USA Perpignan

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USA Perpignan
Full name Union Sportive Arlequins
Founded 1902
Stadion Stade Aimé-Giral
Places 16,600
president François Rivière
Trainer Marc Delpoux
Giampiero De Carli
Patrick Arlettaz
league Pro D2
2018/19 14th place (Top 14)

The Union Sportive Arlequins Perpignan ( French ) or Unió Esportiva Arlequins de Perpinyà ( catal. ), Mostly abbreviated to USA Perpignan or USAP, is a rugby union club from the French city ​​of Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales department . He is represented in the second top division Pro D2 and plays his home games in the Stade Aimé-Giral .

The club colors are red and yellow, corresponding to the Catalan flag . In northern French Catalonia , the USAP is a symbol of Catalan identity. The club's motto is in Catalan and is "Semper Endavant" (always forward). From the mid-1990s, L'Estaca by the Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach became the club's unofficial anthem. The USAP partnered with FC Barcelona in 2004, which also has a rugby division.

The United States also had a football division , which even competed in professional Division 2 for two seasons immediately after World War II .


The club was founded in 1902 under the name Association sportive perpignanaise (ASP) and played in the Catalan national colors from the start. In 1909 he absorbed the Perpignan sportif club that had been founded a few years earlier . In 1911, the ASP made it to the top division, but the following year some members split off and founded the Stade olympique perpignanais (SOP), which remained in the second division. However, this did not prevent ASP from winning the first championship title in 1914; in the final Stadoceste Tarbais was defeated.

During the First World War , gaming operations largely ceased. In 1919, ASP and SOP reunited and formed the Union sportive perpignanaise (USP). In 1921 the USP won the French championship for the second time, after beating Stade Toulousain in the final . Three years later, both teams met again in the all-important game, but the USP lost. In 1925 Perpignan was able to celebrate his third championship title, this time against US Carcassonne . The championship final in 1926, however, was lost to Stade Toulousain.

Fans of USA Perpignan in the Catalan national colors

In May 1933, the USP merged with the Arlequins association, which had only been founded a few years earlier. This gave rise to the name Union Sportive Arlequins Perpignan, which still exists today. The USAP was defeated by the Basque club Biarritz Olympique in the championship final in 1935 , but won the Challenge Yves du Manoir . In this prestigious tournament there were three defeats in the final between 1936 and 1938. In 1938 Perpignan won the fourth league title; however, the inferior in the final Biarritz Olympique retaliated and kept the better end to itself in the final of the championship in 1939.

In 1944, the USAP advanced again to the championship final and was able to defeat Aviron Bayonnais . In 1952 the USAP lost to Lourdes FC and finished second in the championship. In 1955 both teams met again in the final; Perpignan won the sixth championship title. Perpignan only reached a final 22 years later, but was subject to AS Béziers .

After winning the Challenge for the third time in 1994, another defeat in the championship final followed in 1998, this time against the Stade Français club , which had only just been promoted. This was the first time that the final had taken place at the Stade de France . In the Heineken Cup , the team showed consistently good performances from 1998 and even reached the final in Dublin in 2003 , which they lost to Stade Toulouseain. Another defeat in the final, in the championship, came in 2004 against Stade Français. In 2009 Perpignan won the championship for the seventh time after 54 years, the following year there was another defeat in the final.

In 2014, the USA Perpignan rose after 103 years of membership in the first division in the Pro D2 . In the 2017/18 season they managed to climb back into the top 14, but after only one season they were relegated to the second division.


  • Master: 1914, 1921, 1925, 1938, 1944, 1955, 2009
  • Championship finalists: 1924, 1926, 1935, 1939, 1952, 1977, 1998, 2004, 2010
  • Finalist Heineken Cup : 2003
  • Winner Challenge Yves du Manoir : 1935, 1955, 1994
  • Finalist Challenge Yves du Manoir: 1936, 1937, 1938, 1956, 1965

USA Perpignan finals


date master 2nd finalist Result place spectator
May 3, 1914 USA Perpignan Stadoceste Tarbais 8: 7 Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse 15,000
April 27, 1921 USA Perpignan Stade Toulousain 5-0 Parc des Sports de Sauclières, Béziers 20,000
April 27, 1924 Stade Toulousain USA Perpignan 3-0 Parc Lescure , Bordeaux 20,000
May 3, 1925 USA Perpignan US Carcassonne 5-0 Maraussan, Narbonne 20,000
May 2, 1926 Stade Toulousain USA Perpignan 11: 0 Parc Lescure, Bordeaux 25,000
May 12, 1935 Biarritz Olympique USA Perpignan 3-0 Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse 23,000
May 8, 1938 USA Perpignan Biarritz Olympique 11: 6 Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse 24,600
April 30, 1939 Biarritz Olympique USA Perpignan 6: 0 a.d. Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse 23,000
March 26, 1944 USA Perpignan Aviron Bayonnais 20: 5 Parc des Princes , Paris 35,000
May 4th 1952 Lourdes FC USA Perpignan 20:11 Municipal Stadium , Toulouse 32,500
June 22, 1955 USA Perpignan Lourdes FC 11: 6 Parc Lescure, Bordeaux 39,764
May 29, 1977 AS Béziers USA Perpignan 12: 4 Parc des Princes, Paris 41,821
May 16, 1998 Stade Français Paris USA Perpignan 34: 7 Stade de France , Saint-Denis 78,000
June 26, 2004 Stade Français Paris USA Perpignan 38:20 Stade de France, Saint-Denis 79,722
June 6, 2009 USA Perpignan ASM Clermont Auvergne 22:13 Stade de France, Saint-Denis 79.205
May 29, 2010 ASM Clermont Auvergne USA Perpignan 19: 6 Stade de France, Saint-Denis 79,869

Heineken Cup

date winner 2nd finalist Result place spectator
May 24, 2003 Stade Toulousain USA Perpignan 22:17 Lansdowne Road , Dublin 28,600


Current squad

The squad for the 2013/2014 season:

Front side (forwards)



Second row striker


Number eight


Back line (backs)

Half of the crowd

Connection half

Inner three quarters

Outer three-quarters


Well-known former players

Football department

During the 1940s Perpignan's footballers had professional status and entered one season ( 1942/43 ) in the southern group of the first division, which today is not considered the official championship . In the same season , the USA was also in the national cup - which was initially played in three zones during the war and German occupation of parts of France - in the partial competition of the unoccupied zone after victories over Toulouse FC , AS Saint-Étienne and ESA Brive to the final ; only then did they lose 3-0 to Olympique Marseille . After the liberation of the country, "the Catalans" were still represented for two seasons in the second division from 1945 and had also reached the main round in the cup competition three more times from 1944 to 1947. From the early 1950s, however, local rivals FC Perpignan dominated football in the city.

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