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The Ensemble Modern (EM) is an international soloist ensemble that interprets and promotes works of contemporary music.


The Ensemble Modern was founded in 1980 when a group of students from the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie got together to realize the ideal of their own - and globally unique - way of working and organizing: The ensemble does not have an artistic director, instead all projects, co-productions and Financial matters decided, supported and implemented together on a grassroots basis. The ensemble currently unites 18 soloists of various origins: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, the USA and Switzerland form the cultural background of the formation.

The Ensemble Modern has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 1985, where it has also had a subscription series in the Alte Oper Frankfurt since 1985 , regularly realizes opera productions in cooperation with the Frankfurt Opera and, since 1993, has performed workshop concerts under the title Happy New Ears in which a Forum for central works of contemporary music is offered. The programmatic range of the ensemble includes music theater, chamber music and orchestral music as well as dance and video projects. Over the years intensive and extraordinary collaborations have developed a. with John Adams , George Benjamin , Péter Eötvös , Heiner Goebbels , Friedrich Goldmann , Hans Werner Henze , Mauricio Kagel , György Kurtág , Helmut Lachenmann , György Ligeti , Benedict Mason , Karlheinz Stockhausen , Steve Reich , Frank Zappa and Hans Zender .

The Ensemble Modern gives around 100 concerts per year and develops an average of 70 new works, around 20 of which are world premieres. The previous tours have taken the ensemble to Africa, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, South America, Taiwan, Russia and the USA. It is also regularly represented at renowned festivals, including a. the Salzburg Festival , the Klangspuren Schwaz , the Berlin Festival , the Lucerne Festival , the Festival d'Automne à Paris or the Festival Ars Musica in Brussels .

In 2003 the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) was founded with the aim of promoting young artists. This includes the awarding of scholarships, the implementation of master classes and advanced training programs for teachers, and the organization of symposia. The academy offers master classes, “composers studios” and courses for young people who make music .


Saar Berger (horn), Eva Böcker (violoncello), Jaan Bossier (clarinet), Paul Cannon (double bass), Uwe Dierksen (trombone), David Haller (drums), Christian Hommel (oboe), Megumi Kasakawa (viola), Michael M . Kasper (cello), Hermann Kretzschmar (piano), Jagdish Mistry (violin), Rumi Ogawa (drums), Norbert Ommer (sound direction), Giorgos Panagiotidis (violin), Rainer Römer (drums), Johannes Schwarz (bassoon), Sava Stoianov (Trumpet), Dietmar Wiesner (flute), Ueli Wiget (piano).

Discography (selection)

  • 1990: Wolfgang Rihm : "umsungen" / Peter Ruzicka : "... who smashed the chants" (Ars Musici 0825-2)
  • 1993: Heiner Goebbels : La Jalousie / Red Run / Herakles 2 / Liberation ( ECM Records 1483 4377997-2); Heinz Holliger : Scardanelli cycle (ECM Records 1472/73 437 441-2); Mauricio Kagel: Exotica (MusiKado AUL 66099); Conlon Nancarrow : Studies (RCA / BMG 09026 61180 2); Frank Zappa: The Yellow Shark (Barking Pumpkin Records 21160572)
  • 1994: Isang Yun : Mugung-Dong / Divide your night / Octet / Impression (Ars Musici AM 0855-2)
  • 1995: Hans Zender : Schubert's Winterreise (RCA / BMG 09026 68067 2)
  • 1996: Mark-Anthony Turnage : Blood on the Floor (DVD) ( Arthaus Musik 100 430)
  • 1997: John Cage : The Piano Concerts (mode 57)
  • 1998: Hanns Eisler : Roaring Eisler (RCA / BMG 74321 56882 2)
  • 1999: Charles Ives : Fourth Symphony (EM Media EMCD-001); Kurt Weill , Bertolt Brecht : The Threepenny Opera (RCA / BMG 74321 6464 2)
  • 2000: George Benjamin : Sudden Time / Three Inventions / Viola, Viola (Nimbus Records NI 5732); Fred Frith : Traffic continues (Winter & Winter 910 044-2)
  • 2001: Ludwig van Beethoven : Symphony No. 5 ( BMC Records BMC CD 063); Emmanuel Nunes : Quodlibet (Montaigne 782055)
  • 2002: Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial (ECM Records 1779 461 648-2); Helmut Lachenmann: Fluctuations at the edge (ECM Records 1798 461949-2); Steve Reich : City Life / New York Counterpoint / Eight Lines / Violin Phase (RCA / BMG 74321 66459 2)
  • 2003: Frank Zappa: Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions (RCA Records 82876 56061 2 RCA Red Seal)
  • 2006: Morton Feldman : For Samuel Beckett (HatHutRecords has [now] ART 142); György Kurtág: Complete Choral Works (Hänssler Klassik CD 93.174)
  • 2007: Helmut Lachenmann : NUN (EM Media EMCD-004); Helmut Lachenmann: Concertini / Kontrakadenz (EM Media EMSACD-001); Helmut Lachenmann, Richard Strauss : Conclusion / An Alpine Symphony (EM Media EMCD-003); Steve Reich: City Life (DVD) (WMG B000O17184)
  • 2008: Heiner Goebbels: Black on White (DVD) (WERGO NZ71); George Benjamin: Into the Little Hill (Nimbus Records NI5828); Portrait CDs by Michael M. Kasper, Hermann Kretzschmar and Johannes Schwarz (EM Media EMCD-006, EMCD-005, EMSACD-002)
  • 2009: Portrait CDs by Valentín Garvie, Sava Stoianov, Ueli Wiget (EM Media EMCD-009, EMCD-008, EMCD-007); Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto : utp_ (DVD) (Raster Noton r-n096)
  • 2010: Portrait CDs of Dietmar Wiesner (EM Media EMCD-011), Rainer Römer (EM Media EMCD-012), Jagdish Mistry (EM Media EMCD-013), Uwe Dierksen (EM Media EMCD-014 and EMSACD-004), Eva Böcker (EM Media EMSACD-003), Rafal Zambrzycki-Payne (EM Media EMCD-015)
  • 2011: Ensemble Modern - Ernest Bour (EM Media EMCD-017)
  • 2012: Arnulf Herrmann : Water - music theater in 13 scenes (EM Media EMCD-019)
  • 2013: Hans Zender : 33 changes over 33 changes (EM Media EMCD-020)
  • 2014: Friedrich Goldmann , Arnold Schönberg , Mathias Spahlinger , Anton Webern : Peng! Founding concert Ensemble Modern (EM Media EMCD-025)

Awards (selection)

  • 1985: Prize of the French Foreign Minister for the European Year of Music
  • 1987: Prize of Criticism, awarded by the Association of Composers and Musicologists of the GDR for excellent interpretive achievements at the XI. Music Biennale in Berlin
  • 1987: Schneider Schott Music Prize Mainz
  • 1989: Berlin Critics' Prize of the Association of German Critics in the music category, awarded by the Academy of Arts
  • 1992: Hessian Culture Prize 1992, awarded by the State of Hesse in the cultural mediation section to the Ensemble Modern for its interpretation of modern music
  • 1993: German Record Critics ' Award , quarterly list 4/1993 for: György Kurtág: Song Cycles (Peter Eötvös, conductor). The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences nominated Ensemble Modern and Ingo Metzmacher with the recording: A Portrait of Charles Ives as the best orchestral recording.
  • 1994: Art Prize Berlin - Jubilee Foundation 1848/1948. Music Prize, awarded by the Akademie der Künste, Berlin
  • 1996: Binding Culture Prize
  • 1997: Grammy Nominée (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) Nomination for Best Small Ensemble Performance for the CD John Adams: Shaker Loops / Phrygian Gates / Chamber Symphony (Sian Edwards, conductor);
    Echo : German Record Award, Ensemble Modern is Ensemble of the Year with the recording of Fighting the waves by George Antheil , conductor HK Gruber .
  • 1998: The Theater Critics' Prize of Barcelona 1998–1999 in the category of Best Foreign Language Production for Black and White by Heiner Goebbels.
  • 2000: Prize of the German Record Critics, Quarterly List 1/2000 for the CD Die Dreigroschenoper by Kurt Weill under the direction of HK Gruber in the opera category
  • 2004: ECHO Klassik . The Ensemble Modern receives the awards of the German Record Prize for the category Best Ensemble / Orchestra and Best Chamber Music Recording for the CD Ensemble Modern plays Frank Zappa's Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions .
  • 2006: Awarded the Beijing Music Festival Artist of the year
  • 2007: Germany - Land of Ideas , Selected Location 2007: Ensemble Modern
  • 2009: The International Ensemble Modern Academy receives the Lower Saxony Praetorius Music Prize in the Music Innovation Prize category .


  • Passion for new music. About diversity and freedom in the Ensemble Modern. Documentary, Germany, 2011 27:40 min Written and directed. Joachim Meissner and Marion Morawek, Production: Hessischer Rundfunk , Row: know and more , TV: 20 March 2012 at hr-TV , Summary of ARD , online- Video available until March 10, 2016.
  • When the stage is on fire ... A portrait of the Ensemble Modern. Documentary film, Germany, 2011, 53:20 min., Script and direction: Manfred Scheyko, production: Hessischer Rundfunk , arte , first broadcast: December 5th, 2011 by arte, summary of Musik Heute.

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  5. ^ Schneider Schott Music Prize Mainz # Winner 1987
  6. Up to now, ensemble modern has won the ECHO Klassik seven times : see ECHO Klassik # multiple winners .