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Erich Pfeffer (born October 1, 1958 in Landshut ) is a Lieutenant General of the Army of the Bundeswehr and commander of the Bundeswehr Operations Command in Geltow near Potsdam .

Erich Pfeffer to the left of Thomas de Maizière (2012) during his visit to the ISAF troops in OP North

Military career

Training and first uses

Erich Pfeffer joined the Bundeswehr in 1977 with the Mountain Infantry Battalion 221 (today Mountain Infantry Battalion 233) in Mittenwald and trained as an officer. In 1978 he began studying computer science at the Bundeswehr University in Neubiberg . During his studies he was appointed lieutenant on July 1, 1980 .

After completing his academic training in 1982, Pfeffer returned to the troops as a qualified computer scientist and became platoon leader in the 2nd company of the Mountain Infantry Battalion 232 in Bischofswiesen . The following year he was appointed first lieutenant on April 1 . In 1984 he received his training as an army mountain guide at the mountain and winter combat school in Mittenwald , which was a prerequisite for his post as platoon leader of the high mountain fighter train in 1985 . In 1986 he was transferred to the 231 Mountain Infantry Battalion in Bad Reichenhall and took over the post of chief of the 4th Company. Associated with this was his appointment as captain on April 1, 1986.

General staff training and service as a staff officer

From 1990 to 1992 Pfeffer completed the 33rd general staff course at the command academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg . Subsequently, he received a position as department head G2 and was, since April 2, 1992 in the rank of major , transferred to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the 1st Mountain Division. In 1994 he took part in the "US Army Command and General Staff Course" for one year, the American general staff course at the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth , Kansas / USA .

Back in Germany, he was appointed lieutenant colonel in 1995 and worked as a consultant to the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg) in Bonn , before he was transferred again in 1997 and took over command of the 233 Mountain Infantry Battalion. During this service he was also the commander of the SFOR unit in 1999 . In 2000, he returned to Hamburg to join the Bundeswehr Leadership Academy. There he became a tutor and lecture hall leader in general staff training. Just one year later he changed posts within the leadership academy and became head of the Joint and Combined Operations working group, and on October 1, 2001 he was promoted to colonel .

The next transfer followed in 2002, this time to Brussels to the NATO Military Committee . Pfeffer was employed there as office manager of the chairman of the NATO military committee and former inspector general of the Bundeswehr , General Harald Kujat . He then returned to Hardthöhe in Bonn in 2005 and became Head of Section VI 2 (Bundeswehr Concept, Transformation) in the Armed Forces Command Staff .

General uses

Brigadier General Gerhard Klaffus (left) assuming responsibility for the TAAC-N from Brigadier General Wolf-Jürgen Stahl on August 21, 2018. In the middle the commander of the Bundeswehr Operations
Command , Lieutenant General Erich Pfeffer, and the deputy commander of the Resolute Support Mission , Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell (UK).

In May 2006, Pfeffer received his second troop command and became the commander of the 23 Mountain Infantry Brigade in Bad Reichenhall. On March 21, 2007, he was appointed Brigadier General. In the same year Pfeffer was also deployed  in Kosovo as commander of the Multinational Task Force South and commander of the German operational contingent  KFOR . He handed over the command to Johann Langenegger on May 15, 2009 and moved back to Bonn to the command staff of the armed forces, where he took over the management of staff department VI (planning). On August 1, 2011, Pfeffer was given command of the 13th Panzer Grenadier Division in Leipzig . On February 26, 2012 he also took over command of the ISAF's North Regional Command in Afghanistan from Markus Kneip . On February 21, 2013, he handed over the management of the North Regional Command to Major General Jörg Vollmer . From July 2013 to September 2015 he was the deputy inspector of the armed forces base and officer for reservist matters in the armed forces base. On October 1, 2013, he was promoted to lieutenant general. Since November 4, 2015, he has been in command of the Bundeswehr Operations Command in Geltow near Potsdam.


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