Coat of arms of Azerbaijan

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Coat of arms of Azerbaijan
Introduced 1992
Heraldic shield eight-pointed white star, gold-rimmed disc with rings in the national colors
Other elements Oak branches, ears of wheat

The current coat of arms of the Republic of Azerbaijan was adopted in 1991. It is based on the coat of arms of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic , adopted in 1918. It has the colors of the Azerbaijan flag blue-red-green.


The national coat of arms of Azerbaijan today shows an eight-pointed, white star on a gold-framed disc with rings in the national colors. There are eight gold discs on the blue ring. Inside there is a white star in which four flames flicker. Oak branches and ears of wheat lie under the pane.

General meaning

The red flames of the coat of arms represent the revolution of 1918, in which the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was created; also for one of the meanings of the origin of the country name Azerbaijan , in which Azerbaijan stands for land of fire . The eight points of the star and the eight golden disks stand for the ancient peoples from which today's Azerbaijani state nation was formed. The oak branches and ears of wheat stand for the abundance of forests and agriculture in the country.

Meanings of colors

  • The color blue stands for the community of the Turkic peoples , which also includes the Azerbaijanis ; also for the wide sky of Azerbaijan.
  • The color red stands for the peoples of the Seljuks and the Ottomans , with whom the Azerbaijanis are closely related.
  • The color green stands for Islam , which is the predominant religion in Azerbaijan .
  • The color gold or yellow symbolizes the former golden horde ; this was once subordinate to the north of the country. But it also stands for the country's golden future.


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