Fletch - The Troublemaker

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German title Fletch - The Troublemaker
Original title Fletch
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1985
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Michael Ritchie
script Andrew Bergman
production Peter Douglas ,
Alan Greisman
music Harold Faltermeyer
camera Fred Schuler
cut Richard A. Harris

Fletch - The Troublemaker (Original title: Fletch ) is an American comedy film from 1985. Directed by Michael Ritchie , the screenplay was written by Andrew Bergman based on a novel by Gregory Mcdonald . The main role is played by Chevy Chase .


Newspaper reporter Irwin Fletcher, known as Fletch , poses as a homeless man and is doing research on the beach for an article about drug dealers. The pilot and entrepreneur Alan Stanwyk approaches the supposed junkie on the beach and offers him 50,000 US dollars if Fletcher Stanwyk were to murder. Stanwyk tells him that he is terminally ill with bone cancer and will shortly die in agony. His company had taken out a high level of life insurance on him that would not be paid out in the event of a suicide.

Fletcher agrees to appear and researches behind this story. He visits Stanwyk's family doctor and sneaks up on Stanwyk's medical record in a hospital. Fletcher notes that Stanwyk doesn't have cancer at all.

Meanwhile, the newspaper publisher gets impatient and asks when the announced article about drug dealers on the beach will be ready. When Fletch tells him that there may be police officers involved, he gets into trouble with the police. He is harassed by Police Chief Jerry Karlin, who pretends that Fletcher's research on the beach is hindering the police investigation. Fletcher is even put in a cell at the police station; Karlin threatens to shoot the reporter and fake a situation of self-defense so that Fletch gives up his research on the beach.

Fletch , however, finds out in disguise that Karlin is behind the ring of drug dealers. He hooks up with Stanwyk's wife and finds out that Stanwyk is already married in another state and regularly flies to South America, apparently to smuggle in drugs.

The evening Fletch is supposed to shoot Stanwyk, it turns out that Stanwyk only hired Fletch because of his similar stature. In fact, he plans to kill and burn Fletch to fake his death. Then he wants to fly to South America with Fletcher's papers. Suddenly, however, Karlin appears in the house and shoots his accomplice Stanwyk. His wife knocks down Karlin with a tennis racket .

Fletcher and the widow are on vacation in South America, Fletcher tells off-screen that Karlin was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


The German dubbing was carried out on behalf of Berliner Synchron ; Marianne Groß was responsible for the dialogue direction and the German dialogue book .

role actor speaker
Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher Chevy Chase Lutz Riedel
Police Chief Jerry Karlin Joe Don Baker Wolfgang Kühne
Gail Stanwyk Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Heike Schroetter
Frank Walker Richard Libertini Norbert Gescher
Alan Stanwyk Tim Matheson Joachim Tennstedt
Larry Geena Davis Sabine Thiesler
Dr. Joseph Dolan M. Emmet Walsh Robert Dietl
Sam George Wendt Alexander Duke
Stanton Boyd Kenneth Mars Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
Marvin Gillet George Wyner Wilfried Herbst


Fletch - The Troublemaker received mostly positive reviews from professional critics.

Roger Ebert wrote in the May 31, 1985 Chicago Sun-Times that Chevy Chase would give comedy its personal, cynical touch. He criticized Chase for not doing this flexibly and thereby trivializing some scenes. Ebert praised the direction, the editing of the film (especially in the scene of the attack of a dog) and some supporting roles.

“Criminal film comedy that tells its story freshly and confidently and wins over with a good leading actor. The positive impression is diminished by some linguistic coarseness, which the German dubbing seems to reinforce. "

“In 1975 the novel by Gregory McDonald won the crime drama Oscar“ Edgar ”. The film [...] does not adhere strictly to the book, but offers a rapid mix of humor and action. Unfortunately, due to the bumpy synchro, something of the cult dialogue joke is lost. [...] Conclusion: hair-raising story with a successful joke. "

“Director Michael Ritchie directed this wacky comedy, a treat for all Chevy Chase fans. The plot is rather secondary here, because Ritchie's genre work draws its charm from the successful situation comedy and the sometimes quite cynical pun of the main actor Chase. "


Andrew Bergman was nominated for the 1986 Edgar Allan Poe Award for the screenplay .


The film was shot in California . The US box office revenue was $ 50.6 million.


In 1989 the sequel Fletch was produced, in which Chevy Chase played the lead role again.

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