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Coat of arms of Calfreisen
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : canton of Grisonscanton of Grisons Graubünden (GR)
Region : Plessure
Political community : Arosai2
Postal code : 7027
former BFS no. : 3922
Coordinates : 764 093  /  189900 coordinates: 46 ° 50 '24 "  N , 9 ° 35' 24"  O ; CH1903:  seven hundred sixty-four thousand and ninety-three  /  189900
Height : 1249  m above sea level M.
Area : 5.13  km²
Residents: 66 (December 31, 2012)
Population density : 13 inhabitants per km²


Calfreisen (Switzerland)
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Parish before the merger on December 31, 2012

Calfreisen ( Rhaeto-Romanic Chiaunreis ? / I ) was a political municipality in the former Schanfigg district in the Plessur district of the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland until December 31, 2012 . Audio file / audio sample

On January 1, 2013, it merged with the municipalities of Castiel , Langwies , Lüen , Molinis , Peist and St. Peter-Pagig to form the municipality of Arosa .

coat of arms

Blazon : In gold (yellow) one of blue and silver (white) geschachter oblique beams .

The coat of arms refers to the Unterwegen family , former owners of Calfreisen Castle, today's Bernegg ruins.


Calfreisen is located in Schanfigg , five kilometers (as the crow flies) east of Chur . The rural village extends on a slope on the rugged northern side of the valley, a good 500 m above the Plessur and 130 m above the Schanfiggerstrasse . The former municipal area comprises a narrow strip between the deeply cut gorges of Calfreiser Tobel in the west and Castieler Tobel in the east; it extends from the course of the river up to the Hochwangkette , which forms the northern border of the territory from the Montalin ( 2266  m ) over the Ful mountain (2395 m). On the ridge between Ful Berg and Hochwang, the highest point in the former municipality is reached at 2429 m.

Of the entire former municipal area of ​​517 hectares, 256 hectares are used for agricultural purposes (mostly alpine farms), 155 hectares of forest and wood, 97 hectares of unproductive area (mostly mountains) and 9 hectares of settlement area.

Calfreisen bordered on Castiel , Maladers , Tschiertschen-Praden and Trimmis .


The place mentioned in 1156 as Caureisene belonged in the three leagues to the Ausserschanfigg court of the ten-court league.


The former community has always been a small community and has always had fewer than a hundred residents. Between 1808 and 1850 the population grew strongly (1808-1850: +72%). It then fell for two decades, almost returning to its 1850 level in 1880. A strong wave of emigration followed between 1880 and 1941 (1880–1941: −60%). This was followed by ten years of growth and then a decade of stagnation. Between 1960 and 1980 there was a second wave of emigration. The population fell to a low of only 34 people. Since 1990 the number of inhabitants has hovered around the 50 mark.

Population development
year 1808 1850 1880 1941 1950 1980 2004
population 57 98 90 36 60 34 51


Until the 16th century, the residents of the community spoke Romansh . Since then, Calfreisen has belonged to the German-speaking area. The table below illustrates this:

Languages ​​in Calfreisen
languages 1980 census 1990 census 2000 census
number proportion of number proportion of number proportion of
German 32 94.12% 53 98.15% 42 93.33%
Romansh 2 5.88% 0 0.00% 3 6.67%
Residents 34 100% 54 100% 45 100%

In 1990 one person (= 1.85%) stated French as their main language.

Religions - denominations

Calfreisen is one of those former communities in the canton of Graubünden that accepted the new (evangelical-reformed) teaching. In 2000 there were 93% Evangelical Reformed and 2% Roman Catholic Christians. 5% of the residents did not provide any information about their creed.

Origin - nationality

Of the 51 residents at the end of 2004, 46 are Swiss citizens. At the last census, 89% were Swiss nationals. The few immigrants all came from Germany.


Last mayor was Jürg spokesman.


Agriculture still dominates in Calfreisen. There are no larger businesses, village shops or inns.


The former municipality is connected to the public transport network with the Calfreisen junction of the Chur – Peist post bus line . Individual courses go to the village by appointment.


The ruins of Bernegg Castle lie on a promontory on the southern outskirts .

Panorama picture, taken on May 23, 2008 above the village. On the southern edge of the village, the ruins of Bernegg Castle . Further into the valley the church of Castiel . On the opposite side of the valley the Arosa Mountains and on the mountain flanks of the Gürgaletsch the villages Tschiertschen and Praden .


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