Reinhard Kammerer

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Reinhard Kammerer

Reinhard Kammerer (born December 2, 1951 in Delligsen ) is a lieutenant general a. D. of the Army of the Bundeswehr and was most recently Deputy Inspector of the Army and Commander in action .

Military career

Training and first uses

Kammerer joined the Bundeswehr in July 1970, completed his officer training and was deployed as platoon leader in rocket artillery battalion 12 and as an observation and intelligence officer ( S2 ) in tank artillery battalion 95 until 1976 . During this time he was promoted twice, in April 1972 to lieutenant and in October 1974 to first lieutenant . From October 1976 to 1982 he studied physics in Munich and Hamburg and was promoted to captain in November 1980 .

After completing his studies, from October 1982 Kammerer was employed as an artillery officer at the Artillery School in Idar-Oberstein and with the Panzerartilleriebataillon 85 in Lüneburg . In May 1983 he took over the post of battery chief of the 2nd battery of the Lüneburg battalion .

Service as a staff officer

From October 1985 to October 1987 he completed the general staff course at the command academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg and was subsequently promoted to major in October 1987 . Afterwards he was employed as a consultant in the command staff of the armed forces in the Bonn Federal Ministry of Defense until January 1989 . From January to August 1989, Kammerer completed the US General Staff Training at Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk , Virginia .

Back in Germany, he took over the post of Operations General Staff Officer (G3) of Panzer Brigade 34 in Koblenz . From October 1990 to September 1992, after being promoted to lieutenant colonel, he commanded the 185 tank artillery battalion in Boostedt . From 1992 to 1995 Kammerer was again employed in the Ministry of Defense, this time as a consultant in the personnel department. In April 1995 he was promoted to colonel and head of unit in this department. He served in this capacity until 1999.

Service in the rank of general

In April 1999 he took over command of the Air Mechanized Brigade 1 in Fritzlar and led it until 2002. In this role he was appointed Brigadier General in April 2001 . From September 2002 to 2005 Kammerer served in Cologne as head of the Army Development Department in the Army Office there under the command of Jürgen Ruwe . From April 2005 to 2006 he took over as head of department in the command staff of the army, the department III and was thus responsible for leadership, conception and operational principles. In this function he served again under Jürgen Ruwe, who acted as Deputy Inspector of the Army . In addition, as chief of staff, Volker Wieker was in charge of him .

In August 2006, Kammerer took over command of the 13th Panzer Grenadier Division in Leipzig with the appointment of Major General from Roland Kather .

On June 21, 2010, Kammerer was replaced by Achim Lidsba as commander of the 13th Panzer Grenadier Division in Leipzig and transferred to Koblenz, where he had been deputy commander of the Army Command from June 22nd . In April 2012 he was promoted to lieutenant general and commander of the German units of multinational corps / basic military organization and "Commissioner for the transition from Army Command to Army Command" . Since March 8, 2012, he was deputy head of the Army Command until its dissolution in October 2012. In September 2012, Kammerer became Deputy Inspector of the Army and in this position initially served in the Army Command , but on October 1, 2012 in the Army Command rose. In addition, he received the service designation Commander Operation. Kammerer was retired on June 30, 2014. On June 25, 2014 he handed over his official business to his successor Major General Jörg Vollmer and was then bid farewell in the General-Olbricht-Kaserne in Leipzig with a big tattoo .

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