Coat of arms of Gabon

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Coat of arms of Gabon
Coat of arms of Gabon.svg
Introduced July 15, 1963
Heraldic shield ship
Sign holder Panther
Motto (motto) Union, Travail, Justice ( French , "unity, work, justice")
Other elements Okoumé tree

The coat of arms of Gabon has since 15. July 1963 in use.


The national coat of arms shows a golden shield on which a black ship is sailing across the sea . The sea is represented by the blue base of the shield .

Above this there are three golden circles in the green head of the shield .

The shield is placed over a golden trunk of a rooted okoumé tree. A banner with the French national motto winds beneath it:

" Union, Travail, Justice "
( Unity, work, justice )

Above the sign is also a banner with a Latin motto :

Uniti progrediemur.
( United we shall go forward. )

Two black panthers serve as shield holders .


  • The coat of arms was created by the Swiss heraldist L. Mühlemann and combines the national colors of Gabon with black as the color of Africa.
  • The three golden balls symbolize the wealth of natural resources.
  • The ship with the national flag on the stern stands for the will to progress and the great importance of the sea for the country.
  • The shield rests on the golden trunk of a rooted okoumé tree, the wood of which was the country's most important export good until mining began in the 1960s and whose importance is underlined by the golden color.
  • As a symbol of the president, the black panthers are supposed to remind of his task of watching over the welfare of the country.


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