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KAV Capitolina

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Basic data
University location: Rome
University / s: All universities in Rome
Founding: November 26, 1986
Corporation association : CV since 1987
Association number: 115
Abbreviation: Cp!
Color status : colored
Fox colors:
Cap: red flat cap
Type of Confederation: Men's association
Religion / Denomination: Catholic
Position to the scale : not striking
Motto: In mundum universe!
Website: www.capitolina.net

The Catholic Academic Association Capitolina zu Rom im CV (KAV Capitolina) is a non-beating Catholic student association founded in Rome in 1986 and a member of the Cartel Association of Catholic German Student Associations (CV). She is the only member of the CV in Italy .



Even before the establishment of a connection with German student tradition, there were diverse activities in Rome, as the center of the Roman Catholic Church , by members of the Cartell Association of German Catholic Student Associations . In 1877 there was a so-called “Free Association Tiberina”, formed by members of the CV studying in Rome. In addition, regular meetings and events of student customs are attested, especially on the Easter celebrations and the associated pilgrimages of German parishes and dioceses. Examples include: A “Cartellkneipe” made up of six students on pilgrimage for the Holy Year 1900 with five local elderly gentlemen in Rome in the Trattoria Costatino or the “Cartellkommers” of 16 Philistines with different CV connections on Easter Monday of the year 1903 who were on pilgrimage together. Of particular importance with regard to the later founding of the KAV Capitolina is the establishment of a permanent, local CV Philistine circle on March 30, 1922 in the German national church Santa Maria dell'Anima .


The activities of the Cartell Association and its members in Rome already outlined form the immediate framework for the establishment of an independent association, which should be resident in Rome and at the same time be committed to the customs of Catholic corporations. In addition to the existing CV Philistine Circle in Rome, the growing number of German students at the Pontifical Gregorian University should have a decisive influence on this . In particular, theology students and members of the Pontifical Collegium Germanicum et Hungaricum who were in their so-called “free year” helped initiate these efforts to establish a union. The result of these efforts was the founding of the KAV Capitolina zu Rome on November 26th, 1986 consisting of student members of the two corporation associations KV and CV as well as the Rome-based CV Philistine Circle. The 19 student and 20 former founding members include personalities such as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI. ), As well as Cardinal Corrado Bafile and the then Curia Bishops Paul Josef Cordes and Alois Wagner .

The founding of the KAV Capitolina, which was then accepted into the same association at the Cartell Assembly in Munich in 1987, first for three years as a "free association" and finally in 1990 in Tübingen as a full member, represents a unique combination of German pilgrimage and student tradition. The close relationship between these two elements can be seen in Capitolina's close relationship with the German parish and pilgrim pastoral care of the "Anima" as well as the German pilgrimage center in Rome, which the German Bishops' Conference brought into being on the occasion of the Holy Year 1975.

Taking into account its character as a connection established in Italy with the cultivation of German customs, the KAV Capitolina is characterized by a special supraregional activity. Examples include the “own circles” of Capitolines in cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Essen, Munich, Stuttgart, Würzburg and Vienna or the so-called “Transalpine Summer Talks” in the form of an annual academic symposium north of the Alps, to which both liaison members as well as external speakers and guests are invited.

Due to numerous double memberships of Capitolines in other associations of the Cartell Association, Capitolina is self-image "one of the largest academic networks in the CV" (approx. 400 members). Such an influence can be seen in the Charter '15, the new socio-political basic program of the Cartell Association , which was adopted at the 129th Cartel Assembly in Heidelberg and Mannheim in May 2015: Numerous initiators of the draft text approved by the Cartel Assembly are members of the Capitolina. On the part of the Vatican, the KAV Capitolina has meanwhile been described as an “important bridge between the heart of the Church and the German-speaking countries”.

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