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West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
motto University for Mobility
founding 1897
Sponsorship state
place DEU Zwickau COA.svg Zwickau
state SaxonySaxony Saxony
country GermanyGermany Germany
Rector Stephan Kassel
Students 3.800 WS 2019/2020
Networks DFH
Website www.fh-zwickau.de
Georgius Agricola Building on Dr. Friedrichs Ring

The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences ( WHZ - University of Applied Sciences Zwickau ) is a university of applied sciences in Zwickau . This also includes the university facilities in the south-west Saxon locations of Markneukirchen , Reichenbach in Vogtland and Schneeberg . At the university, in addition to bachelor and master degrees , the degree of Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) can still be obtained. Degree courses are offered in the fields of technology, economics, health, languages ​​and applied arts.



The Latin school was already shown in the drawing by Matthäus Merian (around 1650).
Auditorium and inner courtyard of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau. Area once part of the Grünhain monastery , the buildings then served as a city school, grammar school and Zwickau council school library.

As the economic, cultural, scientific and political center of Western Saxony, Zwickau has a long tradition of higher education. In 1290 a Latin school was founded in the city . As early as the end of the Middle Ages, Zwickau was known in Germany as a place of humanistic education; Greek, Hebrew and Latin were taught at the Zwickau Ratsschule. In the 16th century, higher education was significantly influenced by the naturalist and humanist Georgius Agricola . Agricola was the rector and teacher of the Greek and Latin School in Zwickau from 1519 to 1522. Parts of the university are still located on the site of the former Latin school. Zwickau is one of the cities with the oldest tradition of higher education in Saxony. These traditions of humanistic education are continued in Zwickau by the West Saxon University.

Mining Engineering School Zwickau

At the beginning of the 19th century, as a result of industrial hard coal mining and processing, there was a brisk demand for technically trained workers in southwest Saxony . In the wake of the expansion of hard coal mining, the Zwickau region had developed into an important location for mechanical engineering in Saxony. As a result, a high level of knowledge and skills in the technical and scientific disciplines from the region came together here. For the stormy industrial development, it was no longer sufficient to pass on specialist knowledge in the master rooms of the companies. The emerging industry and economy pushed for educational institutions that could meet the growing need for engineers and technicians . In 1828 a “Sunday school for tradespeople” was opened. A first mountain school, founded in 1850 by the Markscheider Engelhard in Bockwa , did not last long. But as early as 1862, the Zwickau mountain school began providing technical training for the coal mining industry. After the Second World War, the Zwickau mining school was elevated to the rank of mining engineering school in 1949.

Engineering School Zwickau

Former main building of the Zwickau engineering college in 1992. Today the location of the Zwickau tax office

In 1897 the engineers Paul Kirchhoff and Leander Hummel founded the “Ingenieurschule Zwickau” (later the “Engineering School for Motor Vehicle Technology”) with the help of the municipality. In the presence of the Saxon King Albert of Saxony , the purpose and goals of the facility were formulated:

"It (the engineering school Zwickau) is a higher technical college for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and related subjects: Your task is to provide all branches of industry with the best trained, independently working production engineers, designers and technical staff."

- Paul Kirchhoff, director, address on April 26, 1897 at the inauguration ceremony of the private engineering school in Zwickau

Technical University of Zwickau

In 1965 the "Bergingenieurschule Zwickau" merged with the "Engineering School for Motor Vehicle Technology" to form the " Engineering School for Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Zwickau". After the 3rd GDR university reform, the engineering school received the right to award doctorates , which was associated with the name change to "Zwickau Engineering University". Finally, in 1989, with the incorporation of the technical college for economics in Plauen and the engineering school for plant construction in Glauchau, the "engineering college Zwickau" was raised to the rank of technical college (TH Zwickau).

Zwickau University of Education

The pedagogical college "Ernst Schneller" Zwickau , whose origins go back to the teachers' seminar founded in 1912 in Zwickau, was founded in 1959 as a pedagogical institute in association with Karl-Marx-Stadt , the focus was on German, music, physical education and civics . The elevation to the pedagogical university with the right to award doctorates took place in 1973. After the nickname was dropped in 1990, the affiliation to the TU Chemnitz took place in 1992 . The buildings now belong to the Scheffelstrasse campus of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau.

Technical school for applied arts Schneeberg

Applied Arts Department in Schneeberg

The technical school for applied arts in Schneeberg, specializing in arts and crafts , was incorporated into the applied arts faculty .

West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau


In 1990 a joint large senate was formed for the Technical University of Zwickau and the University of Education. The claim of the Senate was to unite the two universities into a "small and fine university". There was no political will in Dresden to implement this desire. Ultimately, both the Technical University of Zwickau and the University of Education were wound up. The Technical University of Zwickau was closed in 1992 and downgraded to the University of Technology and Economics Zwickau ( FH ) . Since then, Zwickau has lost its universities with the right to award doctorates. With the integration of the Reichenbach university location into the scientific community in 1994, the university gained increasing importance for the entire area of ​​West Saxony. This development was taken into account in 1996 with the renaming of the HTW Zwickau to "Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ)". In 1998, 120 years of applied arts in Schneeberg and 150 years of textile technology studies in Reichenbach were celebrated in the associated university locations. Around 160 professors are currently responsible for around 3800 students in more than 50 courses in teaching and applied research.


The inner city campus of the WHZ at the Zwickauer Kornmarkt.

The main location of the university is the city of Zwickau. The Institute for Textile and Leather Technology is located in Reichenbach in the Vogtland region, while the Applied Arts Faculty is based in Schneeberg. This faculty also includes the branch in Markneukirchen, where the musical instrument making course is taught. The university has two locations in Zwickau: the inner city campus on Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring and the Scheffelstrasse campus in Zwickau- Eckersbach .

The headquarters of the university is in the immediate vicinity of the regional court at Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring 2a in the city center. From here, the new university library , the dormitory and the laboratory and faculty buildings on Äußere Schneeberger Straße, Peter-Breuer-Straße and Kornmarkt are within easy walking distance. The faculties of automotive and mechanical engineering , electrical engineering , physical engineering / computer science and various institutes are based on the inner city campus .

Campus Scheffelstraße with the August-Horch-Bau and the laboratory hall for utility and environmental technology.
The lecture hall center on the Scheffelstrasse campus.
The inner city campus with the striking solar system on Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring.
The teaching building of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau on the Scheffelstraße campus.

On the Scheffelstraße campus, on which the Zwickau University of Education was previously located, the faculties of automotive engineering, health and nursing science, economics , applied languages ​​and intercultural communication and the associated institutes have a spacious area.

The building of the engineering school in Lessingstrasse in Zwickau, erected in 1897, was the main building of the university until 2004. Since there were no expansion options at this point, the building could no longer be used by the university. Parts of the departments formerly located here have been accommodated on the Scheffelstrasse campus. In 2008 the Forum mobile was inaugurated on the Scheffelstrasse campus . The ancestors of the Zwickau automotive industry, including the Trabant car, have been put together for an exhibition here.

The Zwickau tax office has been housed in the former main building of the university in Lessingstrasse since 2010 . The lettering above the entrance portal and a stele in the outside area remind of the more than hundred years of use of the house for the training of engineers in Zwickau.


There are currently more than 50 courses in the three core areas of technology, economics and quality of life. The area of ​​quality of life combines subjects in the linguistic, health science and artistic fields.

In the technical area, the focus of training is still closely linked to the subject of automobiles . So the courses deal at the Zwickau University automotive technology , automotive electronics , automobile production and transport system technology with different areas of the automotive traffic. In addition to classic engineering courses such as mechanical engineering , electrical engineering and physical technology , the university also offers courses in digitization such as computer science , data science and digital health .

Most of the students at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau are enrolled in the Faculty of Business and Economics , which offers the undergraduate courses in business administration , management and industrial engineering as well as numerous master's and part-time courses .

In addition to the classic training profiles in the technical and economic fields, numerous courses of study have been established at the Zwickau University in recent years that cover the subject of health with the areas of health management , nursing management and biomedical technology as well as languages, culture and project management.

The applied arts faculty in Schneeberg , which belongs to the WHZ, trains designers for handicrafts and design in the courses of study of product design / wood design , fashion design , textile design / textile art and musical instrument making. The laboratories for the Textile Structures and Technologies course of the Institute for Textile and Leather Technology (ITL) are located in the Reichenbach university section in Vogtland . With the courses of study functional textiles and textile and leather-based automotive components he meets the demands of a modern textile industry .

The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau maintains relationships with more than 100 universities and colleges within and outside of Europe. Contacts are maintained through the exchange of teachers and students in the context of teaching, study and research projects. The university offers students and graduates the opportunity to complete study sections abroad, which can be completed with international degrees such as Bachelor , Master , double diploma or a euro certificate.


In the EMC laboratory of the WHZ, motor vehicles are examined for electromagnetic compatibility

In 2018, the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau acquired projects worth 11.3 million euros. It earned a large part of its research income from research contracts from regional and national industries. The main customers include all German automobile manufacturers and supraregional suppliers as well as a large number of companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector. In order to ensure a comprehensive overview of current research projects, the university operates a freely accessible research information system.

On the basis of its research activities, the West Saxon University of Zwickau has five research profiles:

  • Vehicle and production
  • Energy and infrastructure
  • Cyber ​​physical systems and digitization
  • Health and Medical Technology
  • Sustainability and Neo-Ecology

The research activities of the WHZ are carried out in the following institutes and research centers:


  • ITL - Institute for Textile and Leather Technology
  • IfP - Institute for Production Technology
  • ICT - Institute for Automotive Technology
  • IEV - Institute for Energy and Transport
  • LIAN - Leupold Institute for Applied Natural Sciences
  • IfB - Institute for Business Administration
  • IMI - Institute for Management and Information

Affiliated institutes

  • FTZ - Research and Transfer Center e. V.
  • AZOM - Fraunhofer User Center for Optical Metrology and Surface Technologies

Research centers

  • ZKE - Center for Automotive Electronics
  • ICZ - Imaging Center Zwickau
  • Ubineum


The West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau is divided into eight faculties.

Applied languages ​​and intercultural communication

The faculty offers the Languages ​​and Business Administration course with the target languages ​​Chinese, French and Spanish / Portuguese. In addition to everyday language, technical language is also taught at a high level. English is the compulsory second language for all students on the course. The international orientation is underlined by a year abroad anchored in the curriculum. The Faculty also includes the Sign Language Interpreting course.
Degree programs: Languages ​​and Business Administration, Sign Language Interpreting, Languages ​​and Business Administration German-Chinese, Regional and European Project Development

Applied arts Schneeberg

In the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg, both scientific-theoretical and artistic-creative basics are taught. The broad-based design course offers courses that lead to a high level of design and technical qualification. In the musical instrument making course with the fields of plucking and string instrument making, knowledge and skills are imparted that enable the design and construction of high-quality, artistically designed musical instruments.
Degree courses: design (fashion design, wood design, textile design), musical instrument making, acoustics and technology of musical instrument making

Automotive and mechanical engineering

The Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering is one of the strongest research faculties at the West Saxon University of Zwickau. The courses are closely linked to the development and production of motor vehicles. The Faculty also includes the Institute for Textile and Leather Technology, which offers courses in the field of textile technology. Results from our own research and development work flow into the teaching, and additional interdisciplinary knowledge is imparted.
Degree programs: automotive production, mechanical engineering, industrial management & engineering, textile technologies and structures, production optimization, mechatronics

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers have been trained in Zwickau since the engineering school was founded in 1897. Today's faculty meets the growing demand from industry and research institutions for graduates with extensive and application-ready specialist knowledge. The practical relevance is established through a high proportion of laboratory and industrial internships and a close interweaving of training and applied research.
Degree programs: Electrical engineering, information and communication technology, automotive electronics, electrical and electronic systems, intelligent building infrastructures

Health and Nursing Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Nursing Sciences provides academic training in the social and health sciences. The faculty's courses of study are characterized by imparting theoretical and methodological knowledge as well as a high level of social skills.
Degree programs: Health Management, Nursing Management, Health Sciences, Applied Health Sciences

Automotive engineering

The Faculty of Automotive Technology sees itself as a center for training young engineers in the automotive industry and as a partner in research and development. At one of the most traditional locations in the German automotive industry, the faculty offers a wide range of courses related to motor vehicles.
Degree programs: automotive engineering, traffic systems engineering, building, energy and air conditioning engineering, automotive engineering, road traffic engineering

Physical engineering / computer science

The Faculty of Physical Technology / Computer Science offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the fields of applied natural sciences and computer science. The study programs are strongly practice-oriented and work with a large number of laboratory internships.
Degree programs: physical technology, computer science, biomedical technology, digital health, environmental technology and renewable energies, nanotechnology, medical and health technology, environmental technology and recycling, data science


With its numerous courses of study, institutes and specialist groups, the Faculty of Business and Economics is the largest faculty of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau. The faculty has long-term contacts with universities and colleges abroad and works successfully in the Socrates and Erasmus programs .
Degree programs: Business Administration, Business in a Digital World, Industrial Engineering, International Business, Financial Accounting Controlling & Taxation, Logistics, Management, Business Information Systems

Central facilities

The library of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau at the Zwickau Kornmarkt
University library on Kornmarkt, view of the inner courtyard

Formula Student

The Formula Student is an international student design competition in which the best overall package of technology, costs, marketing and speed wins. From 2007 to 2010, the WHZ racing team took part in this competition with internal combustion engine racing cars. The competitions start every year with a new project, for which the business plan, construction, design, driving dynamics tests and race placement are evaluated. The team performed successfully nationally and internationally.

Under the motto “Innovation meets Tradition”, the WHZ racing team has participated in the international racing series for the second time since 2011 with an electrically powered racing car. With a total of 477 teams participating worldwide, the Zwickauers took third place in the world rankings (as of August 2014). They were the world's best technical college and the best German electrical team.

Family-friendly university

The aim of the university is that family and work or studies are compatible for employees or students. For this commitment, the WHZ has been a family -friendly university since 2008 , when it successfully defended the “audit berufundfamilie” and “family-friendly university”. In 2011 the university was awarded the certificate again by the “berufundfamilie” foundation.

Other facilities

  • University Association Mentor e. V.
  • Association for the promotion of the faculty of automotive and mechanical engineering at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau
  • Informatik Förder- und Gradenverein e. V. (IFABS)
  • College choir
  • Applied Art Gallery Schneeberg in Lichtenwalde Castle

Distance learning / part-time study

  • Postgraduate course in environmental technology and recycling (diploma)
  • Postgraduate course in industrial engineering (diploma)
  • International Business (MBA)
  • Postgraduate course in business informatics (diploma)
  • Business Administration (BA)
  • Production optimization (M.Eng.)
  • Applied Health Sciences (M.Sc.)

Student Organizations

  • Student council
  • Student clubs : 013 e. V., Tivoli e. V., Collage e. V.
  • MAXX! Consulting eV "Student Association for Research and Consulting at the West Saxon University of Zwickau"
  • WHZ Racing Team - Formula Student Team
  • Academic Exchange Association Zwickau eV


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  • Applied Art Schneeberg, Department of the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (FH) (Ed.): Applied Art Schneeberg 1878–1998. On the history and performance of a school for design . Pöge, Leipzig 1998.

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