Endless Love (2014)

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German title Endless love
Original title Endless love
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Shana festivals
script Shana Feste,
Joshua Safran
production Scott Stuber ,
Pamela Abdy ,
Josh Schwartz ,
Stephanie Savage
music Christophe Beck
camera Andrew Dunn
cut Maryann Brandon

Endless Love is an American film drama by Shana Feste from the year 2014 . The film is a remake of Endless Love (1981). The script was written by Shana Fest and Joshua Safran based on the novel of the same name by Scott Spencer . Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde played the main roles in the remake . The film opened in US cinemas on February 14, 2014. The German theatrical release was March 27, 2014.


Young but shy Jade Butterfield is graduating from high school. Jade comes from a good family, but since the death of her brother Chris she has withdrawn and therefore has no friends. Nevertheless, she is watched from a distance by David Elliot, who has been in love with her for years but never had the courage to speak to her. Jade is graduating with her parents, Hugh and Anne, and brother Keith in a luxury restaurant. David and his buddy Mace also work there. Jade then asks David to write in her yearbook while Mace tries to persuade him to make up with his ex-girlfriend, Jenny, who cheated on him. Jade asks her parents if she can throw a graduation party. Her father is skeptical at first, but then gives in. She also asks David if he wants to come. He agrees. He also persuades Jade to take a jaunt in the car of a snobbish guest. After the tour there is an argument between David and the guest, whereupon David and Mace are fired.

On the day of her party, Jade realizes that her father has only invited his friends, who are all middle-aged. When David arrives, he says that everyone is at Jenny's graduation party. But he ensures that all party guests come to Jade after calling the police about an alleged noise complaint. The party was a huge success and Jade made new friends. Jade and David get closer and - to finally be alone - sneak into a closet where they want to kiss for the first time. But Hugh thwarted his plans when he gave a speech and wanted his daughter by his side. When this comes out of the closet, everyone is stunned. Hugh, who doesn't trust the many youngsters, ends the party and politely tells everyone to leave. David apologizes to Hugh for the first bad impression and makes it clear to him that he has fallen in love with Jade. She secretly overhears and runs after David to give him a passionate kiss, which marks the beginning of their romance.

David, who also works in his father's workshop on the side, tries to fix Chris' old car after Jade has told him that Hugh believes the car has sentimental value. In return, Anne invites David to dinner, at which Hugh David reveals that Jade will soon be leaving town for an internship. He also asks David about his future plans. David says that he has no plans to go to college even though he passed his exams very well. He is looking for true love. While Anne is impressed with his words, Hugh is dissatisfied with the answer as he finds David's goal unrealistic. As David leaves the property, Jade throws him a paper airplane from her balcony and asks him to come back inside when the lights are out. David later sneaks into the house where Jade is already waiting for him. The two get closer physically and eventually have sex with each other.

David and Jade are having a wonderful month together, much to Hugh's displeasure as Jade has canceled several meetings with him. The day before she leaves, Jade decides not to do the internship in order to spend more time with David. When Hugh finds out, he is furious and blames David. He decides to spend the holidays at the lake house with his wife Anne, his son Keith and his girlfriend Sabine and Jade. Jade is not happy about this because her father did not invite David, which she finally makes up for. At first Hugh is not happy about it, until his wife confesses to him that she is glad that Jade has been happy again since the death of Chris. Hugh apologizes to David. In the meantime, he decides that he wants to go to college and Anne offers him to write a letter of recommendation that increases his chances of admission. In the evening, Jade, David, Anne, Keith and Sabine put on a fireworks display. When David is about to fetch supplies, he sees Hugh cheating on his wife with another woman. The next morning, Hugh takes David on his boat and intimidates him so that David won't say anything about the affair if he doesn't want to get into trouble.

One day David, Jade, Keith, Sabine, Mace, and Jenny break into a zoo for fun. When the police show up, David draws attention to himself in order to save the others, and he is arrested in the process. Jade asks her parents to get David out of prison, but her father has meanwhile requested David's criminal record. Jade is disappointed in her father, but makes a deal that she does the internship and David is released for it. When Hugh frees David, he demands that David end the romance. When he provokes David with his father and his previous convictions, he strikes. Hugh returns home with a bloody face and explains to his wife and daughter that David is out of control. Desperate for an explanation, Jade confronts David with her knowledge. She accuses him of being a coward and unwilling to fight for their relationship. Jade gets in her car and drives away. David decides to run after her and sees Jade having a car accident. At the hospital, Hugh takes David's father aside, gives him an injunction, and demands that David stay away from Jade. After Jade wakes up and is only slightly injured, she wants to see David. She wants to visit him at home, but his father does not allow this because of the injunction because he does not want his son to end up in prison.

Months later: Jade is at Brown while David stayed in town. Both try to start a new life, but fail and are unhappy. One day David meets Anne in a bookstore. Anne helps him intercept Jade at the airport when she realizes that David is still in love with her daughter. She also confronts Hugh after learning that he deliberately sabotaged David and denied him a chance at college. In the meantime, David and Jade have found each other again and decide to flee together. On arrival at home, Hugh and Keith have an argument after Keith has heard music in Chris' room. Keith and his girlfriend leave the property and Anne decides to go with them too, since she has had enough of Hugh. Jade has had enough too and tells her father that she wants to live her life the way she wants it and wants to be with David. When Hugh realizes that Jade and David want to run away, he attacks him with a baseball bat. His daughter just manages to stop him. Hugh withdraws and realizes that he has lost everything. When he sees that Chris Zimmer is on fire, he tries everything to save the memories. When Jade and David want to leave the property, they see that the house is on fire. David rushes to his aid, but loses consciousness in the process. Hugh sees him and saves him, letting go of Chris' things. The two reconciled.

A little later, Hugh and Anne split up. Hugh brings his daughter Jade to the airport, who wants to start a new life with David. The two fly to Keith and Sabine, who are secretly getting married in California . The film ends when the four of them are sitting on the beach and each of them is sure that their first love is worth fighting for.


In August 2012, Universal Studios announced that they are working on a remake of the 1981 film drama Endless Love (original title: Endless Love ). Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were hired as producers . The film was produced by the Bluegrass Films and Fake Empire Productions studios. Universal Pictures distributed the film worldwide. Brenton Thwaites , Sarah Bolger and Olivia Cooke auditioned for the leading roles . In March 2013, the main roles were finally cast with Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde . Bruce Greenwood , Robert Patrick and Joely Richardson were able to secure other leading roles .

Filming took place primarily in Georgia between May and July 2013 . The cities of Fayette County and Butts County served as the backdrop . It was also shot at Lake Jackson and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


The German dubbing is done at the dubbing company FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Berlin based on a dialogue book by Nana Spier , who also directed the dialogue .

role actor German speakers
David Elliot Alex Pettyfer Patrick Roche
Jade Butterfield Gabriella Wilde Kristina Tietz
Hugh Butterfield Bruce Greenwood Frank Röth
Anne Butterfield Joely Richardson Christin Marquitan
Keith Butterfield Rhys Wakefield Roman Wolko
Charlie Joey Nappo Benjamin Stöwe



“Basically, Pettyfer seems too grown up for this role, but compensates for it with charm, while Wilde effortlessly masters the profile requirement of a sweet angel given by the script. This attractive couple is the main bait for the young target audience, which, apart from conflict with the dominant father, is confronted with little irritation in the plea for the priority of love. For this purpose, what genre-experienced producers like Josh Schwartz ('Gossip Girl') seem romantically indispensable. From shy fireplace sex, through passionate confessions and acts of sacrifice, to an abundance of sensitive songs that preserve the dream-time experience for the teens beyond the cinema. "

"Endless Love is less faithful to the original than the Brooke Shields version, but it's a far better movie."

“The film offers beauty personified by Pettyfer and Wilde as they pose in various variations of undressing, representing that as a substitute for actors. No-go. "


With a production cost of $ 20 million, the film grossed about $ 32.75 million by April 17, 2014.


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