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Marcussen & Søn
legal form A / S (corporation)
founding 1806
Seat Aabenraa , Denmark
Branch Musical instrument making

Marcussen & Søn is a Danish organ building company . It is also known under the name Marcussen or formerly Marcussen & Reuter . The family business has been run by Claudia Zachariassen in the seventh generation since 2002. To date, over 1,100 instruments have been made, which have also been exported to numerous countries (including Germany, USA, Japan and South Africa).


The organ building company Marcussen was founded in 1806 by Jürgen Marcussen (1781-1860) and the first workshop was located in Vester Sottrup. In 1811 King Friedrich VI awarded him . the concession as an organ builder. In 1826, Marcussen accepted his German journeyman and friend Andreas Reuter , who is the inventor of the voting slots, as a partner in the company. They now operated under the name Marcussen & Reuter . The company has been based in the city of Aabenraa since 1830 . After the death of Andreas Reuter in 1847 - when the cathedral in Lund in the south of Sweden received a Marcussen organ - Marcussen then involved his son Jürgen Andreas Marcussen in the company in 1848 , which is why the company was renamed from Marcussen & Reuter and renamed it Marcussen & Søn received. After the company's founder died in 1860, Jürgen Andreas Marcussen became the sole owner of the company.

The first church organs the company made were in the baroque style. From the beginning of the 20th century, however, more emphasis was placed on technical innovations, e.g. B. improved pneumatics and electrification of the organs. However, this quickly turned out to be a mistake. Before the end of the 19th century, a great-grandson of the founder, Johannes Lassen Zachariassen (1864-1922), was accepted into the company, who between 1880 and 1890 was responsible for Marcussen & Søn in Finland. In 1897 Zachariassen first became a partner in the company, later in 1902 employed director. Under his son, Sybrand Zachariassen (1900–1960), who took over the company in the 1920s, they soon returned to the mechanical organ with open intonation. Marcussen & Søn was one of the first organ building companies in Europe to deal with the influences of the organ movement at an early stage and thus achieved international renown in the course of the 20th century. In addition to building new instruments, organ restorations are also carried out (including in Roskilde Cathedral ). The Marcussen & Søn company remained in the hands of the Zachariassen family until it was capitalized in 1994 by transforming it into a public limited company . Sybrand's daughter Claudia Zachariassen is the 7th generation CEO of the company together with Daniel S. Christensen, Sales Director who was involved in 2019 and also comes from the organ building industry. Over the years, the company has created around 1,125 church and concert organs (of which around 400 have been since 1960) and performed countless repair and maintenance work around the world. The four organ works in the Sint-Laurenskerk in Rotterdam can be named as a European example of the art of organ building by Marcussen & Søn . The main organ alone has 7,486 organ pipes: with its special construction with mechanical stop and action action, it is one of the largest organ works in Europe.

List of works (selection)

year place church image Manuals register Remarks
1819-1820 You by Sieseby Church
Organ sieseby-msu-5943.jpg
II / P 17th Transmissions in the upper work and pedal ,

Expanded in 1893, replaced by a new work in 1969, the original work is located in the Marienkirche Hadersleben

1829 Christiansborg Castle Church III / P 38 Restored in 2009 by Marcussen & Søn
1845 Flintbek Flintbeker Church Flintbek Church Organ.JPG I / P 10 Rebuilt in 1972 by the company Tolle und Neuthor from Preetz using the old pipes
1852 Kirchbarkau St. Katharinen (Kirchbarkau) II / P 18th
1859 Pit / Holstein St. Jürgen Church St. Jürgen Church (Grube, Ostholstein) 085.JPG II / P 16 Restored in 2007 by Orgelbau Neuthor, Kiel
1867 Ahrensbök Marienkirche Ahrensbök organ (1) .jpg II / P 24
1867 Breitenfelde Breitenfelde Church Breitenfelde organ (2) .jpg II / P 17th
1868 Krusendorf Trinity Church II / P 15th
1873 Nübel Marienkirche Church nuebel orgel.jpg I / P 9
1874 Hattstedt St. Mary OrganCIMG1379.jpg II / P 14th Restored in 1987
1880 Rieseby St. Peter's Church Rieseby - St Petri - Organ - Brochure 1.JPG II / P 15th 1959 neo-baroque redesigned, overhauled in 1976, 1992 and 2014
1890 Seven trees St. Mary St Marien Siebenbäum 2019 18.jpg II / P 12 Remodeled in 1978, 2011 by Paschen reconstructed
1891 Galmsbull St. Gallus
Organ Neugalmsbüll (Marcussen & Son 1891) .jpg
I / P 10
1910 Uelvesbull St. Nikolai I / P 10
1912 Hamburg St. Michaelis Church
Hamburg Michaeliskirche (14) .JPG
II / P 42 One of the five organs of the church: "Concert organ" on the north gallery; Heavily reworked in the 1950s by the Walcker organ building workshop, restored to its original condition in 2009/2010 by Klais Orgelbau and Freiburg Orgelbau . See organ
1940 Copenhagen Grundtvig Church III / P 37 Choir organ
1952 Varde Jacobi Church
Varde (Denmark) St. Jacobi-Marcussen organ (cropped) .jpg
III / P 33 Played by Marie-Claire Alain in her first recording of the entire organ by JSBach. in 1959; his favorite among the Danish organs of the time.
1953-1956 Aabenraa Nikolaikirche
III / P 31 See organ
1956 Utrecht Nicolaïkerk
Organ 1956 (Marcussen) - Utrecht - 20234291 - RCE.jpg
III / P 33
1960 Stockholm Storkyrkan
Stockholm Storkyrkan organ.jpg
IV / P 53 organ
1962 Skagen Skagen Kirke
Skagen Kirke Orgelet (Matthias Schalk) .JPG
III / P 31
1963 Schleswig St. Petri Cathedral
St. Petri (Schleswig) jm23586.jpg
III / P 51 New building behind the prospectus from 1701
1963 Hamburg Church of the Twelve Apostles
Marcussen organ of the church "To the 12 Apostles", Hamburg-Lurup.jpg
II / P 18th
1964 Moerdijk St. Stefanuskerk
Moerdijk St Stefanuskerk Marcussen 1964 04062011.jpg
III / P 28
1965 Freiburg in Breisgau Freiburg Minster
II / P 21st One of four organs of the Freiburg Minster : Longhouse organ ( swallow's nest organ ), playable individually and in combination from the central console
1966 Strandby (Frederikshavn Commune) Strandby Kirke
Strandby-Kirke-Orgelet (Matthias Schalk) .jpg
II / P 10
1967 Helsinki Dom
Helsinki Cathedral Organ.jpg
IV / P 57
1968 Seester
St. John
Seester Church new organ.jpg
II / P 18th Purely mechanical, 1 tremulant of the 18 registers.

Built in two parts, the organist sits between the parts.

1968 Linz Mary of the Conception Cathedral
Linz - Mariendom, cathedral organ.JPG
IV / P 70
1970 Lübeck Lübeck Cathedral
Lübeck Cathedral Organ.JPG
III / P 47
1973 Rotterdam Laurenskerk (Rotterdam)
Rotterdam laurenskerk organ.jpg
IV / P 85
1974 Frederikshavn Frederikshavn Kirke
Frederikshavn Kirke Marcussen (Matthias Schalk) .JPG
III / P 37
1977/2010 Meldorf St. John's Church Sankt-Johannis-Kirche (Meldorf) jm21594.jpg III / P 43
1980 Hamelin Munster St. Boniface III / P 28
1983 Büsum St. Clement's Church Büsum St. Clemens Marcussen organ.JPG II / P 26th
1988 Mannheim Christ Church Mannheim-Christuskirche-Organ.jpg II / P 31
1996/2011 Birmingham Bridgewater Concert Hall IV / P 76
1997 Meppen Gustav Adolf Church
Gustav-Adolf-Kirche Meppen organ.jpg
II / P 27
2000/2001 Wesel Willibrordi Cathedral
Willibrordi Cathedral inside.jpg
III / P 56
2010 Mosjøen Dolstad kirke II / P 29
2010 Hammerfest Hammerfest kirke
II / P 30th
2011 Asker Holmen kirke II / P 26th
2011 Oppdal Oppdal kirke II / P 26th
2015 Süderlügum Marien Church
The Marcussen organ from 2015.jpg
II / P 21st Historic Rococo prospectus parts from the 18th century


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New edition: Reinhard Jaehn (Ed.): Organ-Dispositions from Schleswig-Holstein. 194 dispositions and descriptions, 1868–1895 (= Documenta Organologica). Merseburger, Berlin 1986, ISBN 978-3-87537-217-5 , therein:
* Organ disposition of organs in Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel 1872
* The annual organ survey by LI Cirsovius, 1880–1894
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