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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Fat killers
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 88 minutes
classification Episode 685 ( List )
First broadcast December 30, 2007 on Das Erste
Director Ute Wieland
script Mario Giordano ,
Andreas Schlueter
production Sabine Tettenborn
music Oliver Biehler
camera Cornelia Wiederhold
cut Angela Springmann

Fettkiller is a television film from the crime series Tatort . The episode was produced by Südwestrundfunk under the direction of Ute Wieland and first broadcast on German television on December 30, 2007. It is the 685th episode of the crime scene and the 43rd episode with Ludwigshafen investigator Lena Odenthal .


Commissioner Lena Odenthal and her colleague Mario Kopper are called to a traffic accident. The journalist Harald Strauss had a fatal accident with his car. The forensic doctor is certain that the man was already dead at the time of the accident. The later autopsy reveals the cause of death as a heart attack that was triggered by a chemical substance. This was obviously mixed into his nasal spray.

The search of his home suggests that the journalist's death had something to do with his current research, as his laptop was stolen. Otherwise, all investigators will find is a large supply of nasal spray, yellow pills in a plastic bag, and a note of a chemical formula. This leads her to the pharmaceutical company “Aurena”, which is working on a sensational fat killer and from which Strauss very likely stole the formula and the pills when he last researched there for a web contract. Model Kristina Pavlak is one of the test subjects who are testing the drug before it is expected to be approved. Noticeable for the investigators because Strauss was friends with her and had last spoken to her on the phone. When Odenthal visits her, she notices enormous mood swings in the young woman, which go as far as paranoia. In addition, she obviously continues to take the drug without worrying about possible side effects. As a model, she thinks she has to be slim because the competition is under great pressure.

The economic importance of this new preparation is obviously so great for the "Aurena" that test documents were manipulated and irregularities were suppressed in order not to endanger the approval. Odenthal is clear that Harald Strauss found out all of this, but his notes have disappeared. While Odenthal has so far concentrated on the company "Aurena", the evidence against Kristina Pavlak is gradually increasing. The investigators learn from her friend that she too recently noticed Kristina's loss of reality, presumably drug-related, which Strauss had noticed and therefore fought against the approval of the drug.

Odenthal wants to confront Kristina and meets her on a high scaffold at the harbor, from which she threatens to fall. She admits that she can no longer live without the fat killer. Therefore, she wanted to prevent her friend from stopping the approval with his research.


The film was produced based on an idea by Marc Blöbaum and Elke Schuch from Südwestrundfunk in cooperation with Maran Film and shot in Ludwigshafen am Rhein , Baden-Baden and Mannheim .


Audience rating

7.01 million viewers saw the episode Fettkiller in Germany when it was first broadcast on December 30, 2007, which corresponded to a market share of 20.0 percent.


Tilmann P. Gangloff from comes to the conclusion that Agata Buzek acts quite “woodenly” and that her “bony playing style” is “emphasized by the occasional stylistic idiosyncrasy of the film”. "Despite the objections described and a few surprisingly unsavory moments staged, a 'crime scene' that is well worth seeing thanks to the captivating criminalistic level."

At , Kathrin Buchner judges: “By director Ute Wieland, 'Fettkiller' is more exciting than a 'Tatort' episode for a long time, and gripping like a psychological thriller. […] The dialogues in the script by Mario Giordano and Andreas Schlueter get too flat at times, unfortunately, phrases like 'campaign against the pharmaceutical industry' or we have nothing to hide 'are unfortunately too often heard in crime novels. "

The critics of the television magazine TV Spielfilm rate this crime scene only mediocre and say: "Inflated drama and carefully styled optics rob the story of its credibility." And he "suffers from overweight ambitions."

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