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All 41 room units with drawn district boundaries

The Austrian state of Upper Austria is divided into 41  spatial units . They form the basis for spatial planning and spatial planning according to NaLa - models for nature and landscape in Upper Austria, which the nature conservation department develops for the Upper Austrian provincial government.


The spatial units are delimited from one another according to nature conservation criteria such as geology , geomorphology and spatial use ( settlement , agriculture, etc.).

Each room unit represents a landscape space with recurring room patterns and peculiarities and differs significantly from the adjacent room units. Sometimes room units consist of one or more sub-units that have a special characteristic. They have nothing in common with the political and historical structure.

The spatial units (= landscape areas) were determined for the first time in 1999 by the nature conservation department of the province of Upper Austria in cooperation with specialist experts for nature conservation . Since then, however, changes have been made repeatedly to the characteristics of the areas due to new findings. The current structure is specified in version 7 of September 2007.

Space delimitation parameters

The following parameters were examined for the room delimitation:

  • Geological subsoil and soils
  • Relief (sets the tone, especially in the case of large river landscapes that are significantly deepened)
  • Climatic conditions
  • Water system and biotope areas
  • Settlement structure and infrastructure
  • Agricultural forms of use, farm structures
  • Forest characteristics (especially in large forest areas)
  • Structural elements of the landscape, primeval landscape character
  • Animal and plant ecological aspects
  • Spatial and landscape history including special features (cultural-historical and natural history)

Goals of the NaLa

Based on the parameters of the room units, NaLa was created in 1999 - a model for nature and landscape in Upper Austria that is constantly being further developed. NaLa are defined goals of nature conservation on the basis of the spatial units and represent a development to be striven for for the entire spatial unit. In all spatial units, general goals were formulated and implementation options indicated ( "Paths to the goal" ).

The contents of the NaLa are not prescribed by law, but serve as a basis for nature conservation work and as information for all interested parties.

List of Upper Austrian spatial units

Room unit
in km²
Ager-Traun terraces ATT 000000000000070.400000000070.4
Aist-Naarn-Kuppenland ANK 000000000000737.0000000000737.0
Almtaler and Kirchdorfer Flysch Mountains AKF 000000000000174.4000000000174.4
Attersee-Mondsee basin AMB 000000000000111.9000000000111.9
Bohemian forest BW 000000000000112.4000000000112.4
Danube gorge and side valleys DSN 000000000000130.0000000000130.0
Eferdinger Basin EB 000000000000118.5000000000118.5
Enns and Steyrtaler Flysch Mountains IT F 000000000000230.0000000000230.0
Enns and Steyrtal Pre-Alps ESV 000000000000139.0000000000139.0
Ennstal ET 000000000000098.800000000098.8
Freiwald and Weinsberger Wald FWW 000000000000249.7000000000249.7
Hausruck and Kobernaußerwald HKW 000000000000410.4000000000410.4
Inn and Hausruckviertel hill country IHH 000000000001758.50000000001,758.5
Inn Valley IT 000000000000231.0000000000231.0
Kalk high alps KH 000000000000583.0000000000583.0
Leonfeldner highlands LH 000000000000257.6000000000257.6
Linz field LF 000000000000095.200000000095.2
Machland ML 000000000000114.0000000000114.0
Mattigtal MT 000000000000091.300000000091.3
Mondsee Flysch Mountains MF 000000000000197.2000000000197.2
Neukirchner Platte MP 000000000000118.4000000000118.4
Salzachtal ST 000000000000025.400000000025.4
Salzkammergut valley SKT 000000000000127.1000000000127.1
Salzkammergut Pre-Alps SKV 000000000000846.1000000000846.1
Sauwald SW 000000000000458.0000000000458.0
Sengsengebirge SG 000000000000089.000000000089.0
Steyr and Teichl valleys STT 000000000000042.100000000042.1
Southern Bohemian Forest foothills SBA 000000000000491.9000000000491.9
Southern Mühlviertel outskirts SMR 000000000000258.6000000000258.6
Southern Lake District SSG 000000000000245.0000000000245.0
Traun and Atterse Flysch Mountains TAF 000000000000160.0000000000160.0
Traun-Enns-Riedelland TER 000000000000912.6000000000912.6
Traun Gorge TS 000000000000008.00000000008.0
Lower Almtal UA 000000000000046.000000000046.0
Lower Enns and Steyrtal UES 000000000000085.000000000085.0
Lower Trauntal UT 000000000000223.8000000000223.8
Vöckla-Ager hill country VAH 000000000000225.0000000000225.0
Vöckla-Agertal VA 000000000000082.800000000082.8
Weilhart and Lachforst WL 000000000000104.6000000000104.6
Windischgarstner Basin WB 000000000000080.000000000080.0
Central Mühlviertel highlands ZMH 000000000000822.5000000000822.5

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