University of Santiago de Compostela

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University of Santiago de Compostela
founding 1495
Sponsorship state
place Santiago de Compostela and Lugo
country SpainSpain Spain
Rector Antonio López Díaz
Students approx. 45,000 (2005)
Employee approx. 2,200 (2005)
Networks CGU
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The University of Santiago de Compostela ( Galician : Universidade de Santiago de Compostela ; Spanish : Universidad de Santiago de Compostela ) - USC for short - is a state university founded in 1495 by Don Lope Gómez de Marzoa in the Galician city ​​of Santiago de Compostela and another location in the city of Lugo - both in northwestern Spain .

Around 70 courses and 50 doctoral courses are offered in the more than 80 buildings that belong to USC and are spread over the two locations.

The university has around 45,000 students and 2,200 academic staff. The rector of the university is Juan J. Casares Long. The official language of the university is Galician , which is used as the language of instruction in an average of 20% of the courses.


There are 19 faculties :

  1. Faculty of Labor Sciences
  2. Faculty of Business Administration and Administration
  3. Faculty of Biology
  4. Faculty of Chemistry
  5. Faculty of Geography and History
  6. Faculty of Engineering
  7. Faculty of Communication Studies
  8. Faculty of Nursing
  9. Faculty of Mathematics
  10. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  11. Faculty of Optics and Optometry
  12. Faculty of Education
  13. Faculty of Pharmacy
  14. Faculty of Philosophy and Literature
  15. Faculty of Philology
  16. Faculty of Physics
  17. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
  18. Faculty of Psychology
  19. Faculty of Law

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