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Country: Sierra LeoneSierra Leone Sierra Leone
Subdivision: 100 cents
ISO 4217 code : SLL
Abbreviation: Le
Exchange rate :
(29 Mar 2020)

EUR  = 10,825.5 SLL
1,000 SLL = 0.09237 EUR

CHF  = 10,070.2 SLL
1,000 SLL = 0.0993 CHF

Coins from 1996
Leone banknotes before 2010

The leone has been Sierra Leone's currency since 1964 . At that time it replaced the West African pound at a fixed exchange rate of 2 to 1 . The Sierra Leone Dollar , issued by the Sierra Leone Company , was the official currency between 1791 and 1805 .

Banknotes and coins

The Bank of Sierra Leone issues coins of 50, 100 and 500 leones (as of November 2016) and banknotes of 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 leones.

Due to their low value, coins of 10 leones and banknotes of 50, 100 and 500 leones are no longer minted or printed. 50 leones were also referred to as golds . In practical life the coins for 100 leones and banknotes for 2000 leones are primarily used; Banknotes of 10,000 and coins of 500 leones are only issued in very small numbers and are practically impossible to find in everyday life.

The Leone banknotes have numerous security features and have long been considered one of the most forgery-proof banknote series in Africa. Nevertheless, it was decided that from 14 May 2010 new banknotes (except Le 500) in different sizes, with better features for the blind and more extensive security features, would be issued by the Bank of Sierra Leone. Among other things, the banknotes are given different dimensions for the first time in ascending order of their value. The old banknotes remained legal tender for a transitional period until August 15, 2011.


Since 2010

image value format description
front back front back colour
1000 leones 135 × 67 mm Bai Bureh
coat of arms of Sierra Leone
Satellite dish red
2000 Leones 140 × 69 mm Isaac Wallace-Johnson
container ship , Sierra Leone coat of arms
The building Bank of Sierra Leone brown
5000 leones 145 × 71 mm Sengbe Pieh
Coat of Arms Sierra Leone
Bumbuna reservoir violet
10,000 leones 153 × 73 mm Dove in flight, behind it the flag of Sierra Leone with a relief map
Cotton Tree
Coat of Arms Sierra Leone
blue and green
1000 Leones Banknote (2005)
1989 banknote featuring President Joseph Saidu Momoh
Leone banknote from 1981–1985 with Siaka Stevens


The banknotes in this series looked similar to the 2010 series. The biggest difference, in addition to visible and invisible security features, was the positioning of the number 10,000 on the 10,000 Leones note. In contrast to the other notes of this and the following series, this was to be found at the bottom left on the front and at the bottom right on the back.


In this series only notes for 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Leone were printed. The 500 leones note shows the warlord Kai Londo on the obverse and a fishing boat on the reverse.


Bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 leones were printed. President Joseph Saidu Momoh could be seen on all bills with the exception of the 1000 and 5000 Leones .

Future of leone

Together with five other West African countries ( West African currency zone ), Sierra Leone has been working for several years on the introduction of a single currency (similar to the euro ). The working title of the currency is "West African Units Accounts" (WAUA), which has a fixed rate of 1 WAUA = 1.35 US dollars. There are currently travelers checks in WAUA. These are accepted in all Member States. 1 WAUA corresponds to approx. Le 4,500. In 2007, the member states agreed on a name for the future currency, the ECO .


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