European Boxing Championships 1983

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The 26 men's European Amateur Boxing Championships amateur in 1983 were from May 7 to 15. May 1983 in the Bulgarian Varna discharged. 48 medals were awarded in twelve weight classes. The boxers of the Soviet Union won eight weight classes alone, making them the most successful nation in this championship. With Ismail Mustafow , Petar Lessow , Wassili Schischow , Alexander Jagubkin and Francesco Damiani , five boxers were able to successfully defend their European Championship title from 1981 .


CLASS gold GOLD silver SILVER bronze BRONZE
Half fly weight
(up to 48 kg)
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Ismail Mustafov
ItalyItaly Salvatore Todisco
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Biebout Jesshanow
Soviet Union Mustafa Genç Turkey
(up to 51 kg)
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Petar Lessow
Hungary 1957Hungary János Váradi
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Raschit Kabirow
Soviet Union Constantin Titoiu Romania
Romania 1965Romania
weight (up to 54 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Yuri Alexandrov
Soviet Union
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Sami Buzoli
CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Pavel Madura
Czechoslovakia Klaus-Dieter Kirchstein GDR
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR
Feather weight
(up to 57 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Serik Nurkassow
Soviet Union
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Plamen Kambuzov
Hungary 1957Hungary Róbert Gönczi
Hungary Frank Rauschning GDR
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR
(up to 60 kg)
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Emil Tschuprenski
ItalyItaly Carlo Russolillo
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Viktor Demjanenko
Soviet Union Tibor Puha Czechoslovakia
Half welter weight
(up to 64 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Vasily Schischow
Soviet Union
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Mirko Puzović
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Jordan Lessow
Bulgaria Siegfried Mehnert GDR
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR
Welter weight
(up to 67 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Pyotr Galkin
Soviet Union
ItalyItaly Luciano Bruno
IrelandIreland Kieran Joyce
Ireland Mihail Ciobutaru Romania
Romania 1965Romania
Medium weight
(up to 71 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Valery Laptev
Soviet Union
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Ralf Hunger
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Mihail Takow
Bulgaria Gheorgne Simion Romania
Romania 1965Romania
Middle weight
(up to 75 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Vladimir Melnik
Soviet Union
Romania 1965Romania Doru Maricescu
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Henry mask
GDR Nusret Redžepi Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia
Light heavyweight
(up to 81 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Vitaly Koschanovsky
Soviet Union
PolandPoland Paweł Skrzecz
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Pero Tadić
Yugoslavia Eyup Çiftçi Turkey
Heavy weight
(up to 91 kg)
Soviet UnionSoviet Union Alexander Jagubkin
Soviet Union
Hungary 1957Hungary Gyula Alvics
Romania 1965Romania Pavel Golumbeanu
Romania Grzegorz Skrzecz Poland
Super heavyweight
(over 91 kg)
ItalyItaly Francesco Damiani
Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR Ulli Kaden
Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Petar Stoimenow
Bulgaria Alexander Miroshnichenko Soviet Union
Soviet UnionSoviet Union

Medal table

 rank  country gold silver bronze total
01 Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union 8th - 4th 12
02 Bulgaria 1971Bulgaria Bulgaria 3 1 3 07th
03 ItalyItaly Italy 1 3 - 04th
04th Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR German Democratic Republic - 2 4th 06th
05 Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Yugoslavia - 2 2 04th
06th Hungary 1957Hungary Hungary - 2 1 03
07th Romania 1965Romania Romania - 1 4th 05
08th PolandPoland Poland - 1 1 02
09 TurkeyTurkey Turkey - - 2 02
CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia - - 2 02
11 IrelandIreland Ireland - - 1 01
Total 12 12 24 48


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