Rookie - The beginner

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German title Rookie - The beginner
Original title The rookie
Rookie the beginner.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1990
length 121 (cinema) / 103 (video) minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Clint Eastwood
script Scott Spiegel
Boaz Yakin
production Howard G. Kazanjian
Steven Siebert
David Valdes
music Lennie Niehaus
camera Jack N. Green
cut Joel Cox

Rookie - The novice ( The Rookie ) is an American action comedy from 1990. The film stars Clint Eastwood (also director) and Charlie Sheen . The premiere in the United States and Canada was on December 7, 1990 and in Germany on April 18, 1991.


The police officer Nick Pulovski, who deals with car theft, is not considered particularly successful. However, he discovered that a German named Strom organized numerous car thefts on a large scale. His superior Lt. Raymond Garcia pulls Pulovski off the case. After Pulovski's partner is killed, the novice David Ackerman is assigned to him as a new partner. Ackerman was recently promoted to police detective. He has been traumatized since his brother's childhood death - for which he feels responsible. Now Ackerman has to learn, like it or not, how to deal with killers.

Although the murder case was handed over to the homicide squad, Pulovski is investigating the matter - contrary to his partner's opinion - against the current. When the two police officers try to catch him in an attempted casino robbery, Pulovski is taken hostage by the criminals and Ackerman survives only thanks to a bulletproof vest. Ackerman is suspended, but single-handedly searches for his partner and is able to save him.

In the finale, Pulovski and Ackerman chase Strom and his lover at an airport and through the terminal building. They split up and each pursue one of the criminals. Ackerman kills the "gangster bride" with a shot in the head , although he had previously incapacitated her. He then saves Pulovski, who is about to be killed by electricity. Pulovski then kills electricity with the last of his strength.

At the end of the film, Pulovski is promoted and the new head of the police department; Ackerman, no longer a beginner, is assigned a young policewoman as a new partner.


Jack Sommersby wrote on that a few moments were "nice and quirky", but otherwise the film was "not exciting", "boring" and "formulaic". The lexicon of international films assessed that Rookie was an “elaborate, but not very original action spectacle with a worn-out basic pattern that leaves no opportunity to demonstrate violence.” Cinema said: “Not original, but witty: director Eastwood (...) plays self-deprecatingly with his "Dirty Harry" image. "


The film was shot in Los Angeles , San José and Saratoga .


The film grossed approximately $ 21.6 million in US cinemas .

In the scene (approx. 1h 23min 30sec) in which Ackermann's girlfriend is brewing coffee for the wrong police officer, she sees an interview with Police Chief Garcia on TV. She switches the channel and for a moment a scene from Tarantula from 1955 can be seen - the film in which Clint Eastwood and Mara Corday - who plays an interrogator in Rookie - were already involved.

The film was unindexed in April 2017. A re-examination of the unabridged version by the FSK resulted in a release from the age of 16.

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