TSV Meerbusch

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TSV Meerbusch
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Basic data
Surname Gymnastics and Sports Club
Meerbusch e. V.
Seat Meerbusch , North Rhine-Westphalia
founding July 1, 2015
Colours blue yellow
1. Chairman Georg Schüttken
Website www.tsv-meerbusch.de
First soccer team
Head coach Toni Molina
Venue Sports field Windmühlenweg
Theodor-Mostertz-Sportanlage, Lank
Places 1,500
league Oberliga Niederrhein
2019/20 6th place

The TSV Meerbusch (full name: . Gymnastics and sports club Meerbusch eV ) is a sports club from Meerbusch in Rhein-Kreis Neuss , the result of a merger of the clubs on July 1, 2015 TuS Bösinghoven and ASV Lank emerged. The first men's soccer team played from 2012 to 2017 and since 2018 in the fifth-class Oberliga Niederrhein .

With around 2,500 members, the club is the largest sports club in the city and, in addition to soccer, also offers gymnastics / gymnastics , tennis , badminton , table tennis , running , shooting and skiing .


TuS Bösinghoven

Old coat of arms of TuS 64

The TuS Bösinghoven club was founded in 1964 and only played at the district level for decades. After Christoph Peters took over the management of the club's soccer department in the mid-2000s, things went uphill in terms of sport. In 2009, TuS was promoted three times in a row to the state league for the first time . After a ninth place in the promotion season, the Bösinghovener were runner-up behind Hamborn 07 in the 2010/11 season . In the following relegation round to the Lower Rhine League, the team prevailed against 1. FC Mönchengladbach , SC Düsseldorf-West and SSV Sudberg and rose.

As twelfth in the 2011/12 season, TuS qualified for the new Oberliga Niederrhein. For the Bösinghovener this was the fifth ascent in six years. In the league season 2013/14 , the club was the top scorer in the league with Kevin Dauser . Dauser scored 30 goals this season.

ASV Lank

On September 4, 1925, the club was founded as ASV Lank. In 1936 the name was changed. Due to measures taken by National Socialism , the DJK Treudeutsch 07 Lank was prohibited from any sporting activity. In the ASV, the members of Treudeutsch 07 were given the opportunity to continue to be officially active in sports. The club was now called the general gymnastics and sports club ATSV Lank in 1925. In 1943, all gaming operations came to a standstill as a result of the Second World War . In January 1946 the association DJK Treudeutsch 07 Lank was founded again. After the gymnastics and handball department had left, only football was played as a sport at ASV Lank. After a resolution of the General Assembly in 1955, the original name ASV Lank was re-entered in the association register. In 1967 table tennis and gymnastics were added to the sports program.

The greatest sporting success of the Lanker footballers was promotion to the Lower Rhine regional league , in which the team immediately took third place. After relegation in 1968, two years later, the rise succeeded. On January 17, 1971, Bruno Häusler was injured so badly in the championship game against SV St. Tönis that he died of the consequences of the injury after a few days. In 1972 the Lankers rose again from the state league.

Fusion to TSV Meerbusch

A merger with ASV Lank was planned for January 1, 2015 . The new club should originally be called Rhein-Sport Meerbusch and have around 2,500 members. For November 20, 2014, both associations have invited to extraordinary general meetings to resolve the merger. Before the vote on the merger, there were discussions about the club name, as some members believed Rhein-Sport would sound like a water sports club . Finally, an agreement was reached on the name TSV Meerbusch . In the subsequent vote, the majority required for the merger was not achieved.

In the second attempt on May 29, 2015, the merger to form TSV Meerbusch was then decided by a large majority and came into force on July 1, 2015. In 2017 TSV Meerbusch was relegated to the Lower Rhine regional league and, curiously, competed against their own second team in the 2017/18 season. As a champion of the regional league, the direct rise was achieved.


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