Marchegger Ostbahn

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Vienna Stadlau – Bratislava
2016 016 by train from Bratislava in Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf station
2016 016 by train from Bratislava in Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf station
Route number (ÖBB) : 117 01
Course book route (ÖBB) : 910
Course book series (ZSSK) : 100
Route length: 54 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Power system : Vienna Stadlau – Vienna Aspern North
15 kV 16.7 Hz
Devínska Nová Ves – Bratislava:
25 kV, 50 Hz  ~
Maximum slope :
Minimum radius : 360 m
Top speed: 120 km / h
Dual track : Stadlau Freight Station
- Vienna Aspern Nord S-Bahn / U2
Route - straight ahead
Laaer Ostbahn from Vienna Central Station
0.000 Vienna Stadlau freight station
0.725 Vienna Erzherzog-Karl-Strasse
Laaer Ostbahn to Laa an der Thaya
Stop, stop
1,872 Vienna Hirschstetten
2.236 Connecting railway ( Awanst ) DZH
3,100 Vienna Hausfeldstrasse (until September 30, 2018)
3.259 End of ETCS L2
Stop, stop
4,467 Vienna Aspern North (since October 1, 2018)
4.887 Connecting railway ( Awanst ) Opel Austria
to Breitenlee shunting yard
Kilometers change
7,050 HOA / FOA / SOA facility
Provincial border Vienna / Lower Austria
Station, station
10.326 Raasdorf
Stop, stop
14.604 Glinzendorf
from Engelhartstetten
Station, station
19,487 Siebenbrunn - Leopoldsdorf
Connection to the Agrana sugar factory
Stop, stop
22.676 Untersiebenbrunn
Station, station
27,120 Schönfeld-Lassee
Kilometers change
30.760 HOA / FOA / SOA facility
Stop, stop
32,453 Breitensee N.Ö.
from Gänserndorf
Station, station
35,606 Marchegg 146  m above sea level A.
37.910 March Viaduct (border between Austria and Slovakia )
from Skalica / Břeclav
Station, station
41.530 Devínska Nová Ves
Devínska Nová Ves zastávka
Stop, stop
49.210 Bratislava-Lamač
Stop, stop
51.179 Železná studienka
53.098 Lamač tunnel
Station, station
54.364 Bratislava St.
to Žilina , to Budapest and to Hegyeshalom
double-track line in operation
double-track line under construction
double-track line in planning

Coordinates: 48 ° 13 '  N , 16 ° 27'  O The Marchegger Ostbahnstrasse also Ostbahnstrasse (east line) is a main line in Austria and Slovakia . The line from Vienna to Marchegg was built by the Austro-Hungarian State Railroad Company and opened in 1870. For decades the main connection Vienna – Bratislava (then officially Pozsony or Pressburg) - Budapest ran over it ; The Orient Express therefore also used this route, which at the time was double-track.


After the Wien Stadlau station, it branches off the Laaer Ostbahn coming from Vienna Central Station and leads through the Marchfeld to Marchegg, where it meets the local Gänserndorf – Marchegg line . After the Marchegg border station , the train crosses the March , which forms the border with Slovakia . At the Devínska Nová Ves station (Theben Neudorf) the double-track electrified railway line Devínska Nová Ves – Skalica na Slovensku joins the Marchegger Ostbahn, which is also double-tracked and electrified from here.

The Marchegger branch runs through the Marchfeld as if drawn with a ruler and has the longest completely straight railroad in Austria. There are many granaries and loading areas for crops on the railway line. The connecting line to the AGRANA sugar factory ends at Siebenbrunn - Leopoldsdorf station .

From Vienna Stadlau to Vienna Aspern Nord, the line is electrified and has two tracks. On January 10, 2012, the route was declared a high-performance route.


The first part of the route from Marchegg to Bratislava was put into operation as early as 1848 by the Hungarian Central Railway as part of the connection between Vienna and Budapest, which is under construction. The first train from Vienna to Pressburg left on August 10th and was pulled by the Bihár locomotive. After the bankruptcy of the Hungarian Central Railway, the line was operated by the kk Südostliche  Staatsbahn , which completed the continuous line to Budapest in 1850. With an average speed of 63 km / h, the journey Vienna – Budapest took 6 hours and 10 minutes.

With the timetable change on December 9, 2012 and the associated partial opening of Vienna Central Station , the Marchegger Ostbahn trains will now run from and to Vienna Central Station .


According to the declaration as a high-performance line, the railway is to be expanded to two tracks and electrified. In addition, a maximum speed of 200 km / h should then be possible for long-distance trains. The approval notice has been available since August 2014. The electrification between Marchegg and the state border is planned from 2019 in the framework plan of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG 2014–2019.

On September 28, 2016, in the presence of the Austrian Minister of Infrastructure Jörg Leichtfried , the Slovak Minister of Infrastructure Viktor Stromček , Vienna's City Councilor Renate Brauner , Lower Austria's Provincial Councilor Karl Wilfing and ÖBB boss Andreas Matthä, the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Stadlau - Marchegg - national border line took place. In an initial expansion phase, electrification from Stadlau to Devínska Nová Ves and a selective double-track expansion will take place by 2023 . To this end, the section on Vienna's municipal area, the Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf-Schönfeld-Lassee section and the Marchegg section to the March viaduct will be expanded to two tracks. After the expansion, the travel time between Vienna and Bratislava should be reduced to 40 minutes. The further double-track expansion in Austria and Slovakia will take place in a second expansion phase as required with a corresponding development in transport demand.

Construction work began in 2017 in Vienna's urban area, where the route between the Vienna Erzherzog-Karl-Straße S-Bahn station and the Vienna Aspern Nord transfer hub (U2, S80) was expanded to two tracks and between Vienna Hausfeldstraße and Vienna Aspern until the timetable change in December 2018 North was electrified. The Vienna section was officially opened on November 30, 2018. The renovation of the Raasdorf train station was completed at the end of March 2020.

With the expected completion of the electrification of the route from Vienna Aspern North to Marchegg in 2023, one to two hour regional train traffic and hourly REX traffic to Marchegg and possibly on to Bratislava planned.

Branch lines

The Marchegger Ostbahn had a branch line with two branches. In 1909 the lines of the Lower Austrian State Railways from Siebenbrunn to Engelhartstetten and, branching off from this, from Breitstetten to Orth an der Donau were opened. In 1937, passenger traffic on the Breitstetten – Orth route was discontinued. The Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf-Engelhartstetten route was still used by passenger trains as planned until 2003. In December 2013, the tracks that were last closed due to impassability were finally removed.

Between 1916/1917 and 1926 there were two connections to the Breitenlee marshalling yard , still visible today, at Cassinonestrasse.

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