Lena Odenthal

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Crime Scene Logo.svg Lena Odenthal
Channel 1989–1998: SWF
since 1998:SWR
active since 1989
place Ludwigshafen am Rhein
cases 71
Lena Odenthal (Chief Inspector)
Johanna Stern (Chief Inspector)
Peter Becker (Forensic Technician)
Edith Keller (Secretary)
Hakan Özcan (Forensic Doctor)
Mario Kopper (Chief Inspector)
Seidel (Assistant)
Friedrichs (Chief Inspector)
Wolf (Chief Inspector)
Patrick Herzog (Forensic Expert)
Sonja Römer ( Forensic doctor)
since 1989

since 2014

since 1998
since 1998
since 2015

Lena Odenthal (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Lena Odenthal

Investigation location Ludwigshafen am Rhein ( Rhineland-Palatinate )

The fictional detective chief inspector Lena Odenthal is the main character in the crime scene crime series from Ludwigshafen am Rhein, which was launched in 1989 by Südwestfunk and has been continued by Südwestrundfunk since 1998 . The longest-serving female investigator in the crime scene series is played by Ulrike Folkerts . From 1996 to the beginning of 2018 Mario Kopper , represented by Andreas Hoppe , was Odenthal's colleague. Since 2014, the Chief Inspector Johanna Stern , who is coming from the State Criminal Police Office ( LKA ) and played by Lisa Bitter , has joined the Ludwigshafen crime scene team.



Lena Odenthal

Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe at the 2014 Grimme Prize

Lena Odenthal is a strong woman who has learned to assert herself. She does not see men as objects of contention, but as part of their everyday life. She is not vain. It just feels for what it was or is. As a result, she is often very self-centered and tough. This is exactly why her male colleagues have respect for her. Her life has changed over time. While at the beginning she still enjoyed her free time and youth and pursued many unusual hobbies, the chief inspector is now so challenged by her work that she hardly finds any space in her life for non-professional activities. Lena's parents both died. Her father was mayor of Siegelbach near Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate for twenty years . When her mother died, as the eldest daughter, she had to take on responsibility at home from an early age. She has had no contact with her sisters since her father's death, and she no longer moves to Siegelbach. For a long time she lived with her colleague Mario Kopper and her cat Mikesch in an apartment in Ludwigshafen.

On September 3, 2000, Lena Odenthal had a short guest appearance alongside Batic and Leitmayr in the Munich crime scene episode Kleine Diebe .

In 2019 Lena Odenthal celebrated her 30th anniversary. She is the longest-serving investigator in Tatort history.

Johanna Stern

In 2014, Chief Inspector Johanna Stern, specialist in operative case analysis at the LKA in Mainz, came to Ludwigshafen for the first time during a vacation from Kopper as his representative. The order-loving mother of two young children has a good grip on the balance between family and work. At first she didn’t get along with Odenthal at all, which later changed. In 2015 she was permanently transferred to the Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters.



Mario Kopper

Chief Detective Mario Kopper was Lena Odenthal's colleague and roommate. As a police officer of Italian descent, he first supported her in 1996 in the episode The Cold Death . Like Lena, Kopper was single for a long time, but in contrast to Lena, he secretly suffered from it. His other colleagues didn't like him very much. Lena mostly called him "Kopper" and only rarely by his first name. His memories of childhood are bad because his dream of living in Italy never came true. He chose the SPD because he had heard that the SPD politician Scharping has a house in Tuscany . Kopper drove Italian classic cars, most recently a Fiat 130 from the 1970s. He hated his German-born father and banned him completely from his thoughts after his death ten years ago. Kopper actually loves his mother more than anything, but was still annoyed when she sent him food parcels to the police station or bombarded him with phone calls.

In 2018 he was dismissed from the police force due to Mafia entanglements in the episode "Kopper" and moved to Sicily with his fiancée.



Crime scene house in Baden-Baden. At the time of the recording, filming was in progress for Lena Odenthal's 50th case, The Breath of Death .

The production site for the SWR crime scenes is Baden-Baden . Here and in the surrounding district of Rastatt and the nearby city of Karlsruhe , many of the filming takes place for reasons of cost. Since 2006, a former school of the French military in Baden-Baden has been the location for the interior shots of the SWR commissariats in Ludwigshafen and Stuttgart ( Lannert and Bootz ) and formerly Konstanz ( Blum and Perlmann ). The production designer Klaus-Peter Platten set up one floor of the building as a Ludwigshafen police station in a modern post-war style that is supposed to be reminiscent of industrial architecture. In addition, Odenthal and Kopper's shared apartment was housed here.


case title First broadcast episode script Director particularities
1 The new Oct 29, 1989 224 Norbert Ehry Peter Schulze-Rohr
2 date 0Jun 4, 1990 231 Martin Gies
3 Death in the chopper Oct 13, 1991 249 Stefan Dähnert , Nico Hofmann Nico Hofmann
4th False love Dec 20, 1992 267 Ulli Stephan Susanne Zanke
5 The tenderness of the monster Oct 31, 1993 282 Hartmut Schoen
6th The black angel Nov 13, 1994 299 Stefan Kolditz Nina Grosse
7th The campaign 05th Mar 1995 304 Thomas Bohn
8th Snow fever Feb. 18, 1996 326 Fred Breinersdorfer Peter Schulze-Rohr
9 Sleepless nights 08 Sep 1996 340 Hartmut Schoen
10 The cold death 0Oct 6, 1996 343 Sascha Arango Nina Grosse First case with Kopper
11 Death in space Jan. 12, 1997 350 Thomas Bohn
12 Close combat Oct 19, 1997 373
13 Hunting fever 29 Mar 1998 380 Fred Breinersdorfer Peter Schulze-Rohr
14th Angel fly 0Nov 1, 1998 399 Dorothee Schön Hartmut Griesmayr
15th Murder fever 0Apr 5, 1999 409 Fred Breinersdorfer Ulrich Stark
16 War marks Oct 10, 1999 424 Harald Göckeritz Nina Grosse
17th Open account Dec 19, 1999 431 Norbert Ehry Connie Walther
18th Cold hearts 0Apr 2, 2000 440 Thomas Bohn
19th The black knight May 21, 2000 443 Dorothee Schön Didi Danquart
20th The little witness Aug 27, 2000 452 Harald Göckeritz Miguel Alexandre
21st The president Apr 22, 2001 468 Thomas Bohn
22nd Good friends May 13, 2001 470 Harald Göckeritz Martin Gies
23 Fat warriors Jul 15, 2001 474 Peter Lennartz Dominik Reeding
24 Violent fever 0Dec 2, 2001 488 Fred Breinersdorfer Martin Eigler
25th Junk and manslaughter 0Jan. 6, 2002 490 Dorothee Schön Jürgen Bretzinger
26th Flashback Aug 11, 2002 507 Martin Pristl , Johannes W. Betz Matthias Glasner
27 Romeo and Juliet 0Jan. 5, 2003 521 Harald Göckeritz Nicole Weegmann
28 Die more beautifully 30th Mar 2003 528 Daniel Martin Eckhart Didi Danquart
29 Leyla Aug 31, 2003 539 Harald Göckeritz Martin Weinhart
30th Great love Feb 22, 2004 558 Daniel Martin Eckhart Manuel Siebenmann
31 Ripped off May 16, 2004 568 Klaus-Peter Wolf Christoph Stark
32 Dangerous silence Jul 18, 2004 570 Martin Eigler , Annette Bassfeld-Schepers Martin Eigler
33 Final doubts 28 Mar 2005 593 Jochen Bitzer Christoph Stark
34 In the abyss Apr 24, 2005 596 Richard Reitinger René Heisig
35 With no evidence Aug 28, 2005 606 Martin Pristl Jürgen Bretzinger
36 Under control 05th Mar 2006 623 Stefan Rogall René Heisig
37 revenge Apr 23, 2006 629 Johannes Grieser
38 The lipstick killer Aug 27, 2006 638 Christoph Darnstädt Andreas Senn
39 Night hikers 0Oct 8, 2006 642 Isolde Sammer Johannes Grieser
40 Red death Jan. 28, 2007 654 Horst friend Christoph Stark
41 The dark side 0May 6, 2007 665 Jürgen Starbatty , Xaõ Seffcheque Thomas Freundner
42 Die for the heirs 0Jul 1, 2007 670 Dorothee Schön Lars Monday
43 Fat killers Dec 30, 2007 685 Mario Giordano , Andreas Schlueter Ute Wieland
44 Shadow of fear 0Apr 6, 2008 694 Martin Eigler , Annette Bassfeld-Schepers Martin Eigler
45 The happy death 0Oct 5, 2008 706 André Georgi Aelrun Goette
46 Cash drop 0Feb 1, 2009 720 Stephan Falk , Lars Monday Lars Monday
47 Deadly mission May 10, 2009 733 Kai-Uwe Hasenheit Bodo Fürneisen
48 Missing Oct 11, 2009 743 Christoph Darnstädt Andreas Senn
49 Death on the Rhine Feb 28, 2010 757 Horst friend Patrick Winczewski
50 Touch of death 22 Aug 2010 768 Jürgen Werner Lars Monday
51 The Scream Oct 17, 2010 776 Harald Göckeritz Gregor Schnitzler
52 Fatal investigation 0Jan. 2, 2011 786 Andreas Schlueter Michael Schneider
53 Offside Jun 19, 2011 805 Jürgen Werner Uwe Janson Guest appearances by Theo Zwanziger , Steffi Jones , Célia Okoyino da Mbabi , Joachim Löw , Oliver Bierhoff
54 Death of a teacher Sep 11 2011 809 Hans Gerd Müller-Welters , Thomas Freundner Thomas Freundner
55 Deadly bites 0Jan. 1, 2012 822 Frauke Hunfeld , Josh Broecker Josh Broecker
56 The forest stands black and is silent May 13, 2012 838 Dorothee Schön Ed Duke
57 In cold blood Jan. 13, 2013 859 Christoph Darnstädt Andreas Senn
58 Friends to the death 0Oct 6, 2013 882 Harald Göckeritz Nicolai Rohde
59 Circus kid Feb 16, 2014 900 Till Endemann
60 blackout Oct 26, 2014 921 Eva Zahn , Volker A. Zahn Patrick Winczewski first case with a star
61 The sun dies like an animal Jan. 18, 2015 932 Harald Göckeritz
62 Room service May 25, 2015 948 Stefan Dähnert , Patrick Brunken Tim Trageser
63 LU Dec 13, 2015 966 Dagmar Gabler Jobs Christian Oetzmann
64 You belong to Me Feb 14, 2016 975 Jürgen Werner Roland Suso Richter
65 Babbeldasch Feb. 26, 2017 1012 Sönke Andresen Axel Ranisch
66 Kopper 0Jan. 7, 2018 1042 Patrick Bruncken Roland Suso Richter last case with Kopper
67 Forest lust 04th Mar 2018 1050 Axel Ranisch Sönke Andresen
68 From the sky above 0Dec 9, 2018 1074 Thomas Bohn Thomas Bohn
69 Maleficius 08th Sept 2019 1102 Thomas Bohn Thomas Bohn The film was presented to the audience on August 16, 2019 at the SWR summer festival in Mainz.
70 The Palatinate from above 17th November 2019 1109 Stefan Dähnert Brigitte Maria Bertele Continuation of the episode "Death in the Chopper" (1991), comeback of the character "Stefan Tries" (Ben Becker), first broadcast on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the character "Lena Odenthal"
71 Leonessa 0March 8 2020 1123 Wolfgang Stauch Connie Walther Premiere on August 26, 2019 at the Festival of German Films .

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