University of Amsterdam

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Universiteit van Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
founding 1632 ( Athenaeum Illustre )
place Amsterdam , Netherlands
Rector Karen Maex
Students 32,739 (2010)
Employee 3,966 (2008)
Annual budget approx. 600 million euros
Networks LERU

The Universiteit van Amsterdam (German: University of Amsterdam ), UvA for short , is a non-denominational university in Amsterdam . The Universiteit van Amsterdam is one of two research universities in Amsterdam alongside the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


In 2009 it had more than 32,000 students and almost 4,000 employees with a budget of almost 600 million euros . It is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands and is also larger than the Free University of Amsterdam with a capacity for around 16,000 students.

The Athenaeum Illustre , which was founded in 1632, is considered the university's predecessor . The school was officially recognized as a higher education institution in 1815 and renamed Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) in 1877. Until 1961 the mayor of Amsterdam was the rector of the university and the professors were appointed by the city council. The UvA has been financed and managed by the Dutch state since 2016.

International reputation

In 2009, the international Times Ranking put the university in 49th place among all existing universities worldwide. This is the best Dutch position in this university ranking . The UvA performed particularly well in the areas of social sciences ( 32nd place worldwide) and art and human sciences (31st place worldwide).

Results of the Times Ranking in recent years:

year rank
2004 98
2005 58
2006 69
2007 48
2008 53
2009 49

In the well-known Shanghai Ranking 2010, the university scores particularly well in the field of economics . It shares rank 51 worldwide with renowned universities such as the London Business School and the University of Zurich .

In the QS Top Business Schools 2010 ranking, the Amsterdam Business School, which belongs to the university, is 42nd in Europe.

In the recognized Tilburg University Top 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking (2005–2009), the university ranks 28th worldwide.

In the global QS World University Rankings 2010 , the university was ranked 56th worldwide. This represents the best placement of a Dutch university in this ranking.

In the worldwide QS World University Rankings by Subject 2011 ranking (by subject), the university was ranked the highest of all Dutch universities in the subjects of linguistics (22nd worldwide), sociology (33rd), philosophy (37th), and geography (40th). ) and computer science (47th). The UvA also achieved top 50 placements in the areas of Economics & Econometrics (44th, second-best Dutch ranking), and Accounting & Finance (45th, second-best Dutch ranking).

Furthermore, the university belongs to the group of the strongest research universities in Europe ( League of European Research Universities ).

In 2011, the UvA participated for the first time in the Canal Parade of the Amsterdam Gay Pride with the theme A Very Gay Education .

In cooperation with the University Library of the UvA, the Persmuseum (Dutch press museum), the NIOD , the ISSG , and the Katholiek Documentatiecentrum ("Catholic Documentation Center", KDC), a collection of journals from the period from 1896 to 1949 with a total of 15,238 pages was put together .


  1. Humanities
  2. law Sciences
  3. medicine
  4. Dentistry
  5. Natural sciences , mathematics and computer science
  6. Economics
  7. Social sciences

Nobel Prize Winner

  • 1901 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • 1902 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • 1910 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • 1911 Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1929 Nobel Prize in Medicine
  • 1953 Nobel Prize in Physics

Well-known students and lecturers

Sculpture above the entrance to the university library. ΨΥΧΗΣ ΙΑΤΡΕΙΟΝ ( Psychēs iatreion , "Hospital for the Soul")
Another sculpture at the university library with symbolic representations of the faculties (philosophy, law, medicine, mathematics, theology, natural sciences)

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