Crime scene: The little witness

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title The little witness
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 89 minutes
classification Episode 452 ( List )
First broadcast August 27, 2000 on Das Erste
Director Miguel Alexandre
script Harald Göckeritz
production Ulrich Herrmann
music Dominic Roth
camera Marc Liesendahl
cut Monika Kretschmann

The Little Witness is a television film from the crime series Tatort . The episode was produced by Südwestrundfunk under the direction of Miguel Alexandre and first broadcast on German television on August 27, 2000. It is the 452nd episode of the crime scene and the 20th episode with Ludwigshafen investigator Lena Odenthal ( Ulrike Folkerts ). For her colleague Mario Kopper ( Andreas Hoppe ) it is the eleventh case.


The bus passenger's thick wallet arouses the interest of the young passenger with dreadlocks and promptly changes hands. It was worth it, but the personal image in the wallet makes her a little thoughtful. In front of an elevator she meets a somewhat hectic, elegant woman and gives her the fallen scarf. "You are so beautiful!" - then she gets the scarf with a dedication as a gift. Curious, she follows her into the underground car park, where the lady's friend, Tom Reisinger, is waiting. Suddenly you hear screeching tires and the lady is thrown onto a bonnet. The dark BMW stops with the flasher glass smashed, pushes back and the driver fires three times at the one lying on the ground. The driver himself shows up and fires two more shots at the unexpected witness. Tom Reisinger covers and protects the little witness.

Kopper shows Odenthal the shelter for the street children next to the underground car park, where, in addition to pill mixtures, they can also find hair wax - an indication of dreadlocks. Meanwhile, the murderer, Robert Franke, demolishes high-end cars in a parking garage with an iron bar. He is then called by a journalist on the way to Frankfurt who wants to present him on a cover page. Franke currently does not agree with this.

Odenthal quickly gets to the "little witness", 14-year-old Tanja Johanni, who is shocked to find out that Saskia Döhring is dead. Of course, Odenthal takes Tanja home with him for her safety, where Kopper reports on the answering machine that Döhring has determined that her bank should be ripped off by a real estate company.

The department head for white-collar crime, Walter Moser, has already settled in the office of the dead and reports to Odenthal and Kopper about the activities of the real estate company, which is investing on a large scale in a landfill, among other things. Moser smugly points out Tom Reisinger, who is promptly visited by Odenthal. But it cannot shed any light on the darkness.

Franke goes in search of Tanja, but gives herself away through the broken turn signal glass and Tanja can hide. In the middle of the night she comes back to Odenthal's apartment. She is quite desperate in view of her hopelessness and briefly talks about her escape. The next day she saw the magazine "Global Business" in a video store with the murderer on the front page. She takes the cover picture. Odenthal's concern for Tanja's safety after being admitted to the home is justified, because Tanja is promptly across from Robert Franke in the stairwell. He draws his gun and pursues the witness. Fortunately it is over the mountains. Odenthal suspects that Franke received the tip from Moser because he was in the police station at the relevant time.

Tanja tries to find out in the bank where the only confidante, Tom Reisinger, is. When she arrived in the lobby of the Steigenberger Hotel, she first saw Reisinger with Odenthal and then of all people, the Franconian who was coming, who placed a familiar hand on Reisinger's shoulder. After Reisinger made eye contact with Tanja, she ran away again and demolished the apartment of the "traitor" Odenthal. Instead of staying there, she goes to the new hiding place where Reshe is. Then it becomes clear that Reisinger and Franke are working together and that Saskia Döhring got too close to Reisinger. In a heroic closing sequence, Odenthal saves Tanja's life.


Special guests at this crime scene are singer Xavier Naidoo and the sons of Mannheim ”.


Audience rating

8.04 million viewers saw the episode Die kleine Zeugin in Germany when it was first broadcast on August 27, 2000, which corresponded to a market share of 26.03 percent.


Tilmann P. Gangloff writes appreciatively: “Miguel Alexandre staged the 'Tatort' with a lot of sensitivity, especially for the two female characters, but the few action scenes were also successful, not least thanks to the music by Dominik Roth. Ulrich Pleitgen as a snooty Odenthal colleague for white-collar crime and Oliver Stokowski in a complex role as a friend of the victim have a strong presence in other roles. "

The critics of the TV magazine TV Spielfilm give the thumbs up for this crime scene and say: "The 'taming' 'of the stubborn witness seems a bit clichéd, but the rest is captivating." "

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