Frýdlant Castle

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Frýdlant Castle (aerial view)
Frýdlant Castle from the northeast
Plan of Friedland Castle around 1850

The Frýdlant Castle (German Friedland ) is located on the outskirts of the town of Frýdlant v Čechách in Okres Liberec , Czech Republic .


The early Gothic castle was built by the von Ronow family . The core of the round tower , which still dominates the building today , also dates from this time .

In 1278 the castle became the property of the Lords of Bieberstein , who added further objects to it.

On April 1, 1558, Friedrich von Rödern acquired Friedland Castle and Dominion for 40,000 thalers from Emperor Ferdinand I. He was followed after several short episodes by his son, Field Marshal Melchior von Redern (1555–1600) with his wife Katharina. According to plans by the Italian architect Marco Spazio , the plant was in the lying below the castle in 1600 bailey by a three-storey wing with Sgraffitodekorationen the facade of the castle expanded. In this construction, a new chapel was built with a high altar of the late Renaissance .

The son, Christoph von Redern , fought in 1620 as a dragoon officer in the service of the Bohemian rebels (and their winter king Friedrich I ) against the Habsburg rule in the battle of the White Mountain . After the rebel cause was lost, he returned to Friedland Castle, where a little later he gave refuge to his cousin Joachim Andreas von Schlick , who had fled Bautzen as the leader of the rebels . Schlick was arrested here on March 18, 1621 by troops from the Electorate of Saxony and brought to Dresden, Redern escaped to Silesia and Poland, his property was confiscated. On the day of the execution of Schlick, delivered by the Saxon Elector to the Imperial Special Court in Prague on June 21, 1621, the Dominions Friedland and Reichenberg were pledged to the Imperial Colonel Albrecht von Wallenstein , who received them a year later for 150,000 Bohemian guilders (albeit de Witte 'cal inflation guilder ) acquired. By rounding it off, he combined it with his Gitschin dominion, which he had acquired further south in Bohemia . Due to the ownership of the lordship , Wallenstein was made Duke of Friedland in 1625 . After his murder in 1634, his property was also confiscated and the rule was sold to his opponent Matthias Gallas , the commander in chief of the imperial army. From 1757 to 1945 it belonged to the Counts Gallas and later Clam-Gallas .

After the castle fires at the end of the 17th century, baroque conversions were added early on .

50 rooms in the castle are open to the public. The interior consists of furniture from the last four centuries. Numerous room creations from the 19th century in the style of historicism , which were used as living quarters for the owner family until 1945 (especially in the Renaissance wing from around 1600), have been completely preserved. The original mobile equipment from this period has also been preserved here in rare completeness. You can also visit ceramics and porcelain as well as an armory and a pipe exhibition.

The castle kitchen with a collection of copper and pewter dishes dates from the beginning of the 20th century . Both ovens and the grill are still functional.

A newer trail to the Amber Room leads to Friedland Castle. In February 1945, numerous boxes are said to have been brought there and walled up in the castle's basement.


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