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This is a list of articles on algorithms in the German language Wikipedia. See also under Data Structure for a list of data structures.

Classes of algorithms according to complexity

  • Space complexity
    • Linear space-constrained algorithm
    • Logarithmically space-constrained algorithm
    • Polynomial space-constrained algorithm
    • Exponentially space constrained algorithm
  • Time complexity
    • Linear time-limited algorithm
    • Logarithmic time-constrained algorithm
    • Polynomial time-constrained algorithm
    • Exponentially time-constrained algorithm

Classes of algorithms according to machine capabilities

Classes of algorithms according to the problem

Classes of algorithms by method

Geometry and graphics

Graph theory

Calendar invoice




Cluster analysis


Checksum method


Sorting algorithms

Search algorithms

  • other
    • Lazy Select - stochastic algorithm
    • Interval search, also called interpolar search, for searching by estimating the position of the element being sought

Number theoretic algorithms

  • Euclidean algorithm : Finding the greatest common divisor (GCF) of two natural numbers A and B
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes : Determination of all prime numbers less than or equal to a given number
  • CORDIC algorithm for the calculation of elementary trigonometric and hyperbolic functions

Tactical and strategy games

Other algorithms

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