Tilburg University

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Tilburg University
motto Understanding Society
founding 1927
Sponsorship state
place Tilburg
country NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands
President of the Executive Board KM (Koen) Becking
Students 14,269 (2018)
Employee 1,695 (2018)
Annual budget € 193 million
Networks FIUC , IAU
Website www.tilburguniversity.edu

The University of Tilburg ( English Tilburg University (TiU)) is a university in the Netherlands with headquarters in the city of Tilburg . Today it has over 14,000 students, including 1,736 international students from 100 nations, as well as 1,586 employees and has a budget of 207 million euros . The focus of teaching and research is on the social sciences (especially economics ) and law .


In 1927 the Roman Catholic Business College was founded, which was dedicated exclusively to corporate management. In 1938 it was renamed the Catholic Business School , and when new faculties were created in 1963, the Catholic University of Tilburg . From 1986 it was called the Catholic University of Brabant . On September 1, 2002, the name was changed to the current name.


Economics and Business Administration (1927) is the oldest and largest faculty. The other four faculties - Law (1963), Social and Behavioral Studies (1963), Humanities (2007), and Theology and Religious Studies (1967) - are more recent. In addition, the University of Tilburg has a collaboration with the Technical University of Eindhoven , as well as a number of research centers and other universities.

International orientation and teaching in English

Tilburg University is increasingly internationally oriented and actively recruits international students and academic staff. Approximately 8% of the students are currently from abroad (as of 2010). Numerous English-language courses are offered, including 32 Master's courses and the following Bachelor courses :

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Tilburg University

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