ( KG  Weinzierl )
Coordinates 48 ° 15 '40 "  N , 14 ° 37' 23"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 15 '40 "  N , 14 ° 37' 23"  Ef1
height 345  m above sea level A.
Residents of the village 300 (January 1, 2020)
Building status 72 (2001)
Post Code 4320f1
Statistical identification
Locality code 10184
Counting district / district Weinzierl (41 116 002)
Source: STAT : index of places ; BEV : GEONAM ; DORIS


Lanzenberg is a village in the cadastral Weinzierl , and locality of the city of Perg , in the district of Perg in the Lower Mühlviertel in Upper Austria .


Abandoned mill quarry in Lanzenberg

The village with 271 and 276 inhabitants (2001 and 2011 census) is in the northeast of Weinzierl on the border with Allerheiligen in the Mühlkreis and Schwertberg at 345  m above sea level. A. and belongs to the Upper Austrian spatial units southern Mühlviertler Randlagen and Aist-Naarn-Kuppenland . North of the village is the highest elevation of the cadastral community Weinzierl, the Nussbaumer Höhe at 407  m above sea level. A.

Winden (Gem.  Schwertberg ) Judenleiten (according to  All Saints' Day in Mkr. ) Hochtor (according to  Windhaag bP )
Aisthofen Neighboring communities Karlingberg
Weinzierl Zeitling Perg


The name Lanz (Lenz) is the abbreviation of the personal name Laurenzius (Lorenz) , the final syllable -berg is a natural name. The settlement name Lanzenberg belongs to the old German namesake.

In 1291 "Seifrid von Lanzenberg was mentioned in a document, Ruger von Lanzenberg appears in Machland documents in 1303 and 1306. This family had very good relations with St. Florian Monastery . Around 1340 two farms in the village of Lanzenberg were donated to the monastery. Beside The lords of Kapellen owned some farm estates in Lanzenberg for the Lanzenbergers, and the lords of Liechtenstein inherited numerous estates after they died out in 1406. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the village of Lanzenberg consisted of 6 farms and a few small houses .


The quarry in Lanzenberg was one of 25 granite quarries in 12 communities that belonged to the Poschacher company . It was closed during the First World War .

There were also two millstone quarries in Lanzenberg (Kerngraben), which are now separated by a road. At the roadside is a memorial for the members of the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS who were shot there by American soldiers on May 7, 1945 .

Lanzenberg is crossed by the L1424 state road. The Donausteig , which was newly opened in 2010, runs along the southern edge . The village is dominated by agriculture, residential houses were built in the center and on the south-facing slopes.

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