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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title In the abyss
Country of production Germany
original language German
Maran film
length 87 minutes
classification Episode 596 ( List )
First broadcast April 24, 2005 on First German Television
Director René Heisig
script Richard Reitinger
production Martin Bach
André Zoch
music Rainer Michel
camera Jürgen Carle
cut Martina Butz-Kofer

Am Abgrund is a television film from the crime series Tatort with the Ludwigshafen investigator duo Lena Odenthal ( Ulrike Folkerts ) and Mario Kopper ( Andreas Hoppe ). It is the 596th Tatort episode and a SWR production in collaboration with Maran Film . The episode was broadcast for the first time on April 24, 2005 on First German Television .

The investigators are on the lookout for a stranger who persuades single and wealthy women into windy stock deals and subsequently becomes a murderer.


Ben is a successful broker , who uses his charm especially with mature and wealthy women in order to get their money easier. When Elisabeth von Hagen sees through his windy business and threatens to report him, he drowns her in her bathtub. Shortly afterwards she is fished from the Rhine, but the identity of the victim is still unclear to the police.

Ben lives with his girlfriend Vera, who comes from Russia and has been in Germany for three years. When he surprisingly gives her a ring, she becomes suspicious. Since she works at a jeweler, it is not difficult for her to check whether it is somehow registered. In doing so, she finds out that the ring belongs to Elisabeth von Hagen, a customer of her employer. Since she recently saw Ben's car parked on the lady's property, she wanted to ask her, but she didn't meet anyone in the villa - but Ben's sports car was in the garage.

Meanwhile, Ben carelessly goes to Rosemarie Baal, one of his customers, to announce that he has invested her money profitably. She takes this as an opportunity to celebrate with him right away and plan the future. She even wants to buy him a new car because he said he doesn't have one at the moment.

A press call clarifies the identity of the water corpse. Immediately Odenthal and Kopper look around the villa. They learn from Hagen's neighbor that Frau von Hagen had a young boyfriend for some time. Forensics quickly found out that there was no break-in and that neither jewelry nor stocks were missing in the safe. There is evidence that the victim was drowned in the bathtub and then sunk in the Rhine. Kopper is enthusiastic about the Alfa Romeo Spider that is in the garage and it is obvious to the investigators that the young lover is also the one of the murderer they now have to find. Becker finds clear evidence that the body was transported by car. However, there is no evidence of the identity of the unknown gigolo. Strangely enough, the villa is right on Odenthal's jogging track. She recently remembers a young jogger interested in watching the villa through the fence.

When Ben comes home to Vera that evening, she asks him about Frau von Hagen, but Hagen pretends to be nothing. Even when she says she saw his car in her garage, he doesn't admit anything. Hagen would only be a customer, but she would have given him the car and now demanded it back when she wanted to attach too many conditions to it.

In search of the unknown young man, Odenthal and Kopper contact the car dealer to which Frau von Hagen had sold the Alfa Romeo . However, he knows nothing about a man and was of the opinion that Frau von Hagen had bought the car for herself. However, when an elderly lady appears the next day and wants to buy an Alfa Romeo, he becomes skeptical because he had followed the press reports and suspected who the car was for. When Rosemarie Baal appears the next day with Ben to inspect the car, the dealer uses his chance. During the test drive, in which he is alone with Ben, the car dealer leaves no doubt that he has seen through the young man and tries to blackmail him. A scuffle ensues as a result of which the car dealer dies. Ben then forced his efforts to flee Germany. On the phone he says goodbye to his relationship with Vera, who doesn't accept it and wants to meet him in a café. By chance, Odenthal sees the young woman who she recognizes as the morning jogger and speaks to Ms. von Hagen. But she blocks and disappears before Odenthal can ask an unpleasant question. Nevertheless, Odenthal keeps her in his sights and goes to her home to ask about her boyfriend. Because after her research it is obvious that she is friends with what she was looking for. Vera says that Ben wanted to go to Australia soon . Odenthal tries to pressure her to testify against her boyfriend and she succeeds. Vera suspects that Ben is staying with Rosemarie Baal. When the investigators arrive, Ben first runs away, but can then be arrested.


The film was produced by Südwestrundfunk in cooperation with Maran Film and shot in Ludwigshafen, Baden-Baden and Karlsruhe .


Audience ratings

The first broadcast of Am Abgrund on April 24, 2005 was seen by a total of 9.03 million viewers in Germany and achieved a market share of 24.70 percent for Das Erste .


The critics of the television magazine TV-Spielfilm write about this crime scene: "Not abysmal, but entertaining."

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