Fletch - the jack of all trades

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German title Fletch - The Jack of all trades / Fletch 2 - The Troublemaker returns
Original title Fletch Lives
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1989
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Michael Ritchie
script Gregory Mcdonald ,
Leon Capetanos
production Bruce Bodner ,
Peter Douglas ,
Alan Greisman ,
Bob Larson
music Harold Faltermeyer
camera John McPherson
cut Richard A. Harris

Fletch - The trades (Alternative title: Fletch 2 - The Troublemaker returns , original title: Fletch Lives ) is an American film comedy from 1989. It is a continuation of the comedy Fletch - The Troublemaker from the year 1985. The director led Michael Ritchie , the writer wrote Gregory Mcdonald and Leon Capetanos . The main role was played by Chevy Chase .


The newspaper reporter Irwin Fletcher, who lives in Los Angeles , is called to the editorial office by a lawyer from the southern United States and informed that his aunt, who lives there, has died. Fletcher inherits a property called a plantation . As a result, he quits his job in the editorial office, although his boss thinks he would not be able to live without the search for the truth.

The property turns out to be a dilapidated building. Fletcher goes to bed with the young lawyer, and she is poisoned that same night. The television preacher Jimmy Lee Farnsworth offers Fletcher a large sum of money for the house, and a religiously oriented amusement park is to be expanded to include the property owned by Fletcher. The house burns down. Fletcher finds out that the lawyer was murdered by a local attorney who tried to cover up the fact that he had deposited toxic waste on Fletcher's property. The killer is shot in self-defense by the alleged servant Fletcher, who turns out to be an FBI agent.

Fletcher returns to his editorial office. By the insurance he gets 100,000 dollars compensation. The lawyer of his ex-wife urges the transfer of ownership of the inherited property without knowledge of the toxic waste deposited there, for which all future maintenance payments are waived. Fletcher gladly agrees, but feigns anger.


role actor speaker
Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher Chevy Chase Lutz Riedel
Hamilton Johnson Hal Holbrook Henning Schlueter
Jimmy Lee Farnsworth R. Lee Ermey Manfred Reddemann
Frank Walker Richard Libertini Rolf Jülich
Ben Dover Randall Cobb Ben Hecker
Calculus Entropy Cleavon Little Andreas von der Meden
Marvin Gillet George Wyner Harald Pages
Amanda Ray Ross Patricia Kalember Heidi Berndt
Ku Klux Klan leader Geoffrey Lewis Helgo Liebig


Fletch - The jack-of-all-trades received poor reviews in contrast to its predecessor.

Roger Ebert described the film in the Chicago Sun-Times of March 17, 1989 as "discouraged" and accused it of numerous "film clichés". He just found it entertaining that there were people who had the nerve to make such films. Ebert only praised the film presence of Chevy Chase and R. Lee Ermey.

“A crime grotesque designed as a number revue, which is tailored to the main actor Chevy Chase; the punch lines fluctuate considerably in level, especially "thanks" to a dumb synchronization. The film has little in common with Gregory McDonald's "Fletch" novels; even the qualities of the predecessor [...] it never comes close. "

“You have to be a Chevy Chase fan to endure the sloppily synchronized gags. The forerunner [...] was brisk and bolder. Conclusion: dumb, little number revue. "


The shooting took place in Louisiana , among other things, the main building of The Houmas served as the backdrop for Fletch's inherited estate. The box office revenue in US cinemas was $ 35.2 million.

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