Crime scene: night hikers

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Night hikers
Country of production Germany
original language German
classification Episode 642 ( List )
First broadcast October 8, 2006 on Das Erste , ORF , Swiss television
Director Johannes Grieser
script Isolde Sammer
production André Zoch
music Robert Schulte Hemming
Jens Langbein
camera Simon Schmejkal
cut Michael Reysz

Nachtwanderer is a television film from the crime series Tatort . The film of the Südwestrundfunk by director Johannes Grieser with Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe as investigators from Ludwigshafen am Rhein was broadcast for the first time on Sunday, October 8th, 2006 on Erste .


Lena Odenthal and Mario Kopper are in the swimming pool in the evening and then visit the film La dolce vita together in the cinema for the twelfth time . Kopper would like to have something to eat afterwards, but Odenthal wants to go home. As she walks home, she sees three teenagers molest a young woman. A man and a woman intervene immediately and can prevent worse things from happening. They both wear jackets with the words “Night Walkers” on them.

On the same night Odenthal and Kopper are morning ordered at 03:33 to a crime scene: The only eight-week-old UMTS - radio mast in the Fontanestraße was blown up - it was Max Junghans, a member of the neighborhood watch Nachtwanderer, killed. While Odenthal is investigating the crime scene with forensic technician Peter Becker, Kopper asks the onlookers. Georg Schwab lives at the transmitter mast, but he saw nothing, he was woken up by the explosion. His neighbor Bert Lüders and his mother did not see either, but they suspect the citizens' initiative against the transmitter mast to be behind this attack.

Odenthal goes to the meeting point of the night hikers and interviewed Susanne Horbelt, who was out with Junghans that night. She reported that he is married and has a 12-year-old daughter. She herself is a teacher at the Markgrafengymnasium and Junghans was her principal. She last saw him at 3 a.m. He got a text message and left early. Odenthal and Kopper then question the widow Frau Junghans. She says her husband left the house at 10:30 p.m. She did not notice that he did not come back because they are sleeping in separate bedrooms. The last text message to his daughter was at 10:45 p.m., she didn't send him any. Ms. Junghans also reports that her husband was a member of the city council and recommended the location for the transmitter himself.

At the police station, Ms. Horbelt is asked again where she suspects the citizens' initiative. Georg Schwab is its initiator. Kopper finds out that Schwab was a demolition expert in the GDR . Schwab is then asked again and he repeats that he and his son Andi were woken up by the explosion, his daughter Mona was with her friend Daniela at the time. Schwab also reports that his wife died two years ago of a brain tumor, allegedly from the rays of a transmitter mast that was placed in front of her house in her old place of residence in Gera . He insists that he neither blew up the tower nor killed Mr. Junghans.

At the Markgrafengymnasium, Odenthal and Kopper learn from the caretaker that there was a heated argument between Schwab and Junghans two weeks ago. The reason for this was that Andi distributed leaflets to clarify cell phone radiation. At school, Odenthal asked Ms. Horbelt again. She reports that she has a 17-year-old daughter who was almost raped three years ago. Then she founded the “Nachtwanderer” and Mr. Junghans took part from the start. As Odenthal digs deeper, she learns from Mrs. Horbelt that Max Junghans had a lover with whom he regularly texted. She doesn't know who the mistress is, but the text message he left about earlier came from her.

Odenthal confronts Ms. Junghans with the information of the lover - allegedly she did not know anything about it. She's had a lot to do in her own cell phone shop lately. The daughter Miriam Junghans berates her mother that they wanted to move away and that her mother was seeking a divorce because of this. A joint plot of land worth € 2.3 million was to be sold.

Forensic technician Becker was able to recover two destroyed cell phones from the crime scene. One was used as a remote detonator for the bomb on the radio tower, the other was the victim's prepaid cell phone. From the latter he can save the SIM card on which the last SMS are saved. Junghans received a text message from Mona at 3 a.m. asking him to go to the radio tower because she urgently wanted to see him. When Mona's questioning, she claims that she lost her cell phone and did not send the SMS. She admits that she is Max Junghans' lover.

When Schwab confronts his daughter with Junghans from the affair, he confesses to the attack on the radio mast and the murder. For Odenthal, however, this is not entirely conclusive. Mona gets into an argument with her brother Andi at home. She swears to him that she has nothing to do with the demolition and they discuss whether her father could really be the culprit. Bert Lüders sees the sad Mona in front of her house and offers himself to her: “I'm always there for you!”. At that moment, Odenthal approaches and interrupts their conversation, she wants to talk to Mona alone. Odenthal asks how well she knows Bert since it looked like more than just neighbors. Mona reports that Bert is an old friend who went to school with her but was kicked out of school by Junghans. Odenthal reports to Mona that her father tried to commit suicide. Mona admits that her father knew about the relationship with Junghans and that her father also went to Ms. Junghans and informed her about it.

The notary of the Junghans family reports to Kopper that half of the property will not be bequeathed to Mrs. Junghans, but to the daughter Miriam. In addition, Ms. Junghans' mobile phone shop, which she built so painstakingly, is on the property. At school, Odenthal finds out about Bert Lüders' expulsion. He had wanted to take revenge on Junghans for bad grades and had him eat a hashish cake , whereupon he was thrown from school.

Andi confesses to Kopper that although he built the bomb together with Bert Lüders, the time fuse went off too early and he didn't know that Junghans was at the tower. His father did not know anything about the whole action. Andi also reports that Mona and Bert were a couple for a short time, but Mona has left him. When Bert found out about the affair, he ticked off.

Bert drives to school to give Mona one last chance to take him back. When she says no, he takes another bomb with a mobile phone detonator out of his backpack and locks himself in the gym with her. He confesses to Mona that he blew up the tower and murdered Max Junghans. Odenthal arrives in front of the school with a SEK , they are looking for a way in. Meanwhile, Kopper tries to turn off all cell phone masts in the vicinity of the school. Arriving at the gym, Odenthal tries to persuade Bert to give up. Kopper succeeds in shutting down the cell phone mast shortly before Bert can trigger the detonator. Odenthal manages to overpower Bert and the SEK arrests him.

Audience ratings

When it was first broadcast, the film achieved a market share of 20 percent with 6.95 million viewers.

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