Crime scene: fat warriors

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Fat warriors
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 85 minutes
classification Episode 474 ( List )
First broadcast July 15, 2001 on Das Erste
Director Dominik Reding
script Peter Lennartz , Dominik Reding
production Ulrich Herrmann
music Thomas Schmidt
camera Hans-Jörg Allgeier
cut Alexandra Freisler

Fat Warriors is a television film from the crime series Tatort . The episode was produced by Südwestrundfunk under the direction of Dominik Reding and first broadcast on German television on July 15, 2001. It is the 474th episode of the crime scene and the 23rd episode with Ludwigshafen investigator Lena Odenthal ( Ulrike Folkerts ). For her colleague Mario Kopper ( Andreas Hoppe ) it is the 14th case.


The audience longed for the concert of the hip-hopper Fette Krieger with great expectations , then MC Fett bursts the bomb after insulting DJ Krieger and music producer Thilo Hellmann: he will work with his brother Rocco in the future. Girlfriend Mona wants to stop him, but is only turned on obscenely. Then MC Fett withdraws provocatively and conspicuously with Krieger's girlfriend in his "Salon d'amour". He tries to attack him with a knife during the act, but does not count on MC Fett's attention and is faced with a gun. In front of the camcorder , Fett celebrates himself as the "greatest" until someone appears in the room, several shots are fired and MC Fett falls from the skyscraper.

Odenthal and Kopper see the live images on television and that there was a dead person. You are on your way immediately. Mona and Rocco bend over the dead man, who is aiming his gun at warriors in the dark background. Odenthal is able to take Rocco's weapon while Kopper is left behind by Krieger. The witness statements incriminate the fugitive. Hellmann meets with the fugitive and assures him that there is nothing incriminating on the video tape. Later he shows Viva presenter Reen the ending, which ends abruptly in the middle of an exchange between MC Fett and Krieger. During the memorial service for MC Fett, Kopper tries again to arrest warriors. He can escape with a moped, but runs into a truck that is moving backwards.

The video tape in the camera, which is located in Mona's apartment, shows Rocco coming to Fett's salon after Krieger, who pushes him aside and is insulted by his brother. The two climb onto the roof, where the words "Fette Krieger" are on fire and Rocco pushes his brother away with his foot after further provocations. Exactly one shot is fired.


In this episode, Wolfgang Hepp succeeds Friedrichs as Kriminalrat Wolf, as Hans-Günter Martens , who previously played the role of Kriminalrat, died unexpectedly in 2001.


Audience rating

When it was first broadcast in Germany on July 15, 2001, 5.44 million viewers saw the episode Fette Krieger , which corresponded to a market share of 18.1 percent.


At wiewardertatort they estimate: "A credible sketch of the rap milieu does not take place in the 474th crime scene at any time", and calls the story "terrifyingly outrageous and constructed".

The critics of the TV magazine TV Spielfilm also just give the thumbs up for this crime scene and say: "Unfortunately, the banal story doesn't get going - no matter how lively the camera turns."

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