Nothing is sacred to them

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German title Nothing is sacred to them
Original title Nothing Sacred
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1937
length 75 minutes
Director William A. Wellman
script Ben Hecht
production David O. Selznick
music Oscar Levant
camera W. Howard Greene
cut James E. Newcom

Nothing is sacred to them (original title: Nothing Sacred ) is an American comedy film with Carole Lombard and Fredric March from 1937. A short story by James H. Street served as a literary model .


Wally Cook works as a reporter for the New York Morning Star newspaper . In order to make a banquet for his newspaper a success and to climb the corporate ladder himself, he poses an African American from Harlem as the "Sultan of Mazipan". But the fraud is exposed and his editor Oliver Stone only wants him to write obituaries as a punishment. When Wally learns the story of a young woman named Hazel Flagg, he persuades Stone to make Hazel the newspaper sensation of the year instead of writing obituaries. Hazel lives in the small town of Warsaw, Vermont . From her doctor Dr. She learned from Enoch Downer that she only had a few months to live due to radium poisoning .

Before Wally arrives in Warsaw to interview Hazel, Dr. Downer told his patient that his diagnosis was wrong and that she was perfectly healthy. However, Hazel continues to pretend to be terminally ill as it gives her the opportunity to leave her small town and go to New York with Wally . There she is greeted euphorically and given the key to the city. Her heart-touching story touches people across the country. She is invited to various events as a guest of honor. Wally is always her companion. However, he is increasingly concerned that Hazel will not get the spotlight. She eventually passed out at a big show at a nightclub. However, she simply drank too much.

Wally, who has meanwhile fallen in love with Hazel, hopes that perhaps she can still be helped. A Viennese expert on radium poisoning, Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer, and three other European luminaries in the field are supposed to investigate Hazel. Because she doesn't want Wally to lose his job because of her lie, Hazel writes a suicide note pretending to want to kill herself. With Dr. However, Downer made it out that he would rescue her from the water after jumping into a river. Wally tries to dissuade her from her plan and ends up falling into the water herself. Since he cannot swim, Hazel saves his life. He then makes her a marriage proposal, which Hazel happily accepts.

When Wally finds out that Hazel is very healthy and had cheated, he still wants to marry her, he's relieved that she doesn't have to die. Determined to keep the lie going in public, Wally gives Hazel a blow in her hotel room. When Hazel comes to, she pays him back and knocks him down. She finally admits to the mayor and other dignitaries of the city that she is a fraud. Since their hoaxes could damage New York's reputation, the mayor and the others oppose Hazel going public with the truth. While the newspapers report on their suicide and the whole city takes an interest in their fate, Hazel and Wally travel incognito on a ship southwards.


In the spring of 1937, producer David O. Selznick commissioned former newspaper reporter Ben Hecht to write the script for a comedy film starring Carole Lombard . Hecht used James H. Street as a template for the short story Letter to the Editor , which had been published in Cosmopolitan . Hecht also saw a role for his friend, the actor John Barrymore , in his script , but Selznick did not want to include him in the cast due to Barrymore's alcohol addiction. When Selznick also insisted on a happy ending , Hecht left the project. The script was then revised and finalized by Dorothy Parker , Robert Carson , Ring Lardner Jr. and Budd Schulberg .

The shooting took place from mid-June to early August 1937. The budget was over a million dollars. Lyle R. Wheeler was responsible for the film construction. Carole Lombard's costumes were designed by Travis Banton , further costumes were made by Walter Plunkett . Rear projection was used for the first time in a Technicolor film . The background sequences used for this were shot at the original locations in New York.

Nothing is sacred to them premiered on November 25, 1937 in New York. On April 16, 1982, the film comedy was shown for the first time by ARD on German television. The musical Hazel Flagg was based on Ben Hecht's script and premiered in New York in 1953. 1954 was also a remake under the title The sympathetic impostor with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin .


For the lexicon of international film , Nothing is sacred to them was a "[classical] screwball comedy full of black humor and satirical swipes at the American publicity hype". Carole Lombard's "comedic performance" was "[g] roßartig". Variety praised the Technicolor colors, "which create cinematic magic". The running time of only 75 minutes makes the film “a compact and well-cut piece of entertainment from start to finish”.

German version

The German dubbed version was created in 1981 at Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin.

role actor Voice actor
Hazel Flag Carole Lombard Rose-Marie Kirstein
Wally Cook Fredric March Claus Biederstaedt
Dr. Enoch downer Charles Winninger Klaus Miedel
Oliver Stone Walter Connolly Alf Marholm
Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer Sig Ruman Manfred Schuster
Show presenter Frank Fay Eckart Dux
Max Levinsky Maxie Rosenbloom Karl Schulz

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