VfL Neckarau

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VfL Neckarau
Mannheim-neckarau, vfl.jpg
Full name Association for physical exercises 1884 eV
place Mannheim , Baden-Wuerttemberg
Founded 1884 ( TV 1884 Neckarau )
1889 ( Turnerbund Jahn 1889 Neckarau )
1907 ( Football Association 07 Neckarau )
1921 ( VfL Neckarau )
Dissolved 2011
Club colors blue White
Stadion Waldweg Stadium
Top league Oberliga Süd
successes 3rd place South German Championship 1929
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The VfL Neckarau was a sports club from the Mannheim district of Neckarau . The club, which emerged from a merger of several district clubs in 1921, was best known for its football department, which was able to assert itself in the higher divisions until the late 1980s. In 2011, VfL merged with VfB Kurpfalz to form VfL Kurpfalz Mannheim-Neckarau.


Playtime League (level) space
1921/22 Odenwaldkreis (1) 4th
1922/23 Odenwaldkreis (1) 5.
1923/24 Neckar District (2) 1.
1924/25 Rhine District (1) 4th
1925/26 Rhine District (1) 3.
1926/27 Rhine District (1) 1.
1927/28 Rhine District (1) 2.
1928/29 Rhine District (1) 1.
1929/30 Rhine District (1) 2.
1930/31 Rhine District (1) 3.
1931/32 Rhine District (1) 2.
1932/33 Rhine District (1) 3.
1933/34 Gauliga Baden (1) 7th
1934/35 Gauliga Baden (1) 3.
1935/36 Gauliga Baden (1) 5.
1936/37 Gauliga Baden (1) 6th
1937/38 Gauliga Baden (1) 4th
1938/39 Gauliga Baden (1) 9.
1939/40 War Championship
Mannheim / Heidelberg (1)
1940/41 Area class Baden (1) 1.
1941/42 Area class Baden (1) 2.
1942/43 Gauliga Baden (1) 8th.
1943/44 Gauliga Baden Northern Group (1) 4th
1944/45 Gauliga Baden Northern Group (1) (4.)
1945/46 Regional League North Baden (2) 1.
1946/47 Oberliga Süd (1) 16.
1947/48 Oberliga Süd (1) 16.
1948/49 Regional League North Baden (2) 2.
1949/50 Regional League North Baden (2) 1.
1950/51 Oberliga Süd (1) 11.
1951/52 Oberliga Süd (1) 16.
1952/53 Second League South (2) 18th
1953/54 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 4th
1954/55 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 7th
1955/56 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 11.
1956/57 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 5.
1957/58 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 1.
1958/59 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 9.
1959/60 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 4th
1960/61 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 3.
1961/62 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 1.
1962/63 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 14th
1963/64 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 15th
1964/65 2nd Amateur League Rhein-Neckar (4) 1.
1965/66 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 12.
1966/67 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 11.
1967/68 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 1.
1968/69 Regionalliga South (2) 16.
1969/70 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 2.
1970/71 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 4th
1971/72 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 4th
1972/73 1st Amateur League North Baden (3) 15th

The VfL Neckarau was established in 1921 in the industrially dominated southern suburb of Mannheim from a merger of neighborhood associations TV 1884 Neckarau , Turnerbund Jahn 1889 Neckarau , the Athletics Sports Club Neckarau and the Football Federation 07 Neckarau .

Until 1967 there were also departments for handball, gymnastics, athletics and weightlifting in the club. After that, VfL Neckarau temporarily played only football until a tennis department was launched in 1983. In 2011, VfL merged with VfB Kurpfalz to form VfL Kurpfalz Mannheim-Neckarau.


In its first season, VfL Neckarau played in the Odenwaldkreis League with teams such as SV Waldhof Mannheim and Darmstadt 98 . The winner qualified for the South German Championship, so it was the highest possible league. With the exception of the 1923/24 season, the Neckarau residents were consistently first class until the end of the Second World War .

In 1927 the club was first champion of the Rhine district and achieved a remarkable fourth place in the subsequent South German championship. In the following season , VfL had to admit defeat to SV Waldhof by one point and came third in the consolation round of the southern Germans. In 1929, however, Neckarau was able to win the Rhine District Championship again and came third in the South German Championship behind 1. FC Nürnberg and FC Bayern Munich . In the following year , the long-term rival Waldhof had to be given way again and in the consolation round they came second to last. This was followed by two third places and a second place, which in 1932 again led to the consolation round of the South German championship, where VfL finished fourth.

In 1933 the league system was reformed and the Neckarau players played consistently in the Gauliga Baden , which was dominated by the two Mannheim city rivals SV Waldhof and VfR Mannheim . In the war year 1941, however, VfL won the championship and thus participation in the final round of the German championship : In Group IV, however, the North Baden team were 60 against Munich (2: 1 and 2: 6), the Stuttgart Kickers (5: 3 and 0: 2) and the later "Greater German champions" Rapid Vienna (0: 7 and 1: 8), especially away from home. Veitengruber, Willi Preschle , Georg Lutz, Theo Wahl, Richard Manale, Otto Diringer , Karl Sälzler, Karl Gönner, Gottfried Wenzelburger , Kurt Gärtner, R. Wahl, Ludwig Heilmann, Oskar Benner, Willi Grössle and Hermann Klostermann played for the Neckarauer . In the same year, the team qualified for the Tschammer Cup for the only time , but was eliminated in the first final round. In 1943 VfL Neckarau merged with SpVgg 07 Mannheim to form a war game community, but this team had no notable successes in the last two years of the war.

In the first post-war season 1945/46, VfL Neckarau became the regional league champion of North Baden (before VfB 05 Knielingen and VfB Mühlburg ) and thus rose to the upper house of football at the time, the Oberliga Süd , which he then won from 1946 to 1948 and again in 1950 belonged until 1952; more than an 11th and three 16th places in the table at the end of the season did not jump out. In the first post-war years, Fritz Balogh Neckarau's only national player played on the sports field at the Altriper ferry . Between 1946 and 1951, the striker played 96 league games and scored 66 goals. Other well-known players of those years were the brothers Karl and Martin Gramminger, Hermann Klostermann, Rudi Jennewein, Günter Sosna and the dangerous Willy Preschle.

After the club had to say goodbye to the first class forever in 1952, the second division could not be held in the following year and they had to relegate to the first amateur league in North Baden . After that, Neckarau was able to assert itself as one of the best amateur teams in Baden for many years. In 1958 the championship could be won, in the promotion round to the second division the club took third place. The next championship followed in 1962 . But while the points round was won by a large margin, there was only one draw in the promotion round.

Then Fips Rohr came to the Neckarau, who trained the team until 1973. Under him, the club was relegated to the fourth division, but after the immediate resurgence succeeded in winning the title in the 1967/68 season . In the promotion round Neckarau won the last game in front of 7000 spectators against the strongest competitor TSF Esslingen with 5: 0 and rose to the Regionalliga Süd - the second highest German football class at the time. At that time, a referee from Neckarau was known nationwide: Kurt Tschenscher was used at the 1966, 1970 and 1974 World Championships.

VfL could not hold the regional league. After direct relegation, the team played for three years in the amateur league. A few years later, however, a low point followed when the club was relegated to the Mannheim district class in 1974. But after only two seasons in this league, the way up again and after two championships in a row they were back in 1977 in the Baden League.

Neckarau belonged to the Association League North Baden, now the fourth highest division, until 1988. If you failed in the promotion round in 1986 and 1987 , in 1988 the third attempt with player- coach Kurt Eigl , once a Bundesliga professional at Hamburger SV and winner of the European Cup Winners' Cup , succeeded in advancing to the third highest class, the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg . VfL only finished last there in the 1988/89 season . In the following years, the club rose several times, so that the VfL Neckarau played since 1993 mostly in the classes of the Mannheim football circle.


In addition to the footballers, the weightlifting department also performed excellently. Outstanding was winning the German team championship in 1963 and several runner-up championships in the following years. The multiple German champion Arthur Haun and the later national trainer and president of the weightlifting association Wolfgang Peter contributed to the success .


Waldweg Stadium

Since the old club area at the Altriper ferry was given up, the VfL Neckarau teams have played their home games in the Waldweg Stadium on Neckarauer Waldweg. It was inaugurated on April 22, 1951 in front of 20,000 spectators with a game against the reigning German champions VfB Stuttgart . Later the capacity was 6,000.

Known players


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