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ZIL-164 in a museum in Togliatti
ZIL-164 in a museum in Togliatti
Manufacturer: Zavod imeni Likhacheva
Sales designation: ЗИЛ-164
Production period: 1957-1965
Previous model: ZIS-150
Successor: ZIL-130
Technical specifications
Designs: Tipper , flatbed , military vehicle
Engines: 6-cylinder gasoline engine
Power: 71 kW
Payload: 4 t
Perm. Total weight: 8.1 t

The ZIL-164 ( Russian ЗИЛ-164 ) was a two-axle truck from the Soviet vehicle manufacturer Zavod imeni Lichatschowa , which was built in series from 1957 to 1965. It was the successor to the ZIS-150 and was replaced by the ZIL-130 at the end of production . The all-wheel drive three-axle ZIL-157 used components from the truck, in particular the same cab. Vehicles under the designation ZIL-166 were manufactured for operation with different gaseous fuels.

Vehicle history

ZIL-164 at a pageant in Sevastopol (2012)
ZIL-164 in a technical museum in Tolyatti , Russia (2010)
Three ZIL-MMZ-585s during the construction of the Autópálya M1 in Hungary (1962)
ZIL-164 at a pageant in Kharkiv , Ukraine (2015)
Fire engine based on the ZIL-164 in the St. Petersburg region (2011)
Interior view of the cab of a ZIL-164 (2015)

Production of the ZIL-164 began in October 1957. At the same time, production of the predecessor ZIS-150, from which the truck was developed, was discontinued. The main difference between the new engine and the previously installed make was the redesigned light metal cylinder heads. As a result, the performance could be increased slightly by increasing the compression ratio. Further innovations were a revised brake system, with which trailers could now also be coupled to the main brake system of the vehicle. Visually, the vehicles differed primarily through the modified radiator grille, the struts of which were now vertical instead of horizontal. The chassis has been revised, as has the cabin. In addition, an engine preheater was installed and other minor adjustments were made to keep the truck operational even at low temperatures.

From 1961 a revised version of the truck was built with the ZIL-164A. The output has been increased to 100 HP (74 kW), and the transmission and front shock absorbers have been revised. A new injection pump was also used. Rear axles built in from 1962 came from the ZIL-130 , which was now being manufactured in parallel. However, since the conversion of the production facilities took longer than planned, the ZIL-164 was manufactured in parallel for several years. While most sources speak of 1965 as the last year of construction, end of December 1964 is also given as the end date of production.

From 1959, the Kutaiski Avtomobilny Sawod built a version of the ZIL-164, just as it had previously built a version of the ZIS-150 with the KAZ-150. The vehicles can be recognized by the “Kutaiski Avtosawod” lettering on the sides of the bonnet and have been specially adapted to the mountainous conditions in Georgia .

The ZIL-164 was found in larger operations until the late 1970s, when it was replaced by more modern trucks. After this time, the spread of the truck, which, together with vehicles such as the comparable UralZIS-355M or the GAZ-51 , had shaped the streets of the Soviet Union at that time, greatly decreased . However, isolated copies were in use until the 1990s. Its successor, the ZIL-130, was in series production until 2010, which is almost half a century.

Model versions

In the course of the relatively short production time, different variants of the vehicle were produced. However, the list does not claim to be complete. For models with the letters MMZ in the designation, the superstructures were made in Mytishchinsky Maschinostroitelny Sawod (MMZ for short).

  • ZIL-164 - basic version with a flatbed, which was built from 1957 to 1961.
  • ZIL-164R - Specially designed for use with trailers, built between 1957 and 1961.
  • ZIL-164D - platform version with shielded electrical system, also manufactured from 1957 to 1961.
  • ZIL-MMZ-164N - A tractor unit built from 1957 to 1961 with a second tank, making a total of 300 liters of fuel available.
  • ZIL-164A - Improved basic version, which was built from 1961 until the end of production in 1965.
  • ZIL-164AR - ZIL-164A for trailer use, built 1961 to 1965
  • ZIL-164AD - improved version with shielded electrics, produced from 1961 to 1965
  • ZIL-164AG - chassis for tippers, manufactured from 1961 to 1965
  • ZIL-MMZ-164AN - modernized tractor, manufactured from 1961 to 1965
  • ZIL-MMZ-585 - In different versions from 1957 to 1965 built on the basis of the shortened chassis of the ZIL-164, more detailed information see there.

In addition to the versions mentioned, there were different fire engines that used the ZIL-164 as a basis.

In addition, a total of three models were built that could be operated with different gaseous fuels. They were designated as ZIL-166 :

  • ZIL-166 - For operation only with natural gas, probably manufactured from 1957. Since there was a strong overproduction of gasoline and a corresponding drop in prices in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1960s, the truck was taken out of production as early as 1960. By 1965 the network of gas stations and compressor stations also disappeared.
  • ZIL-166A - version with tanks for liquefied natural gas ( methane ) and gasoline, the fuels could be used optionally.
  • ZIL-166W - model for operation with both liquid gas ( propane - butane mixture) and petrol. The engine developed 87 hp when running on gas and 97 hp when running on gasoline. Production stopped in 1964.

Technical specifications

For the basic model ZIL-164.

  • Engine: six-cylinder in-line petrol engine
  • Power: 97 PS (71 kW)
  • Displacement: 5550 cm³
  • Bore: 101.6 mm
  • Stroke: 114.3 mm
  • Compression: 6.2: 1
  • Torque: 33 kpm (324 Nm)
  • Tank capacity: 150 l
  • Consumption: between 27 and 40 l / 100 km
  • Transmission: manual five-speed gearbox
  • Clutch: two-disc dry clutch
  • Top speed: 75 km / h
  • Drive formula : 4 × 2

Dimensions and weights

  • Length: 6700 mm
  • Width: 2470 mm
  • Height: 2180 mm above the cabin
  • Wheelbase: 4000 mm
  • Front track: 1700 m
  • Rear track: 1740 mm
  • Ground clearance: 265 mm
  • Dimensions of the loading area (L × W): 3540 mm × 2250 mm
  • Tire size: 9.00-20 "
  • Empty weight: 4100 kg
  • permissible total weight: 8100 kg
  • Payload: 4000 kg, 3500 kg off-road
  • permissible trailer load: 4500 kg


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