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Gennadi Kasbekowitsch Lalijew (born March 30, 1979 ) is a Kazakh wrestler who also started for Russia and is of Ossetian origin. He won a silver free style welterweight medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics .


Gennady Laliyev started wrestling in 1989 as a teenager. He comes from an Ossetian wrestling family. Like him, his brother Vadim Lalijew belongs to the absolute top class of freestyle wrestlers. He concentrated fully on free style and had his first major success in 1994 as a 15-year-old when he became Junior World Champion (Cadets = age group up to 16 years of age) starting for Russia in Frankfort in the weight class up to 76 kg body weight (KG) .

In 1995 he repeated this title and became junior world champion for the second time, this time in the weight class up to 83 kg. Finally, he became Junior European Champion in 1997 in Istanbul in the weight class up to 76 kg before İbrahim Katkıcı, Turkey and Taimuras Lobschanidze, Georgia .

Because of the extremely strong competition in Russia, Gennadi Lalijew decided to start immediately for Kazakhstan in 1999. He settled in Almaty and trained there with Alan Techow and Tusibchan Saichanow. He also completed training as a coach, so that he can become a coach at the end of his career.

In 1999, already starting for Kazakhstan, he finished 3rd at the Asian championship in Tashkent in the welterweight division behind Ruslan Kinchagov from Uzbekistan and Nurbek Isabekow from Kyrgyzstan . At the World Cup this year in Ankara he lost after two wins against Alik Musajew from Ukraine just on points and therefore only came in 13th place.

In 2000 he qualified in several tournaments for participation in the Olympic Games in Sydney . Among other things, he also struggled in Leipzig , where he took 2nd place behind his Russian compatriot Nasir Gadžihanov , who competed in Leipzig for Macedonia . In Sydney he won welterweight victories over Tümen-Öldsiin Mönchbajar from Mongolia and Pejman Dorostkar from Iran, before losing in his third fight against Brandon Slay from the United States. Another victory over Ruslan Kinchagov then only brought him to 4th place, with which he narrowly missed the bronze medal.

At the 2001 World Cup in Sofia , Gennadi Lalijew retired early on after a defeat against Árpád Ritter from Hungary and a victory over Almasbek Ergeschow from Kyrgyzstan and only reached 18th place. He fared much better at the 2002 World Cup in Tehran , where he again narrowly missed a medal in the welterweight division with two wins and one defeat and finished in 4th place.

He also took 4th place at the 2003 Asian Championships in New Delhi . But in the same year he won his first senior medal at the World Championships in New York . He defeated there u. a. the 2000 Olympic lightweight champion Daniel Igali from Canada and the strong Hungarian Árpád Ritter, before losing to Murad Hajdarau from Belarus in the semifinals . In the battle for the bronze medal, he then defeated Madi Habibi from Iran on points.

The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens became the highlight of his wrestling career. Welterweight he defeated Nate Ackerman , United Kingdom , Arayik Gevorgyan of Armenia , Joe E. Williams from the United States and. Iván Fundora from Cuba and was there in the final against the super wrestler Buwaissar Saitijew from Russia. He clearly lost this fight with 0: 3 rounds and 0: 7 techn. Points, but had the silver medal for sure.

After Athens, Gennadi Lalijew switched to the middleweight division (class up to 84 kg body weight) in order to avoid the endless training. In this weight class he was only able to win a medal at the Asian Games 2006 in Almaty with 3rd place. At the 2007 World Cup in Baku , he lost after two wins against the Turkish Serhat Balcı and came in 12th place. In 2008 he managed to qualify again for the Olympic Games in Beijing with a 2nd place at the qualifying tournament in Warsaw . In Beijing he lost his first fight against Zaurbek Soxiyev from Uzbekistan and came in 13th place in the final score.

International success

year space competition Weight class
1994 1. Junior World Championships (Cadets) in Frankfort / USA up to 76 kg body weight in front of Sujeet Maan, India a . Narinbek Durbolan, Kyrgyzstan
1995 1. Junior World Championships (Cadets) up to 83 kg body weight before Boris Tujew, Armenia a . Taşkın Özkale , Turkey
1997 1. Junior European Championship in Istanbul Welter in front of İbrahim Katkıcı, Turkey, Taimuras Lobschanidze, Georgia a . Felix Polianidis , Greece
1999 3. Asian Championship in Tashkent Welter behind Ruslan Kinchagov , Uzbekistan a . Nurbek Isabekow, Kyrgyzstan, in front of Massoud Jamshidi , Iran
1999 13. World Cup in Ankara Welter with victories over Nurbek Isabekow u. Lazaros Loizidis , Greece a. a loss to Alik Musayev , Ukraine
2000 1. Olympic qualification tournament in Minsk Welter before Ruslan Kinchagov, Árpád Ritter , Hungary a . Radosław Horbik , Poland
2000 2. Olympic qualification tournament in Leipzig Welter behind Nasir Gadžihanov , Macedonia , in front of Ruslan Kinchagov, Marcin Jurecki, Poland a. Rodion Kertanti, Slovakia
2000 13. Olympic qualification tournament in Tokyo Welter Winner: Árpád Ritter before Rodion Kertanti u. Kunihiko Obata, Japan
2000 4th OS in Sydney Welter with victories over Tümen-Öldsiin Mönchbajar , Mongolia a . Pejman Dorostkar , Iran, a loss to Brandon Slay , USA a. a victory over Ruslan Kinchagov
2001 2. East Asian Games in Osaka Welter behind Moon Eui-jae , South Korea , in front of Kunihiko Obata u. Baltaja Batschuluun, Mongolia
2001 18th World Cup in Sofia Welter after a defeat against Árpád Ritter u. a victory over Almasbek Ergeschow, Kyrgyzstan
2002 4th World Cup in Tehran Welter with victories over Magomedali Gadschilalow, Uzbekistan a. Bagratuni Baragjan, Armenia a. a loss to Mehdi Hajizadeh Jouibari, Iran
2002 5. Asian Games in Busan Welter behind Cho Byung-kwan, South Korea, Jussup Abdussalomow , Tajikistan , Mehdi Hajizadeh Jouibari u. Si Riguleng, China
2003 4th Asian Championship in New Delhi Welter behind Jussup Abdussalomow, Ramazan Zadeh, Iran u. Sujeet Maan, India
2003 3. World Cup in New York Welter with victories over Nathanael Ackerman , Great Britain , Talant Jekschenow, Kyrgyzstan, Daniel Igali , Canada and Árpád Ritter, one defeat against Murad Hajdarau , Belarus a . a victory over Hadi Habibi, Iran
2003 1. Asian Cup in Almaty Welter in front of Jalal Latifi, Iran a. Chuluundawaagiin Monk Bayar , Mongolia
2004 2. "Ivan Yarigin" tournament in Krasnoyarsk Welter behind Ruslan Kokajew , Russia and before Sergei Witkowski, Russia a. Magomed Issagadschiev, Kazakhstan
2004 silver OS in Athens Welter with victories over Nathanael Ackerman, Araik Geworgjan , Armenia, Joe E. Williams , USA a. Iván Fundora , Cuba a. a loss to Buwaissar Saitijew , Russia
2005 3. "Alexander Medved" tournament in Minsk medium behind Saschid Saschidow , Russia a. Magomed Kuruglijew , Kazakhstan, together with Wiktor Mucha, Ukraine
2006 5. "Ivan Yarigin" tournament in Krasnoyarsk medium behind Adam Saitijew , Schirwani Muradow , Georgi Ketojew u. Novruz Temrezov , all Russia
2006 1. Intern. Tournament in Kiev medium before Sergei Witkowski u. Yevgeny Kolomiyets, bde. Russia and Murad Hajdarau, Belarus
2006 3. Asian Championship in Almaty medium behind Tschagnaadordschiin Gandsorig , Mongolia u. Zaurbek Soxiyev , Uzbekistan, in front of Majid Khodaei , Iran
2006 5. Uzbekistan Independence Golden Grand Prix in Tashkent medium behind Muhammed Lawal , USA, Rewas Mindoraschwili , Georgia , Abdul Ammayev, Uzbekistan etc. Murad Hajdarau
2007 12. World Cup in Baku medium with victories over Kimuli Joseph Ntege, Uganda a . Imants Lagodskis, Latvia and one loss to Serhat Balcı , Turkey
2008 5. Olympic qualification tournament in Martigny / Switzerland medium behind Novruz Temrezov, Azerbaijan , Tschagnaadordschiin Gandsorig , Harutjan Jenokjan , Armenia a. Roilandi Zúñiga Herrera, Cuba
2008 2. Olympic qualification tournament in Warsaw medium behind Taras Danko , Ukraine u. before Radosław Horbik, Árpád Ritter u. Piotr Ianulov, Moldova
2008 13. OS in Beijing medium after a loss to Zaurbek Soxiyev

Note: all competitions in free style, OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, welterweight, until 2001 up to 76 kg, from 2002 up to 74 kg, middleweight, from 2002 up to 84 kg


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