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Röslau breakthrough (Gsteinigt) near Elisenfels

Röslau breakthrough (Gsteinigt) near Elisenfels

Water code DE : 53212, CZ : 1-13-01-007
location Upper Franconia ( Bavaria ), Karlovarský kraj ( Czech Republic )
River system Elbe
Drain over Eger  → Elbe  → North Sea
source on the eastern slope of the Schneeberg
50 ° 3 ′ 0 ″  N , 11 ° 52 ′ 7 ″  E
Source height approx.  915  m above sea level NHN
muzzle for fishermen in two arms in the Eger coordinates: 50 ° 5 '53 "  N , 12 ° 14' 55"  E 50 ° 5 '53 "  N , 12 ° 14' 55"  E
Mouth height approx.  443  m above sea level NHN 
Height difference approx. 472 m
Bottom slope approx. 10 ‰
length 46.4 km
Catchment area 316.3 km²
Discharge at the Arzberg
A Eo gauge : 291 km²
Location: 10 km above the mouth
NNQ (08/24/2003)
MNQ 1977/2006
MQ 1977/2006
Mq 1977/2006
MHQ 1977/2006
HHQ (09/01/1977)
569 l / s
920 l / s
3.38 m³ / s
11.6 l / (s km²)
55.4 m³ / s
89 m³ / s
Left tributaries Krugelsbach , Bibersbach , Leimatbach , Flitterbach
Right tributaries Kössein , Feisnitz , Grenzbach
Small towns Wunsiedel , Marktredwitz , Arzberg
Communities Vordorfer Forst , Tröstau , Schirnding market

The Röslau (in Czech Reslava ) is a right tributary of the Eger in northeast Bavaria.

It arises from several small water veins on the eastern slope of the Schneeberg in the Russel forest department, which unite to the west of Vordorfermühle (municipality of Tröstau ).

Source version

The Röslau spring

A source was from the city of Wunsiedel in 1930 at 915  m above sea level. NN set with granite stones as "Rösla". This is where the 44 km long Röslauwanderweg begins, which was established by the Fichtelgebirgsverein in 1980 . The lake path from Weißenstädter See to Fichtelsee leads past the source.

River course

After leaving the steep terrain and the high forest, the Röslau reaches Vordorfermühle, initially turns south-east to Leupoldsdorf and Tröstau , gradually turns in an easterly and north-easterly direction and touches the town of Wunsiedel on its south side. On the way it takes in numerous streams from the area of ​​the Platte , the Hohe Matze and the Kosseine . Then Bibersbach and Wenderner Bach flow in . At Thölau the large railway bridge of the Weiden – Oberkotzau spans the Röslautal. It reaches the Marktredwitz district of Lorenzreuth, and when it leaves the city, it is reinforced by the Peuntbach. In the urban area of Arzberg , the Kössein flows towards the beginning of the Seußen district , popularly known as the “Kosseine”. Before the second village of Elisenfels in the small town, the Leimatbach and Feisnitz follow . Below Elisenfels, it flows through the narrow section of the Gsteinigt valley and then passes through Arzberg, which is largely on the left, where the Flitterbach flows out. Then it meanders through meadows to Schirnding , below which the Grenzbach joins the state border from the right. From here the Röslau to its confluence with the Eger near the Schirndinger village of Fischern is a winding river border with the Czech Republic in the east.


List of tributaries and RiverIcon-SmallLake.svglakes from source to mouth, with parts of the inflow hierarchy. Partly with the length of the water body, the lake area, the size of the catchment area and the altitude. Other sources are noted.

Source of the Röslau at about 915  m above sea level. NHN on the eastern slope of the Schneeberg ( 1051  m above sea level )

  • Lingenbach, from the left to 676  m above sea level. NHN northwest of Vordorfermühle , approx. 1.9 km and approx. 1.2 km². Rises from the Siebensternbrunnen at about 746  m above sea level. NHN at the approach of the Schneeberg eastern foothills Schauberg ( 732  m above sea level ).
  • Schöffellohbach, from the right to below 668  m above sea level. NHN west of Vordorfermühle, approx. 1.9 km and approx. 3.4 km². Arises at about 793  m above sea level. NHN east of the Schneeberg south-east foothills under the Nußhardt ( 972  m above sea level ); the highest source is closer to the Röslau source even at about 923  m above sea level. NHN .
  • Nesselbach, from the right and southwest to about 569  m above sea level. NHN opposite the north end of Leupoldsdorferhammer , approx. 2.3 km and approx. 2.4 km². Branches at about 610  m above sea level. NHN to the left of the Glasbach and then takes on a larger forest slope stream from Wolfstein ( 754  m above sea level ).
  • (Upper branch of the mouth of the Hammerlbach), from the left and northeast to about 569  m above sea level. NHN , flows immediately afterwards through the northern Leupoldsdorferhammer.
  • → Departure of the Haidbach, to the right and south to about 564  m above sea level. NHN next to Vordorfer Straße in Leupoldsdorferhammer, approx. 1.0 km. Later flows back over the Kastenbach.
  • Hammerlbach , from the left and north to about 561  m above sea level. NHN a little below Leupoldsdorferhammer, approx. 5.4 km and approx. 8.4 km². Arises at about 643  m above sea level. NHN northwest of Vierst on the southern edge of the Schottenloh forest.
  • Kastenbach, from the right to about 552  m above sea level. NHN at the Rohrmühle von Tröstau, approx. 0.8 km from the junction of its upper reaches and approx. 5.2 km² with the longer right upper course and approx. 10.1 km². Arises at about 558  m above sea level. NHN near Tröstau- Neuenhammer from the left Röslau junction Haidbach and the significantly longer right Glasbach.
    • Glasbach, right upper course of the Kastenbach, approx. 3.2 km on the name course from the outflow to approx. 664  m above sea level. NHN from the Zinnschutzweiher, approx. 4.4 km of its source furthest from the mouth and approx. 9.3 km². The sources of the spring streams that drain from the tin slopes into the pond are up to 775  m above sea level. NHN
      • Zinnbach, from the right just before the confluence
  • Grötschenbach, from the right and south in Tröstau
    • Ehewaldbach, left upper course
    • Mühlbach, right upper course
  • Bach from the model airfield, from the left through Schönbrunn
  • Luxbach, from the right at Breitenbrunn
  • Krugelsbach , from the left into the Mühlbach tributary in Wunsiedel
  • Bibersbach , from the left to about 520  m above sea level. NHN at Schneckenhammer , 10.4 km with the upper reaches of the Zeitelmoosgraben and 28.8 km².
  • Wenderner Bach , from the right at Juliushammer
  • Tiefenbach (?), Shortly afterwards from the right
  • Heubach, from the left in front of the hammer mill near Unterthölau
  • (Stream through Oberthölau ), from the left at the Schletzenmühle
  • Bach from the Wunsiedel exit of the A 93 , from the left to 500  m above sea level. NHN
  • Breitmühlbächlein, from the right in Lorenzreuth
  • Peuntbach, from the left below the Röslautal bridge on the A 93
  • Kössein , from the right to about 476  m above sea level. NHN in the right Röslau branch near Seußen , 19.1 km and 94.4 km².
  • Leimatbach , from the left below Seußen
  • Feisnitz , from the right to about 472  m above sea level. NHN shortly before Elisenfels , 9.7 km with the upper course Krebsbach and 26.7 km².
  • Flitterbach , from the left to about 457  m above sea level. NHN in Arzberg , 7.1 km and 22.5 km².
  • Lindenbach , from the right to 448  m above sea level. NHN in Schirnding
  • (Inflow from the direction of the Steinberg ( 653  m above sea level )), from the left in Schirnding
  • Grenzbach , from right to Schirnding on the Bavarian-Czech border
  • Weißenbach, from the left and west towards the state border with fishermen just before the mouth

Mouth of the Röslau from the right and finally from the south to approx. 443  m above sea level. NHN at Schirnding -Fischern in the Eger , which becomes a Czech river from a border river from Bavaria to the Czech Republic. The Röslau is 46.4 km long and has a catchment area of ​​316.3 km², which is almost exclusively in Bavaria.

Economic use

Since the Middle Ages, numerous hammer mills and grinding mills have been operated with the water power of the river, the Wunsiedlers have used the watercourse as wooden rafts since the 16th century. From 1850 onwards, raw porcelain mass was transported by barges from the mass mills located in Gsteinigt to the porcelain factories located downstream in Arzberg. Also iron ore was transported on this stretch of water. Thus the Röslau was also used as a waterway for a short time .

Name interpretation

According to documents, the river appeared late, in 1403 under the name "Rosslin", then with different spellings. In dialect it is called "Riasla", on official maps it is called "Röslau". Recent research brings the river name with "in lively motion, excitement" and "flow, flow, fall" in connection.


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