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Joseph Cades , also Josef Cades , (born September 15, 1855 in Altheim, Oberamt Biberach, today in Schemmerhofen , † May 31, 1943 in Stuttgart ) was a German architect of historicism . He designed numerous Catholic church buildings, including 39 churches in the Württemberg diocese of Rottenburg .


Parish church of St. Michael in Lauterbach

Joseph Cades was born in Altheim, today a suburb of Schemmerhofen in Upper Swabia . His father was a shoemaker by trade . After giving up the trade, the father was a farmer and community caretaker. Early on, Joseph Cades was used to light agricultural work. In his spare time he used to sit in the parish church of St. Nicholas at home and draw building elements on his sketch pad. Joseph Cades did an apprenticeship as a stonemason, attended the winter construction school in Biberach and from 1871 the building trade school in Stuttgart. After graduation, he joined the cathedral construction works of the Ulm Minster , where he was primarily entrusted with the design of the two choir towers. He then studied at the Technical University of Stuttgart . One of his teachers was Joseph von Egle . From 1883 he worked in the Archbishop's Building Office in Freiburg im Breisgau . Study trips to Germany, Italy and France take place during this period.

From 1886 he was a freelance architect in Stuttgart and devoted himself primarily to building Catholic churches.

Cades' style ranges from neo-Gothic to neo-Romanesque to neo- baroque .

Some of Cades' churches were destroyed in the Second World War and partly rebuilt in a simplified manner. Others were changed, purified and stripped of their often opulent furnishings in the course of the architectural change in taste and reforms in the Catholic liturgy from the 1950s onwards. The two-tower neo-Gothic Herz-Jesu-Kirche in Bregenz, the two-towered neo-Gothic church in Bregenz, the parish church in Hundersingen , which was praised as a "cathedral en miniature" when it was built, and the parish church in Mochenwangen , which is often called the "Schussentaldom", have been preserved as total works of art of historicism, including furnishings and decoration carefully renovated in the late 20th century. The parish churches of Dieterskirch and Heudorf have also been preserved almost in their original form .

Joseph Cades is also known for his drawings of ancient monuments. Until 1921 he was involved in the inventory of art monuments in Württemberg and proved to be an outstanding expert on the history of art in Swabia.




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