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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Stödtlen
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Stödtlen highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 0 '  N , 10 ° 18'  E

Basic data
State : Baden-Württemberg
Administrative region : Stuttgart
County : Ostalbkreis
Height : 489 m above sea level NHN
Area : 31.19 km 2
Residents: 1889 (Dec. 31, 2018)
Population density : 61 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 73495
Area code : 07964
License plate : AA, GD
Community key : 08 1 36 068
Address of the
municipal administration:
Rathausstrasse 11
73495 Stödtlen
Website :
Mayor : Ralf Leinberger
Location of the municipality of Stödtlen in the Ostalb district
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Stödtlen, capital of the municipality of the same name
Stödtlen seen from the southeast

Stödtlen is a municipality in Baden-Württemberg Ostalbkreis .


Geographical location

Stödtlen lies at an altitude of 438 to 552 meters between the Alb foreland and the Frankenhöhe in the Central Franconian Basin .

Neighboring communities

The community borders in the north on Wört , in the east on the Bavarian community Mönchsroth , in the south on Tannhausen and in the west on the city of Ellwangen and Ellenberg .

Community structure

The municipality of Stödtlen consists of 26 separately located districts, including the villages of Stödtlen, Birkenzell, Dambach, Gaxhardt and Regelsweiler, the hamlets of Eck am Berg, Gerau, Niederroden, Oberbronnen , Stillau, Strambach and Unterbronnen, the farms Berlismühle, Freihof, Kaltenwag, Kreuthof, Maxenhof, Merzenhof, Oberzell, Schnepfenmühle, Schnepfenhof, Tragroden, Weiler an der Eck, Winterhof Ziegelhütte near Stödtlen, as well as the abandoned villages Wetzelswiler, Watenwiler, zem Höfen and Riuwental. The village of Enchenhofen was dissolved in Dimbach after 1749. The official designation of the districts is given by the name of the municipality in front of it and followed by the name of the districts connected by a hyphen. The community is also divided into seven residential districts in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg municipal code. Residential district I (Stödtlen) consists of the districts of Stödtlen, Niederroden, Kreuthof, Merzenhof, Ziegelhütte and Tragroden, residential district II (Birkenzell) consists of the district Birkenzell, residential district III (Dambach) , consists of the district Dambach, residential district IV (Eck am Berg ) consists of the districts Eck am Berg and Ober- and Unterbronnen, residential district V (Gaxhardt) consists of the districts Gaxhardt, Schnepfenmühle, Schnepfenhof and Berlismühle, residential district VI (Regelsweiler) consists of the districts Regelsweiler, Strambach, Kaltenwag, Maxenhof and Winterhof and The residential district VI (Stillau) consists of the districts of Stillau, Gerau, Weiler an der Eck, Freihof and Oberzell.

Division of space

According to data from the State Statistical Office , as of 2014.


Stödtlen is mentioned for the first time in a document dated February 5, 1024. In this document, Emperor Heinrich II enfeoffs the Ellwangen monastery with forest law (ban forest) in Virngrund . Stedilinum is listed as a border point of the Virngrund Forest . In later documents the place is also called Stedelin, Stettlin, Stedtlem, Stedelingen. In the 17th century the letter Ö appears in the place name: Stödtlin, Stöttle, Stödtle and Stödtlin.

During the Peasants' War, farmers from Stödtlen and Birkenzell joined the Ellwanger Haufen, which looted the Mönchsroth monastery on April 28 and 29, 1525 and set it on fire. 32 houses in the village also burned down. After the uprising was put down, 15 farmers from Stödtlen and 13 from Birkenzell were sentenced to fines.

Swedish horsemen under Colonel Claus Dietrich von Sperreuth plundered the village in the Thirty Years War on May 15, 1632 and then burned it down almost completely.

The districts and residential areas of the community belonged to changing rulers over the years, most recently to the prince provost of Ellwangen . During the secularization under Napoleon, most of the community was assigned to the Kingdom of Württemberg and a smaller part to Bavaria. In 1810 the entire community became part of Württemberg. There it belonged to the Oberamt Ellwangen and from 1938 to the Aalen district . Due to the district reform in 1973 , the Aalen district was merged with the Schwäbisch Gmünd district in the new Ostalb district . Since then, the municipality of Stödtlen has belonged to the Ostalb district.


The parish church of St. Leonhard
(built in 1894 by Joseph Cades )

The Reformation passed Stödtlen by because it belonged to the Prince Provost of Ellwangen . Even today, the majority of the residents are of the Roman Catholic denomination. The meanwhile 35% Protestant residents receive spiritual care from the Mönchsroth parish, which belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria .


Administrative association

The community is a member of the Tannhausen Community Administration Association based in Tannhausen .

Municipal council

After the local elections on May 26, 2019, the municipal council has 11 members in addition to the mayor as chairman. The choice brought the following result:

  1. CDU 31.1% - 3 seats (-3 seats)
  2. FBL 68.9% - 8 seats (+2 seats)


  • 1898–1927 Benedikt Staiger (father)
  • 1927–1974 Benedikt Staiger (son)
  • 1974–1998 Albert Munz
  • Ralf Leinberger since 1998, last re-elected in October 2013

Culture and sights

In ancient times, the Rhaetian Limes ran over today's municipal area . It crossed the municipality over a length of almost 5.5 km from southwest to northeast, south of the Freihof and passing the eastern exit of Dambach. Apart from small remains that are only visible to the trained eye, nothing has survived.

Regular events

Since 1975, the Catholic parish has been organizing the widely known four-day Saint Leonhard's festival on the third weekend in August. The proceeds from this festival were used to finance construction work by the parish, which could not have been carried out without this income.

Economy and Infrastructure

Stödtlen is a typical residential community. There are around 200 jobs locally, and 600 workers earn their living outside the community.


There is a primary school and a kindergarten in Stödtlen . A secondary and secondary school is located in Unterschneidheim and Ellwangen . Secondary schools are available in the surrounding towns (e.g. Dinkelsbühl State Business School).

Web links

Commons : Stödtlen  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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